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Cock Sucking

 — I like cock sucking. by young_bold2002in  Gay Male10/14/174.34NEW

Hairy Monster

 — My hairy driving instructor keeps his promise - to fuck me. by newpaulmanin  Gay Male10/13/174.14NEW

Lost Bet 07: Next Year

 — One year later, Darren's past comes back to ask him out. by dmoney4114in  Gay Male10/13/174.57NEW

Camping and First Time Giving Head

 — Two men camping discover bisexuality. by open_minded28in  Gay Male10/13/174.55HOTNEW

Connor's Pretty Horny Pt. 04

 — Connor finally lines up some real action. by connorwitmerin  Gay Male10/13/174.58HOTNEW

My Very First Taste

 — Cum to me my baby. by SexyOtisin  First Time10/12/174.04NEW

My Second Gang Bang

 — Bi guy craves more group sex. by loneguy01in  Gay Male10/12/174.11NEW

Delivery Boy

 — Late night delivery leads to naked humiliation. by littlenickin  Gay Male10/11/174.41NEW


 — Football watching leads to a submissive first time. by secondstring513in  Gay Male10/10/174.53HOTNEW

Sunday Afternoon with the Boys

 — Grandad's orgy with four younger guys. by newpaulmanin  Gay Male10/07/174.32

My Army, Myself

 — A military man finds comfort in other soldiers. by cburtonin  First Time10/07/173.86

The Pirate King Ch. 17

 — "so much like you" - conversations long overdue. by nakamookin  Gay Male10/06/174.94HOT

Exploring in the Attic

 — Anything can be a sex toy if you're horny enough... by poolsidein  Toys & Masturbation10/06/174.20

Neighbor's Wife Pt. 01

 — A neighbor finds a companion while his wife is away. by ashleystoecklein  Transsexuals & Crossdressers10/04/174.27

London Calling Pt. 02

 — Posh Boy and Mags in LondonTown - the conclusion. by chocolategirl74in  Gay Male10/03/174.37

The Customer (Dexter's Saga) Ch. 41

 — Ronnie captured for a hot time in the old desert tonight. by JoyStick56in  Gay Male09/29/174.20

The Trout

 — A father-in-law & son get to know each other better. by sissyrikki17in  Incest/Taboo09/28/173.31

A Wasted Life

 — Don't let this happen to you. by o2byoungin  Gay Male09/28/174.34

For Destruction, Ice.

 — Frost decides he wants Jesse for himself. by JasonClearwaterin  Gay Male09/28/174.45

Road Side Assistance

 — Straight man pays the tow truck driver the hard way. by rimadayin  NonConsent/Reluctance09/27/174.19

Straight Invaded Pt. 04: Full Invasion

 — Straight man is fully turned, with the aid of a hot babe! by rimadayin  NonConsent/Reluctance09/26/174.20

A New Town Pt. 03

 — Chad introduces me to James. by shyhandin  Gay Male09/23/174.43

Luca Ch. 02

 — Luca and his Boss. by Ongyilkosin  Gay Male09/21/174.40

The Vacation House Ch. 28

 — Robbie realizes the Vacation House saga is just beginning. by 1Puck1in  Gay Male09/21/174.11

Proud and Possessive

 — It won't just be the temperature that rises. ManxMan. by MissJacksonin  Gay Male09/20/174.09

Straight Invaded Pt. 02

 — Home invaders continue his turnout. by rimadayin  NonConsent/Reluctance09/19/174.26

Rivers to Follow Ch. 03

 — "Yeah, alright, Matty. Screw you too." by eightleonin  Gay Male09/18/174.80HOT

A New Town

 — A gym with a view. by shyhandin  Gay Male09/17/174.24

Bear Seduction, the Buddy

 — Kevin brings a friend and a camera. by wildrideagainin  Gay Male09/16/174.27

The Pirate King Ch. 16

 — "I'll love you forever" - The Ephretes by nakamookin  Gay Male09/15/174.93HOT

Philanthropist's Divine Harem

 — The richest man in the world finds the end to lonely life. by Dialeforin  Gay Male09/13/173.71

Field of Blooms: The Beginning Ch. 03

 — Eric and Austin's summer comes to a happy end. by CE300in  Gay Male09/09/174.78HOT

Adam and Steve Ch. 05

 — A lie and a break? by kmillerk1in  Gay Male09/09/174.68HOT

Straight Invaded

 — Married straight man turned by home invaders. by rimadayin  Gay Male09/06/174.35

