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A Sizzling Science teacher

 — A student finally gets the teacher of his dreams. by TheRustyTrumbonein  First Time10/21/173.98NEW

How I Became a Slut-Girlfriend Ch. 01

 — Boyfriend gets girlfriend to be shared with multiple guys. by ImGood2Goin  Group Sex10/20/173.83NEW

Teacher's Pet

 — The Teacher's pet's fantasy comes true. by Bjsroxxsin  Gay Male10/19/174.40NEW

The Ranch Hand Ch. 03

 — Dannielle's education reaches new heights. by WickedlySweetnSinfulin  First Time10/19/174.24NEW

Beloved Bitch

 — A quarreling brother and sister make up, in a big way. by MarcoTamboin  Incest/Taboo10/19/174.19NEW

Short Shorts

 — A surprise sighting of a new neighbor leads to romance. by CABONEin  Lesbian Sex10/19/174.84HOTNEW

My Secretary with the Bald Pussy

 — The secretary with the bald pussy. by o2baPrincein  First Time10/19/173.83NEW

I Meet the Perfect Young Lady

 — Beautiful Blonde stunner demands my close attention. by Swerve91in  NonConsent/Reluctance10/19/173.10NEW

My Wife's Best Friend

 — Unforgettable moment with my wife's best friend. by avlovein  First Time10/19/174.19NEW

For Your Eyes Only

 — Tristen reminisces about their first kiss. by TotallyTristenin  Lesbian Sex10/19/174.43NEW

Voodoo Seduction

 — A woman uses a voodoo doll to turn her jilted best friend. by silkstockingsloverin  Lesbian Sex10/19/174.66HOTNEW


 — A first time story. by clarissaj1982in  First Time10/18/173.58NEW

Games SOME People Play! Ch. 19

 — Guys drop cock-teaser Stephanie out a dorm window—naked. by EllenMelvillein  Exhibitionist & Voyeur10/18/174.08NEW

The Black Sheep Ch. 03

 — Sarah finally gets fucked by hot, filthy Uncle Jeremy. by nadinejuliein  Incest/Taboo10/17/174.57HOTNEW

The Twelve Tables Vol. 02

 — Prologue: The Vitali Men. by xelliebabexin  Novels and Novellas10/15/174.78HOT


 — Malorie and Mick dance. by HellCat_Sundryin  Erotic Couplings10/15/173.40

Innocence Gone in a Heartbeat

 — First time sexual experience with a slightly older beauty. by MASHKAVEEZOin  First Time10/15/173.82

Eve's Tower - Initiation

 — Curious guy gets more than he expected at the new toy shop. by EvesTowerin  Erotic Couplings10/15/174.60HOT

A Girl Can Daydream, Can't She?

 — How I imagine our first encounter. by Uknowuwant2in  Erotic Couplings10/15/174.67

Mrs. Anderson and the Boy Next Door

 — Mrs. Anderson is hot for the virgin boy next door. by DeliciousD45in  First Time10/14/174.29

Pandora's Box

 — Becoming more than friends. by Ann Douglasin  Lesbian Sex10/14/174.64HOT

Teasing a Friend Ch. 04

 — Taking some risks at a hot tub party. by madmartigan37in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur10/14/174.69HOT

Sisterly Love Ch. 04

 — He's banging Reggie and watching Sydnie - Ann next door. by Grouchojimin  First Time10/14/174.32

First Kiss

 — My first time kissing my best friend... by VanessaLeein  First Time10/14/174.25

Belize it or Not Ch. 02

 — Soldier saves girl. by Tazzybodin  Erotic Couplings10/14/174.60HOT

Gray Jedi Ch. 11

 — Emotions come to a head on Jedha. by auguy86in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction10/13/174.54HOT

The CFO Gets Her Assets Worked Over

 — Another hot female colleague thanks me for her success. by TheBusinessManin  Erotic Couplings10/13/174.44

David and Sophie's Panties

 — The fantasies of a dirty boy. by Pevent152in  First Time10/13/172.24

Change of Life

 — It's never too late to change your life. by Ann Douglasin  Mature10/13/174.49

Sisterly Love Ch. 03

 — Howie's date leads to sex and an exhibitionist next door. by Grouchojimin  First Time10/13/174.25

Camping and First Time Giving Head

 — Two men camping discover bisexuality. by open_minded28in  Gay Male10/13/174.54HOT

