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Where the Roses Bloom Pt. 08

 — Iselen and Ruby Rose gets to the end of the road. by freya_38in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction11/18/174.00NEW

Just a Chance Ch. 01

 — Amelia fights the love she has for her best friend. by My_8i_stryin  Lesbian Sex11/16/174.37

A Ghost of a Chance

 — Annie's Story. by careythomasin  Lesbian Sex11/16/174.91HOT

Plain Jane Ch. 03

 — Jane finds love and betrayal in London. by KaereniSisterin  Novels and Novellas11/16/174.45

The Cabin Boy Pt. 02

 — Julie adjusts to life at sea. by skinnysailorin  Lesbian Sex11/14/174.04

Natalie's Christmas

 — A young woman shares her first Christmas with her new love. by BurntRedstonein  Lesbian Sex11/13/174.59HOT

Sandy's Girl

 — An Aussie rock singer finally meets her match. by Shaima32in  Lesbian Sex11/12/174.66HOT

The Best Gift

 — Love and Romance. by pheacockin  Lesbian Sex11/10/174.26

The Reunion Ch. 01-04

 — Woman comes to grips with her sexuality and finds love. by soppingwetpantiesin  Lesbian Sex11/05/174.59HOT

The Selkie Ch. 02

 — Aud on the run from a mesmeric vampire & revealing her past. by LesbianChickLitin  Lesbian Sex10/31/174.79HOT

Where the Roses Bloom Pt. 07

 — Ruby rose and iselen have to choose between love and duty. by freya_38in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction10/27/174.14

An Unexpected Reunion Ch. 04

 — The final installment in Lexie and Callie's story. by Han_cgin  Lesbian Sex10/27/174.87HOT

Nine Months, One Week, Six Days and Roughly 18 Hours

 — Will a crazy idea lead to love or disaster? by 184081in  Lesbian Sex10/27/174.87HOT

Molly's Fortune

 — Tall, dark and handsome the fortune teller said... by Ann Douglasin  Lesbian Sex10/27/174.65HOT

Ebony Seduction Ch. 09

 — Keisha gives Pam the answer to her proposal. by blondsublesin  Lesbian Sex10/25/174.76HOT


 — The late goodbye. by LaRascassein  Lesbian Sex10/24/174.80HOT

Dilemmas of Love

 — Will Chloe find the love that she seeks? by VF_0079in  Lesbian Sex10/22/174.75HOT

Short Shorts

 — A surprise sighting of a new neighbor leads to romance. by CABONEin  Lesbian Sex10/19/174.84HOT

Sofia and I Meet

 — We meet and have sex. by CochettaHDin  Lesbian Sex10/16/174.30

I am Pleasure

 — She's coming in. by LanceQuiverin  Lesbian Sex10/12/174.68HOT

Experimental Therapy

 — A story of love and sacrifice. by WaxPhilosophicin  Lesbian Sex10/11/174.68HOT

Pirates' Plunder

 — Woman is captured by pirates and finds romance. by soppingwetpantiesin  Lesbian Sex10/08/174.63HOT

Fat Bottomed Girls

 — Three or four is not a crowd. by LimeyLadyin  Lesbian Sex10/06/174.77HOT

Trick and Treat

 — A young woman finds her true self. by pheacockin  Lesbian Sex10/02/174.63HOT

Grounded in Toronto Ch. 05-07

 — Two women accidentally meet and fall in love. by soppingwetpantiesin  Lesbian Sex09/29/174.69HOT

Where the Roses Bloom Pt. 06

 — Ruby Rose and Iselen live their passion without fears. by freya_38in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction09/29/174.20

An Indispensable Woman Ch. 02

 — Amara seeks to understand...and explore. by Kootin  Lesbian Sex09/28/174.84HOT

Tonight's the Night

 — Sarah-Jayne has a surprise in store. by LimeyLadyin  Lesbian Sex09/28/174.69HOT

Ebony Seduction Ch. 08

 — Pamela and Keisha finally make it to Hawaii. by blondsublesin  Lesbian Sex09/27/174.75HOT

College Bound

 — Two friends discover how much they mean to each other. by blondsublesin  Lesbian Sex09/27/174.46

A Study in Scarlett

 — A love never lost. by Ann Douglasin  Lesbian Sex09/24/174.78HOT

Women's First Division: Maroon

 — A girl joins a football club. What can possibly go wrong? by BloodyIdiotin  Lesbian Sex09/22/174.52HOT

Cotton Candy Pt. 05

 — Final Chapter: Why cotton candy? by Deceptivedomainin  Lesbian Sex09/20/174.81HOT

Cotton Candy Pt. 04

 — Truths can always be Deceptive though. by Deceptivedomainin  Lesbian Sex09/16/174.79HOT