Rivers to Follow Ch. 02

 — Matty has doubts. by eightleonin  Gay Male09/05/174.68HOT

College Stud Ch. 04: Straight to Faggot

 — Straight college boy gets shaved and fucked. by Strangesubin  NonConsent/Reluctance09/02/173.79

An Indian Captive

 — I teach the red men some new customs. by rae121452in  Gay Male08/29/174.62HOT

My Angry Tenants Ch. 05

 — Ron and Gary use my ass to pay a debt. by rae121452in  Gay Male08/28/174.56HOT

College Stud Ch. 03: Straight to Faggot

 — College hitchhiker gets picked up and raped... by Strangesubin  NonConsent/Reluctance08/28/174.19

When I am Gone

 — Scott life gets turned around when he meets Aaron. by Anonymous520in  Non-Erotic08/24/174.60

Not So Unrequited, Maybe? Ch. 03

 — Movie date turns to something completely unplanned... by OEdwardin  Gay Male08/24/174.71HOT

Rivers to Follow

 — Crises lead them to each other. by eightleonin  Gay Male08/23/174.79HOT

Buddy Fuck

 — Reconnecting with my high school crush in middle age. by rae121452in  Gay Male08/23/174.62HOT

Pool Party

 — A date to a "pool party" that ends up being much, much more. by fnchristie81in  Group Sex08/21/174.19

Not So Unrequited, Maybe? Ch. 02

 — Josh and Ashley have their first date. by OEdwardin  Gay Male08/16/174.43

Sex Stage at the Strip Bar

 — Couple goes to strip bar, has sex on stage with others. by sensualstoriesin  Group Sex08/15/174.37

A Friday to Remember

 — Fun with younger friends on a Friday Night. by peyskipin  Group Sex08/12/174.65HOT

And Just Like That...

 — Reuniting with an old friend ends in a night of passion. by Transparent_Elegyin  Gay Male08/12/174.69HOT

Showing My Shaved Cock

 — Male friend wants to see his male friend's shaved cock. by sensualstoriesin  Gay Male08/11/174.51HOT

It's a Family Affair

 — Patronizing an immigrant business comes with rewards. by rae121452in  Gay Male08/11/174.49

Uncle Travis, Moving In

 — Russell moves in with his uncle Travis. by notepaderin  Incest/Taboo08/11/173.95

Colorado and Tim Pt. 03

 — My second time with Tim and second time at the Midtowne Spa. by zephyerin  Gay Male08/10/174.40

Shower Block Exhibitionism

 — My first experience being caught nude in public. by littlenickin  Gay Male08/10/173.91

Dad and Son Dialogues Ch. 06

 — Three generations of men get it on. by cburtonin  Incest/Taboo08/09/174.67HOT

Field of Blooms: The Beginning Ch. 02

 — Eric realizes how precious life can truly be. by CE300in  Gay Male08/09/174.67HOT

Artistic/ Photo Friends w/ Benefits

 — 2 guys take nude pose photos of each other, then play. by sensualstoriesin  Gay Male08/08/174.34

My Angry Tenants Ch. 03

 — Ron and Gary's parole officer wants proof of good behavior. by rae121452in  Gay Male08/08/174.62HOT

Brad, Mikey, and Renewal

 — Brad and Mikey discover life is better together. by sensualcaringin  Incest/Taboo08/06/174.38

Hematoma Ch. 26

 — Shay returns to the Society for the last time. by Asbelin  Gay Male08/05/174.40

The Cocky Young Associate Ch. 01

 — Law-firm partner thinks he can put associate in his place. by boyganymedein  Gay Male08/03/174.02

2 Bottoms and Only 1 Top

 — My first 3way was entirely unplanned. by rae121452in  Gay Male08/03/174.21

Church Elder

 — Young man is shown the way. by standingstonesin  Gay Male08/03/174.18

Field of Blooms: The Beginning

 — Eric and Austin's summer begins with a rocky start. by CE300in  Gay Male08/01/174.59HOT

A CraigsList Encounter

 — A story about my craigslist encounter. by Jaredhin  Gay Male07/31/173.67

First Tape

 — Old man's tapes give young man a boner. by JimBob44in  Gay Male07/27/174.22

Not So - New Experiences

 — Can't call it a new experience if you do it twice! by writerfromozin  Gay Male07/27/174.72HOT

Jesse's Charming Plan

 — Jesse plans to punish his mate for fucking his girl. by JasonClearwaterin  Gay Male07/27/174.77HOT