Lizzy's Adventure Ch. 01

 — Lizzy's introduction to BDSM. by Smooth_hailin  BDSM10/13/173.92

Little Viking Gives Up Control

 — First time giving up control to domina. by elliotmein  BDSM10/13/174.28

How It All Began

 — She only ever saw him as a friend, but everything changed. by smalltittyasianin  First Time10/13/174.52HOT

Sweet Boy Ch. 02

 — Steve's epic night continues, driving Mom's tipsy friends. by MeesterNiceein  First Time10/12/174.48

The Homeless Old Man Ch. 02

 — My first experience being ass fucked by a drunkard. by trishotoy99in  Mature10/12/173.68

Aftermath, Candy Brain

 — The morning after, the night before. by Exescortin  Lesbian Sex10/12/173.74

My Very First Taste

 — Cum to me my baby. by SexyOtisin  First Time10/12/174.02

Theme Perks

 — Emily sees an unwanted vacation take an unlikely turn! by IrradioEnchantain  First Time10/12/174.30

Good Goose Gooses Gander

 — The humble hand job gets an upgrade. by MrNiceguy777in  First Time10/12/173.96

Sweet Boy Ch. 01

 — Steve has to drive his mother's tipsy friends home. by MeesterNiceein  First Time10/11/174.47

Private Eye

 — A college photographer gets a thrill when helping a PI. by PastPresentFuturein  First Time10/11/174.48

Like a Good Neighbor

 — Little did they know they were helping each other. by tsipperin  Gay Male10/11/174.49

Belize it or Not Ch. 01

 — Soldier saves lady. by Tazzybodin  Group Sex10/11/174.40

Becky's Birthday Surprise Request

 — An unconventional first time for the love of my life. by joelafayettein  First Time10/11/173.96

Hairy Beast

 — Young first timer initiated by the hairy man of his dreams. by newpaulmanin  Gay Male10/11/174.33

Anything Means Anything

 — Be very careful with what you tell your son. by FireCrotchWriterin  Incest/Taboo10/10/174.20

Our First Experience with Second Couple

 — We start exploring our curiosities. by Palmerdogin  Erotic Couplings10/10/173.81

Enter of Your Own Free Will

 — You have more to lose than your virginity. by YoureWetin  Erotic Horror10/10/174.22


 — Football watching leads to a submissive first time. by secondstring513in  Gay Male10/10/174.48

Connor on Campus Ch. 01

 — Connor takes a fresh-faced virgin back to his dorm. by JasonClearwaterin  Gay Male10/10/174.38


 — A college "boy" has bisexual experiences after his arrest. by sissyrikki17in  NonConsent/Reluctance10/10/173.90

Becoming Gem Ch. 01: Confidence

 — A young woman ends up in the cabin of a sexy ski instructor. by LadyMireillein  First Time10/10/174.62HOT

Brianna and Gene

 — A bumpy evening out leads to unexpected encounter. by inkandiridiumnibsin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers10/09/174.72HOT

Magic Leads to Out of Body Incest

 — Two siblings discover they have magical fingers. by JBEdwardsin  Incest/Taboo10/09/174.53HOT

Honiahaka Pt. 02

 — Preyed, stalked, and the inevitable happens... by Keirarosein  Gay Male10/08/174.50HOT

Pirates' Plunder

 — Woman is captured by pirates and finds romance. by soppingwetpantiesin  Lesbian Sex10/08/174.54HOT

Deceived by a Mother and Daughter

 — A young man meets a mother and daughter. by LiamChristopherin  First Time10/07/174.25

Super Dating

 — Lena asks Kara's help to ask out Supergirl. by MTL17in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction10/07/173.82

Waiting (Rebecca 4)

 — Angelica waiting for him. by SeanBurns1975in  First Time10/07/174.40

Aurora and Eliza's Night Out Ch. 02

 — Eliza is surprised and enticed by Aurora. by magiccupcakesin  Lesbian Sex10/07/174.06

The Mask

 — Kerry has multiple episodes of sexual awakening. by DennyDriehoekin  First Time10/07/174.43

Taking One from the Team

 — Coach runs into old team members at a wedding. by LiamChristopherin  First Time10/06/174.64HOT

Learning to Surrender Pt. 01

 — Rick loses his virginity to his new older lover. by miked1983in  Gay Male10/06/174.72HOT

Getting My Young Black Pussy Fucked

 — My experience with an older white cock. by Blackbabygirlin  Interracial Love10/06/174.21

In The Werewolf's Den

 — During the full moon, Stacy is found by a female werewolf. by Tarashin  NonHuman10/06/174.10

