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gay anal

Anal Seduction Redux Ch. 02

The head of his enormous cock was the size of a small orange.

Gay Male 04/19/2018

Busting Broncos Pt. 03

Andy receives a windfall from an unlikely source.

Gay Male 04/18/2018

Bend Where Possible Ch. 02

Can Jamie tempt Danny into the real thing?

Gay Male 04/18/2018

Tales from the Street Pt. 02

A sexual encounter saves me from a bad future.

Gay Male 04/18/2018

Quiet in the Garage

Me and my boyfriend have some fun in garage.

Gay Male 04/18/2018

Train Escape

Small town train station gay café attendant offered an out.

Gay Male 04/17/2018

My Wife's Hot Cousin Ch. 10

Two straight, married, muscle jocks spend a naked weekend...

Gay Male 04/17/2018

3 Generations of Cock Pt. 10

My black roommate and I get better acquainted.

Gay Male 04/17/2018

Getting Slammed by the Married Guy

The Married Guy fucks my brains out.

Gay Male 04/17/2018

Back to You Ch. 04

Best believe I'm taking full advantage.

Gay Male 04/16/2018

8 Short Strokers

A series of sexual vignettes.

Gay Male 04/15/2018

Office Reunion Ch. 02

More friends join the Reunion.

Gay Male 04/12/2018

I Popped a Cherry This Morning

A story of popping a recently divorced man's cherry!

Gay Male 04/10/2018

My Wife's Hot Cousin Ch. 08

Straight men flip/flop fucking!

Gay Male 04/09/2018

Cocklust Ch. 12

Scott's Thanksgiving does not go as planned.

Gay Male 04/08/2018

Pegging Peter Ch. 05

Another man-on-man game.

Gay Male 04/07/2018

So, I Sucked My First Cock Today! Ch. 03

First time cocksucker gets fucked!

Gay Male 04/07/2018

Simple Submission

Her neighbor wants to be submissive while wearing a dress.

Gay Male 04/06/2018

My Wife's Hot Cousin Ch. 07

Straight Kyle can't believe what it feels like to get fucked.

Gay Male 04/05/2018

So, I Sucked My First Cock Today! Ch. 02

First time sucking cock goes farther...much farther!

Gay Male 04/04/2018

My Wife's Hot Cousin Ch. 06

Kyle gives Aaron his cherry...

Gay Male 04/03/2018

The Mask of Pan

A world-weary Great War veteran in rural Italy.

Gay Male 04/01/2018

Erotic Massage

A Male masseur makes me his bitch.

Gay Male 03/31/2018

DJ Pt. 25

Matt and Marie confirm a date - someone wants Jamal.

Gay Male 03/28/2018

Jake and Danny Ch. 02

The evening continues with hot sex between 2 best friends.

Gay Male 03/27/2018

Cocklust Ch. 10

Scott and Chad reach a milestone.

Gay Male 03/25/2018

Mikey and the Chickadee Ch. 15

Two young men slowly discover each other and themselves.

Gay Male 03/23/2018

Foundry Furnace Ch. 02

Bud's dad and grandpa become better acquainted with Cole.

Gay Male 03/19/2018

Lovely Brunette

She comes home and catches her husband wearing a dress.

Gay Male 03/16/2018

Real Suburban Husbands of...

"boy's night" suddenly becomes much more exciting.

Gay Male 03/14/2018

When I'm Not Around

She learns what her husband does when she's not at home.

Gay Male 03/14/2018

Pegging Peter Ch. 04

Another man joins the game.

Gay Male 03/14/2018

My Fake ID Ch. 04

Papa Izie's last work... Izzie and Oz together 4ever

Gay Male 03/12/2018

Earning an Audition

Young man's chance encounter leads to new opportunities.

Gay Male 03/10/2018

Being Neighborly

White guy comes to accept black man and his family next door.

Gay Male 03/08/2018

Fool’s Contract

Magic party launched to free young man from sexual bondage.

Gay Male 03/08/2018

The Loser Takes It … All!

Prominent figure skater gets a gangbang party.

Gay Male 03/06/2018

Intruders in the Night

This may not be the right time to wear a dress.

Gay Male 03/05/2018

Sam & Daniel

A chill out session goes a lot further.

Gay Male 03/03/2018

Cocklust Ch. 07

Chad confesses his feelings for Scott.

Gay Male 03/02/2018

My Angry Tenants Ch. 16

Gary teaches the black cop a lesson.

Gay Male 03/02/2018

Taking the Neighbor Ch. 08

Allen finally sees his Mom masturbate, and explores more.

Gay Male 03/01/2018

She's The Most Fortunate One

Her daughter's two classmates prove to be good company.

Gay Male 03/01/2018

Shell Game

Las Vegas cat and mouse “who’s the fool?” game.

Gay Male 03/01/2018

Strangers Off the Street

High-class UK rent-boy takes busman's holiday in Barcelona.

Gay Male 02/28/2018

My Angry Tenants Ch. 15

A traffic stop turns into an ass fucking stop.

Gay Male 02/25/2018

Chat Room Hookup Ch. 02

Chat room buddies hook up on the 2nd day of a conference.

Gay Male 02/24/2018

3 Generations of Cock Pt. 09

Dad takes revenge on the big dicked deputy.

Gay Male 02/24/2018

From Fiction to Fact

A son brings his father's writings to life.

Incest/Taboo 02/23/2018

It Runs in the Family Ch. 05

Father and son have some fun by the pool.

