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lesbian sex


Young nanny finds safety and security with her employer.

Lesbian Sex 03/16/2018

First Time at Hedonism - Day 02

Skinny dipping & watching my wife with another woman.

First Time 03/16/2018

Such a Sweet Surrender

Giving up on guys should only have happened sooner!

Lesbian Sex 03/16/2018

A Tale of Two Switches Ch. 10

Taking Care of Business.

Lesbian Sex 03/16/2018

Pretending Life is Sweet

Growing up, coming out, and finding someone new.

Lesbian Sex 03/16/2018

Womanly Love

A love story.

Lesbian Sex 03/15/2018

Keeping the Tradition Alive Vol. 01: Luke's House Pt. 06

The family says goodbye to James.

Incest/Taboo 03/15/2018

TCCS Pt. 03 Ch. 24: A Fog Rolls In

The senior bonfire gets underway.

Interracial Love 03/15/2018

Not a "Virgin" Sacrifice

Clara attends a feast in honor of her impending sacrifice.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 03/14/2018

Becoming a Lesbian Ch. 05

Missy loses her virginity.

Lesbian Sex 03/14/2018

Pantyhose Wrestling Redemption?

A chance to settle a score.

Lesbian Sex 03/14/2018

The Blackwell Pt. 01

The one that got away.

Lesbian Sex 03/14/2018

Thru-hiking the AT: Hiawassee, GA

Four hikers spend a couple of nights in a hotel in Hiawassee.

Lesbian Sex 03/14/2018

Daughter, Lover, Superheroine Ch. 09

The sisterly duel ends - an interlude - and a new challenge!

Incest/Taboo 03/14/2018

Size Queen MILF Ch. 04: First Big Cock

Older woman finally gets her first big cock.

Incest/Taboo 03/13/2018

The Courtship of Rachel Pt. 02

An unhappy marriage and a new beginning...

Lesbian Sex 03/13/2018

Life with Simone

Simone loves Hope, loves Samantha, and dislikes Danners.

Lesbian Sex 03/12/2018

Liz and Sue Ch. 02 - Floppy Feet

A new sex toy called floppy feet.

Lesbian Sex 03/10/2018

Size Queen MILF Ch. 03: Family

Daughter takes charge of training her mom.

Incest/Taboo 03/10/2018

Granny Babette's Favorite Stud

Black church lady seduces masculine black female.

Lesbian Sex 03/10/2018

Mom's in Town Ch. 18

Christine in the hotel spa.

Lesbian Sex 03/10/2018

Summer Sugar Sunset

A relationship blossoms as the end of Summer nears.

Lesbian Sex 03/10/2018

Secret Sins Ch. 08


Mind Control 03/09/2018

Size Queen MILF Ch. 02: Toys

The first steps toward experiencing big cocks.

Lesbian Sex 03/09/2018

Helping Margaret Pt. 03

Margaret, David, and Diane grow closer.

Mature 03/08/2018

The Valentine's Day Mascara Ch. 04

Ginny and Sam's "sleepover".

Lesbian Sex 03/08/2018

The Warehouse Tour

My new part time job had some interesting benefits.

Mature 03/08/2018

Wine & Girls

Brooke puts out an ad online looking for a fun night.

Lesbian Sex 03/08/2018

The Diaper Spa Pt. 05

Angela meets the press.

Fetish 03/08/2018


Do you believe in mythological creatures?

Lesbian Sex 03/08/2018

After School Delight Pt. 01

A schoolgirl crush becomes so much more.

Lesbian Sex 03/08/2018

Boyfriend Trick

Mika's boyfriend has a surprise.

NonConsent/Reluctance 03/07/2018

Whom You Least Expect

She found love with her former enemy.

Lesbian Sex 03/07/2018

First Threesome

Married woman led astray by a friend and his housemate.

Group Sex 03/07/2018

Dumb Blonde

Who is seducing who?

Group Sex 03/07/2018

Bedtime Snack

Sucking and double-fucking until we're satisfied...

Lesbian Sex 03/06/2018

A Tale of Two Mothers Pt. 02

Their secret affair is suddenly exposed...

Lesbian Sex 03/06/2018

My Best Friend's Girlfriend Ch. 11

Sarah brings Sandra to Reyna to claim her prize.

Mind Control 03/06/2018

Time for Some Fun Pt. 11

Aria gets her prank on, and a friendship escalates…

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 03/05/2018


Cheerleaders and bad girls are supposed to be rivals, right?

Lesbian Sex 03/05/2018

A Cliche worth Exploring... Ch. 02

Lily and Rose try to enjoy their last nights of freedom.

Lesbian Sex 03/05/2018

Nan Gets a Threeway Ch. 02

Nan's strip club adventures multiply back home!

Group Sex 03/04/2018

The Valentine's Day Mascara Ch. 03

Ginny and Sam go for a swim.

Lesbian Sex 03/04/2018

The Courtship of Rachel

Rachel's early years and her first lesbian encounter.

Lesbian Sex 03/03/2018

Oh Carole Ch. 02

Carole starts her new position for Brian.

Mature 03/03/2018

Mary Against the World Ch. 02

Mary flies to Chicago and gets ensnared in sex.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 03/03/2018

Sex with a Stranger

Jessie has an unexpected first.

First Time 03/02/2018

Rear View Mirror

Sexy lady and new girlfriend put on show for boyfriend.

Lesbian Sex 03/02/2018

A Cliche worth Exploring... Ch. 01

Two new college roommates indulge in clichés.

Lesbian Sex 03/02/2018

Camp Awakening

My first lesbian experience, in the dark, in the woods.