Cousin Madison Ch. 02

 — Madison realizes her mistake. by highclassicin  Incest/Taboo10/06/174.62HOT

All in Good Time

 — Young girl learns about sex. by wildaraven1313in  First Time10/05/173.74

The First Time Pt. 01

 — A straight man is seduced by an older gay man. by Darktrainin  Gay Male10/05/174.75HOT

Str8 Sex to be near Gay Dream Ch. 03

 — Loving str8 fucking as tension builds with hot gay crush. by nygayguyin  First Time10/05/174.46

Serving Her Ladyship

 — Lady Catherine tests a new handmaiden for the Queen. by Tarashin  Lesbian Sex10/05/174.28

Year 3 with Jane and Tony Pt. 01

 — Our heroes start their 3rd year at University. by Kalavoin  Anal10/04/174.74HOT

The Good Place: Attempt #218

 — Tahani meets her soulmate. by Zev95in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction10/04/174.27

Smooth Skater First Time Confession

 — Pot enhanced tasting salty balls and cum melting on tongue. by Alluring_Crimson_Shifterin  Gay Male10/04/173.58

My First Time

 — How my friends' brother started my sexual history. by MunchDKin  First Time10/04/173.81

Stevie's Coming Out Ch. 03

 — Young crossdresser goes out for the first time. by michaellajonesin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers10/04/174.52HOT

The Girl and the Woman

 — Anna was a girl and a woman. Now, she was mine. by Leopwriterin  First Time10/04/174.08

Loved By a Satyr

 — Natasha discovers what love is like in a flock. by sinagainChris12in  NonHuman10/03/174.88HOT


 — A bet is lost. by dandangerin  BDSM10/03/174.39

Kiyomi's First Taste

 — Kiyomi Experiences first time sucking cock and pussy. by Anythingcanhappenin  First Time10/03/173.24

M Club Ch. 14

 — Lisa is invited along to Denby and Sean's date. by WatchingCloudin  Toys & Masturbation10/02/174.89HOT

New Awakening - Straight to Bi/Gay

 — Divorced boss spying on hot secretary, "turns" his life. by rimadayin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur10/02/174.27

Salt's Quest for Charisma

 — Salt loses his anal virginity on Halloween. by JasonClearwaterin  Gay Male10/02/174.13

Virgin Sacrifice

 — You never forget your first time. by TamLin01in  Erotic Horror10/02/173.89

Our Path to Swapping Ch. 02

 — Weekend at the Lake. by Seattlebreezein  Loving Wives10/01/173.97

Paperboy at the Door Ch. 02

 — Now at college, Jack relays his experience to roommate. by pdiddyd55in  Gay Male10/01/174.53HOT

On The Clearing - A First Time

 — A young naked man receives a pleasant and unexpected gift... by stephan_heutein  Gay Male10/01/173.80


 — Undercover cop vs drug-trafficking porn empire. by Gemininein  First Time09/30/174.22

Almost Pt. 07

 — A lot can happen in 20 minutes. by danoctoberin  Romance09/30/174.39

Growing on My Own Ch. 04

 — Can Jessie and Lee hide their night. by Kris822in  First Time09/30/173.75

Like Lovers Do Ch. 01

 — A virgin Rachel finds true love in her roommate. by daydreamer26in  Romance09/30/174.30


 — Mike visits a hypnotist and gets more than he bargained for. by Tarashin  Mind Control09/30/174.29

Str8 Sex to be near Gay Dream Ch. 02

 — A closeted teen continues his sexual adventures! by nygayguyin  First Time09/29/174.49

The Secret to Success

 — Can you lose your virginity to a toy? Jules just did. by CiaoStevein  First Time09/29/174.06

A Summer's Education

 — A college student's first sexual education. by Dillydally131in  First Time09/29/174.62HOT

The Baseball Trip Pt. 04

 — Sarah puts a stop to things. Kelsey takes revenge. by Spector_Duganin  Erotic Couplings09/29/174.88HOT

Is He a Real Friend?

 — Old friend returns. by michaellajonesin  Loving Wives09/29/172.66

My First Boyfriend Pt. 01

 — Casual encounter leads to first gay boyfriend. by 54btmguyin  Gay Male09/29/174.11

The Absence Ch. 01

 — She is to take charge of the young man. But she took more. by misterwhoin  First Time09/29/174.17

The Trip

 — It was my first encounter. by Curiouslad28in  Gay Male09/29/174.09

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