Incest/Taboo 02/23/2018

Pretty Perfect

Sean brings home a bad boy.

Gay Male 02/23/2018

Cocklust Ch. 06

Scott goes on a sexual marathon.

Gay Male 02/23/2018

Ripe for It

Danny taken to snowy Colorado hills to escape family fetish.

Gay Male 02/20/2018

New Muscle

Beefcake Myles fucks a new 29 yr old member of his gym.

Gay Male 02/17/2018

Foundry Furnace

More than the furnace is hot at this foundry.

Gay Male 02/17/2018

Denise and Bryant

A hot MMF threesome with plenty of gay action.

Group Sex 02/15/2018

He was My Boss Ch. 02

A sequel to the original story, I did go back to work.

Gay Male 02/14/2018

Summer Sausages Ch. 05

2 horny college boys help a new husband submit.

Gay Male 02/10/2018

Room 448 Pt. 02

The Roommates go to dinner and meet other guests.

Transsexuals & Crossdressers 02/10/2018

While the Cats Are Away...

A father and son have fun away from home.

Incest/Taboo 02/09/2018

The Seven Rules of Domination

7 simple rules to follow. 1 kinky hookup.

Gay Male 02/01/2018

Cocklust Ch. 03

Scott and Chad's urges come to a head.

Gay Male 01/30/2018

My Erotic Education - A Journal 09

I discover my legacy and have thrilling adventures.

Gay Male 01/28/2018

Cocklust Ch. 02

Scott and Chad start to explore their desires.

Gay Male 01/26/2018

Summer Sausages Ch. 04

2 horny college boys seduce a new husband.

Gay Male 01/26/2018

Eight Seconds

Vince and Cal’s ties challenged by bull-riding competition.

Gay Male 01/26/2018

A Change Will Do You Good

Two friends break new ground while vacationing in Las Vegas.

Gay Male 01/25/2018

AliExpress and Sissy Downfall Pt. 05

The real transformation begins, straight to Sissy fag wife.

Transsexuals & Crossdressers 01/22/2018

A Learning Experience Ch. 03

His experiences, and his hole, widen.

Gay Male 01/22/2018

The Farmer's Sons Pt. 02

The farmer's sons meet the neighbor boys.

Gay Male 01/14/2018

My Angry Tenants Ch. 14

Ron and Gary whore me out for cash.

Gay Male 01/13/2018

Back Crack Tag Team

Traveling man gets abused by chiropractors and hotel patrons

Gay Male 01/12/2018

Chat Room Hookup

A gay chat room encounter becomes reality.

Gay Male 01/12/2018

Just Give it a Shot

A personal trainer introduces a gym member to domination.

Gay Male 01/11/2018

On the Subway

College student has unwilling experience in crowded subway.

Gay Male 01/11/2018

Adam and Steve Ch. 06

Operation: Move the Line.

Gay Male 01/09/2018

The Farmer's Sons

Running out of gas in deep country can be wonderful.

Gay Male 01/06/2018

Discovery River Pt. 03

The last leg of a canoe trip a man will never forget.

Gay Male 01/05/2018

My Erotic Education - A Journal 08

Will makes sure that I hire the perfect assistant.

Gay Male 01/05/2018

Roger the IT Guy

Unexpected gay office bromance with the straight IT guy.

Gay Male 01/02/2018

Jake and Toby Ch. 09

Pre-Boston (Before The Doc).

Gay Male 01/02/2018

Finding Love after a Broken Heart 02

Chad's Point of View.

Gay Male 12/29/2017

And I Will Be Yours

The seven-minute total submission solution.

Gay Male 12/28/2017

Good Luck Starts Here

His girlfriend’s mother knows what he wants from a man.

Gay Male 12/24/2017

Two is Better than One

Her two young boyfriends get to know each other.

Gay Male 12/24/2017

Thief's Reward

A thief gets more than he bargained for!

Gay Male 12/22/2017

My New Life Ch. 02

New life for closet sissy.

Transsexuals & Crossdressers 12/22/2017

Learning to Surrender Pt. 05

Rick learns to submit blindfolded in his first threesome.

Gay Male 12/22/2017

3 Generations of Cock Pt. 08

The big dicked deputy demolishes my hole.

Incest/Taboo 12/21/2017

Discovery River Pt. 02

the 2nd leg of a canoe trip opens more than a man's mind.

Gay Male 12/21/2017

On a Snowy Afternoon

Serious secret doings at Swiss scientific conference.

Gay Male 12/20/2017

Finding a New Sam

Keith loses war buddy Sam; looks for a new Sam.

Gay Male 12/19/2017

Beautiful Black Dress

He finds a gift sent by his ex-girlfriend's father.

Gay Male 12/17/2017

The Window Cleaner Ch. 03: Maury

Ad agency head views position vying of Boyd and Drake.

Gay Male 12/17/2017

My Angry Tenants Ch. 12

The mechanic uses his new knowledge...

Gay Male 12/17/2017

Learning to Surrender Pt. 04

Rick submits further, getting shared for the first time.

Gay Male 12/15/2017

The Window Cleaner Ch. 02: Drake

Window Cleaner's view of his rise in the ad agency.

Gay Male 12/14/2017

Special Procedure Ch. 02

The doctor gets an exam.

Gay Male 12/13/2017

The Window Cleaner Ch. 01: Boyd

Male model, window cleaner vie for ad agency power.

Gay Male 12/12/2017

Street Notes

A lonely cop and a troubled street performer find intimacy.

Gay Male 12/11/2017
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