Lesbian Sex 03/02/2018

Healing the Bloodlands

Lesbian fairytale told through death, magic, and heroism.

Lesbian Sex 03/01/2018

Rising from the Ashes

Jilted wife finds redemption and then love.

Lesbian Sex 03/01/2018

Weekend in Atlanta

Kate meets Kari for a weekend of sex.

Lesbian Sex 03/01/2018

Goodbye to the Past Pt. 04

Caitlin's gym session leads to a blissful weekend with Anji.

Lesbian Sex 03/01/2018

Disobedient Ch. 02

Bad little girl.

BDSM 03/01/2018

The Snowy Forest Party

My wife's cunt becomes the center of attention at a party.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 03/01/2018

Holding Out For a Hero

A Gamer girl needs rescuing.

Lesbian Sex 02/28/2018

Asian Girls have Big Nipples

My lesbian experiences in college.

Lesbian Sex 02/28/2018

My Night with Demi

A night with Demi Lovato.

Celebrities & Fan Fiction 02/28/2018

Jake and Audrey Ch. 02

The young couple make new friends and build a life together.

Loving Wives 02/28/2018

Rebecca's New Start Pt. 01

A newly out lesbian starts her new life at her dream school.

Lesbian Sex 02/28/2018

Deep Space Destiny Ch. 01

Earth in Chaos, Space Cadets learn their Destiny.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 02/28/2018

Disobedient Ch. 01


BDSM 02/28/2018

GTO - The Beginning Pt. 03

Gail learns how to give another girl pleasure.

Lesbian Sex 02/27/2018

The Agony and the Ecstasy

Pleasure, through Pain.

BDSM 02/27/2018

Divas in Dubai Pt. 02

This time they really are in Dubai!

Celebrities & Fan Fiction 02/27/2018

Curse of the Trickster God

A trickster god gives her a dick until she lifts the curse.

Erotic Couplings 02/27/2018

One Hundred Percent Straight... Ch. 03

Sarah gives Ally a surprise...

Lesbian Sex 02/27/2018

Loud Latina Lesbian Neighbor

How listening to my neighbor having sex turned me gay.

Lesbian Sex 02/27/2018

A Tale of Two Mothers Pt. 01

A tale of two mothers from Melbourne...

Lesbian Sex 02/27/2018

Story Time

Mommy teasing.

BDSM 02/27/2018

GTO - Queen of the Dragstrip

Gail wins a car and a girlfriend.

Lesbian Sex 02/26/2018

Suprise Weekend

Weekend away.

Lesbian Sex 02/26/2018

Game Set and Match Pt. 03

Julie and Katie finally find their way to love.

Lesbian Sex 02/25/2018

One Hundred Percent Straight... Ch. 02

Ally gets special training from DS Lain...

Lesbian Sex 02/24/2018

Crossing the Rubicon

Exploring her hidden desires.

Lesbian Sex 02/24/2018

Game Set and Match Pt. 02

Julie meets Katie for coaching, and begins to seduce her.

Lesbian Sex 02/24/2018


Mommy regaining control.

Lesbian Sex 02/24/2018

Lingering Perfume

The mystery of being helpless.

Lesbian Sex 02/23/2018


Looking for something to help satisfy my needs in retirement.

Mature 02/23/2018

Game Set and Match Pt. 01

Katie meets her first love on the tennis court.

Lesbian Sex 02/23/2018

Julie and Tonya

Best Friends and Lovers.

Loving Wives 02/22/2018

A Challenging Balancing Act

Executive has sex with girlfriend, assistant & pretty blonde.

Erotic Couplings 02/22/2018

Finding Ivy Ch. 07B

Gaining new knowledge.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 02/22/2018

Younger Than Springtime

Young enough to be my daughter.

Erotic Couplings 02/22/2018

Harem University Ch. 03: Wednesday

Lucas takes Angel with him to lunch and finds a new friend.

Group Sex 02/22/2018

The Gymnastics Team Pt. 01

A New Recruit discovers the Gym Team Seniors' secret agenda.

Lesbian Sex 02/22/2018

A Slave to Socks Ch. 11

Lexi's life changes completely after but a single spell.

Fetish 02/22/2018

Deb's Tale Pt. 01

Catfight promoter entices a beauty to be the prize in a catfight.

Fetish 02/21/2018

Liz and Sue Ch. 01

Sexy new neighbor rolls in.

Lesbian Sex 02/21/2018

Sylvia's Mother

A story of love, loss, and redemption.

Erotic Couplings 02/21/2018

Lust on the High Seas: Day 04

Macey meets Danny - & then subject to a Sapphic gang attack.

Lesbian Sex 02/21/2018

One Hundred Percent Straight...

A woman questions herself with a fantasy.

Lesbian Sex 02/21/2018

Queen Of Sorrows Ch. 01

Sofia's first day as Queen is also her last.

NonConsent/Reluctance 02/21/2018

The Succubus's Silver Ch. 01

A cop, cursed silver, a cheating couple. A succubus’s fall?

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 02/21/2018

Toni's Awakening Pt. 03

Toni must come to a decision about Carina...

Lesbian Sex 02/20/2018

The Slut's Apprentice Ch. 23

Every cat has its day.

Novels and Novellas 02/18/2018

Good Neighbours (Ruby Rose)

Good neighbours always help each others (Threesome).

Celebrities & Fan Fiction 02/18/2018

The Nude Day Assignment Ch. 07

Nude Day Conclusion as the family goes to school!

Incest/Taboo 02/18/2018

Fantasies Become Reality Ch. 01

Mia is surprised when crush invites her over for the night.

Lesbian Sex 02/18/2018
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