The Customer (Dexter's Saga) Ch. 40

 — Yethro finds the mesh underpants. by JoyStick56in  Gay Male07/26/174.80

The Pirate King Ch. 14

 — "Where I belonged" - reunions. by nakamookin  Gay Male07/25/174.96HOT

Last Day in Vegas

 — Adventures to find Birthday sexual relief in Vegas. by TopWolfCOin  Gay Male07/24/173.73

The Long Drive Ch. 02

 — After the trip time for a shower. by revengeofthediksin  Gay Male07/24/174.25

Colorado and Tim Pt. 02

 — Spa, gay male. by zephyerin  Gay Male07/21/173.83


 — Omega becomes a slave to Alpha royalty. (gay male story) by Keirarosein  NonHuman07/21/174.57HOT

Four Play

 — Weekly golf bet pay off. by grgy56in  Transsexuals & Crossdressers07/20/174.10

The Slide

 — A straight man's further slide into bisexuality. by SemiStraightin  Gay Male07/19/174.63HOT

A Criminal's Chronicles

 — Student is caught with drugs and arrested by sexy policeman. by mrfallenangelxxin  Gay Male07/18/174.15

Nate's Evil Exploits Pt. 15

 — The final part, innit. by JasonClearwaterin  NonConsent/Reluctance07/14/174.61HOT

The Lad with the Cock in his Mouth

 — Young straight guy takes three truckers' cocks. by JasonClearwaterin  Gay Male07/12/174.50HOT

Doctor Oh Doctor Ch. 02

 — The doctor returns to give his patient another physical. by mrfallenangelxxin  Gay Male07/10/174.39

The Pirate King Ch. 13

 — Islands: Departure - "Blessed Be" by nakamookin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/09/174.75HOT

Really Bad Shot

 — Pool shooter winds up blowing guys in a bar. by Benny_Blankin  Gay Male07/07/174.11


 — A surprise addition to proceedings (MMF bisexual male). by goldblokein  Group Sex07/06/174.63HOT

My First Gang Bang

 — Married Bi continues with gay sex and has a new experience. by loneguy01in  Gay Male07/04/174.48

The Landscaper

 — Kevin watches his landscaper work from his window. by burgh173in  Gay Male07/04/174.36

More BBC Adventures

 — Married Bi Continues BBC Adventures. by loneguy01in  Gay Male06/30/174.50HOT

Steven and Joshua

 — Joshua needs a haircut before going home for winter break. by KinkBoy666in  Gay Male06/30/174.15

Finding Out Ch. 06

 — Two young men finally figure out each others feelings. by MaliciousMellyin  Gay Male06/29/174.72HOT

My New Role: Grand Opening

 — I've done him, now it's his turn to do me. by newpaulmanin  Gay Male06/27/174.24

My First BBC

 — Married bi meets well hung black man. by loneguy01in  Gay Male06/25/174.38


 — Exploring with a buddy. by softridein  First Time06/24/174.10

The Pirate King Ch. 12

 — Islands: Baths - "my world was filled with sunshine". by nakamookin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy06/24/174.92HOT

Scratching an Old Itch

 — Mature married man reconnects with his bi side. by loneguy01in  Gay Male06/23/174.46

Nate's Evil Exploits Pt. 13

 — The rest of the gang take their turns with Nate. by JasonClearwaterin  NonConsent/Reluctance06/23/174.67HOT

They Are A-OK Ch. 46

 — We return to civilization and tell Zack and Julia the news. by fantasyhunter2in  Gay Male06/23/174.21

No Thanks Ch. 03

 — Caspian and Arnold. by Mezmeraldin  Gay Male06/22/174.36

Nate's Evil Exploits Pt. 12

 — Still trapped in Málaga II, Nate gets assigned a bunkmate. by JasonClearwaterin  NonConsent/Reluctance06/21/174.68HOT

Nate's Evil Exploits Pt. 11

 — Nate finds himself in prison with a bunch of hungry sadists. by JasonClearwaterin  NonConsent/Reluctance06/16/174.26

The Alley

 — Lynn's wrong turn results in meeting new friends and lovers. by LonelyokieinOregon55in  Gay Male06/15/173.80

Nate's Evil Exploits Pt. 10

 — Nate takes Alec to Savage Palace. by JasonClearwaterin  NonConsent/Reluctance06/14/174.59HOT

Where the Girls Aren't

 — Straight man plunges into unexpected sensuality of gay sex. by MWDKin  Gay Male06/11/174.53HOT

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