Where the Roses Bloom Pt. 05

 — I love the feeling of being in love with you.. by freya_38in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction09/14/175.00

Summer Lover

 — Summer vacation turns into a lesbian love affair. by KimbersFantasyin  Lesbian Sex09/12/174.20

An Unexpected Reunion

 — Lexie and Callie are reunited after eight years... by Han_cgin  Lesbian Sex09/12/174.83HOT

Start with a Feather

 — A submissive finds her soulmate. by WaxPhilosophicin  Lesbian Sex09/11/174.55HOT

Cotton Candy Pt. 03

 — Will their love survives, when things starts to reveal? by Deceptivedomainin  Lesbian Sex09/11/174.87HOT

Grounded in Toronto Ch. 03-04

 — Career woman struggles with doubt about her affair. by soppingwetpantiesin  Lesbian Sex09/09/174.69HOT

Working Holiday Pt. 02

 — Kay investigates a cold case and Nickie gets closer to her. by Shaima32in  Lesbian Sex09/05/174.70HOT

Office Games

 — Who's really in control in the workplace? by graymangazerin  BDSM09/01/174.54HOT

A Snowball Running Ch. 03

 — The Deepening and Welcome Possessiveness of Alicia. by LesbianChickLitin  Lesbian Sex08/30/174.76HOT

Where the Roses Bloom Pt. 04

 — Ruby and iselen start their journey in the middle of the war. by freya_38in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction08/28/175.00


 — Two social misfits find love in each other. by WaxPhilosophicin  Lesbian Sex08/28/174.63HOT

Breaking Out Pt. 02

 — Recuperating was never this much fun... by Shaima32in  Lesbian Sex08/25/174.74HOT

Journey Into Submission

 — A wealthy couple submit to identical twins. by nikkiwilliamsin  Lesbian Sex08/23/174.21

Breaking Out Pt. 01

 — Two policewomen come together in the line of duty. by Shaima32in  Lesbian Sex08/23/174.65HOT

How We Came To Be

 — Longer Version of Patricia and Sandra. by Mymantoy999in  Lesbian Sex08/23/174.60HOT

Blueprints Ch. 01

 — The beginning: younger architect and client get closer. by Camera Obscurain  Lesbian Sex08/22/174.65HOT

Appalachian Trail

 — June starts hiking the AT and finds more than she expected. by KaereniSisterin  Lesbian Sex08/20/174.57HOT

One Night Stand

 — Kate hooks up with a woman in a bar. by Salishin  Lesbian Sex08/19/174.79HOT

Speedy Delivery

 — A stolen bike leads to an amazing new friendship. by WaxPhilosophicin  Lesbian Sex08/19/174.70HOT

Where the Roses Bloom Pt. 03

 — What can you do if the fate comes to you? by freya_38in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction08/19/173.83

Creative Writing Story

 — Sue helps her roommate Ann write a class assignment. by KaereniSisterin  Lesbian Sex08/16/173.79

Where the Roses Bloom Pt. 02

 — Ruby and Iselen can't run away from their fate. by freya_38in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction08/13/174.20

Where the Roses Bloom Pt. 01

 — Two warriors looking for a way in the middle of the war... by freya_38in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction08/12/173.67

Art for Art's Sake

 — Branching out. by LimeyLadyin  Lesbian Sex08/09/174.69HOT

A Beautiful Night

 — A Mistress and Charlotte Playdate. by WaxPhilosophicin  Lesbian Sex08/05/174.37

One for the Money Ch. 02

 — The relations. by peterszain  Lesbian Sex08/04/174.33

Jenny Seals the Deal Pt. 02

 — Deana teaches Jenny how to make love to a woman. by GenGdreamsin  Lesbian Sex08/03/174.55HOT

Girls of Manchester Ch. 03

 — Young love can be such a fickle thing, but is it? by stormyeyedonein  Lesbian Sex08/02/174.72HOT

Jenny Seals the Deal

 — Jenny is about to meet Deana. Good things are coming. by GenGdreamsin  Lesbian Sex07/27/174.51HOT

Table for Two Ch. 10

 — Sam makes the sisters take the next step. by JessicaSin  Incest/Taboo07/27/174.80HOT

The Mountain Girl Ch. 04

 — Heidi and Zoe finally take the plunge... by Shaima32in  Lesbian Sex07/27/174.74HOT

Forever Grateful

 — Krista is grateful for her friend's help. by DoubleH55in  Lesbian Sex07/26/174.10

The Mountain Girl Ch. 03

 — Heidi takes a step into the unknown, how far will she go? by Shaima32in  Lesbian Sex07/23/174.75HOT

X-Rated: Daddy's old VCR Tapes

 — Looking at her father's old Porn gives two friends ideas. by JimBob44in  Lesbian Sex07/20/174.14

The Mountain Girl Ch. 02

 — The relationship between Heidi and Zoe is slowly changing. by Shaima32in  Lesbian Sex07/18/174.67HOT

The Heartbreaker

 — A moment of passion with my best friend. by Cuyliein  Lesbian Sex07/17/174.49

If Things Had Been Different Ch. 03

 — They meet again at Sarah's daughter's christening by Shady_Ladyin  Lesbian Sex07/14/174.64HOT

The Mountain Girl Ch. 01

 — A new housemate brings new opportunities for Heidi. by Shaima32in  Lesbian Sex07/13/174.51HOT

How I Became a Real Woman

 — From straight woman on her Honeymoon to lesbian wife. by linda1234in  Lesbian Sex07/11/174.37

Benefits of Having a Female Boss

 — At last a much older woman!! by LimeyLadyin  Lesbian Sex07/09/174.63HOT

The Only Lesbian in Town

 — Finding love as a lesbian. by ausfetin  Lesbian Sex07/08/174.71HOT

If Things Had Been Different Ch. 01

 — A lesbian and a straight fall in love, but will it last? by Shady_Ladyin  Lesbian Sex07/07/174.61HOT

Changes Ch. 11

 — The journey of two not so straight women- Final Chapter. by Akshiin  Lesbian Sex07/03/174.87HOT

The French Girl

 — A girl crush on a Spanish holiday. by rescatooorin  Lesbian Sex06/26/174.69HOT

Maya - The Novel

 — What's Maya hiding? by KillerRomancein  Lesbian Sex06/21/174.86HOT

Days in the Woods

 — Two country girls find each other in the N.D. woods. by pheacockin  Lesbian Sex06/20/174.72HOT

When It Rains Pt. 13

 — Ky and Jazz might be getting closer. by MarzScorpionin  Lesbian Sex06/20/174.54HOT

Girls of Manchester Ch. 02

 — Nothing is as it seems... love, confusion and frustration. by stormyeyedonein  Lesbian Sex06/19/174.78HOT

The Therapist Pt. 05

 — A sudden betrayal draws Valerie and Karen closer together. by Shaima32in  Lesbian Sex06/18/174.73HOT

Grounded in Toronto Ch. 01-02

 — Career woman unexpectedly finds love. by soppingwetpantiesin  Lesbian Sex06/16/174.64HOT


 — Meet Maya. by KillerRomancein  Lesbian Sex06/14/174.77HOT

Birthday Disaster... or is It?

 — Ginny's Birthday goes from disaster to fantastic. by TheReticentWriterin  Lesbian Sex06/10/174.76HOT

Bedding the Boss Pt. 02

 — Pillow talk. by LimeyLadyin  Lesbian Sex06/10/174.72HOT

Unforgiving Winter

 — Rough winter day turns into something special for everyone! by AriaLOVEScheesein  Lesbian Sex06/10/174.44

Blood & Magic Ch. 12

 — Melissa finally gets humiliated. by bbettyblambabamin  Erotic Horror06/10/174.64HOT

Bedding the Boss Pt. 01

 — Well, who wouldn't want to? by LimeyLadyin  Lesbian Sex06/07/174.69HOT

Ebony Seduction Ch. 06

 — It's Monday. Pam must face the consequences of her actions. by blondsublesin  Lesbian Sex06/05/174.80HOT

Looking at the Sun

 — Sienna's Story. by careythomasin  Lesbian Sex05/31/174.87HOT

Myka's Tail Ch. 03

 — Confessions of a Teenage Sex Kitten. by Magical_Kittenin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/28/174.91HOT

The Lowlander

 — Hanna's coven is captured by the Lowlanders. by KillerRomancein  Lesbian Sex05/20/174.77HOT

The Sandman Pt. 02

 — Tracey continues the story from her perspective. by Shaima32in  Lesbian Sex05/20/174.61HOT

Overwhelming Darkness Ch. 06

 — It's time for Wendy to head home. by fantac63in  Lesbian Sex05/16/174.71HOT

The Guilded Lily Ch. 06: Shelly's Tale

 — Problems for Shelly! by IslandCovein  Novels and Novellas05/11/174.72HOT

Emotionless Pt. 08

 — Lauren tries to figure out what she wants. by Sarabi9in  Lesbian Sex05/09/174.49

The Guilded Lily Ch. 04: Corrine's Story

 — Betrayed Black girl finds new love. by IslandCovein  Novels and Novellas05/07/174.74HOT

Table for Two Ch. 06

 — Two sisters. One perfect day. by JessicaSin  Incest/Taboo05/05/174.79HOT

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