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Her Fantasy Made Reality Ch. 02

 — How to reward a slut after a good gang bang. by Azuldrgonin  Loving Wives08/13/172.93NEW

Patience Pays Off

 — A long wait for revenge finally pays off. by Hooked1957in  Loving Wives08/12/174.29NEW


 — Paul and Dana discover the joys of sharing. by Verynicehandsin  Mature08/09/174.43NEW

Sharing My Wife Amanda Ch. 05

 — The best of both worlds: MMF with my wife and best friend. by Syzothin  Gay Male08/08/174.00

She Majored in Sex Merchandising

 — But I was still a simple cop... by Rumpole777in  Loving Wives08/08/173.17


 — An email on a crumbling marriage from their daughter. by whatdreamsmaycomein  Loving Wives08/08/174.05

My Affair Ch. 01

 — How I began to take things further. by Pentalin  Loving Wives08/05/173.06

I Wouldn't Call Her a Hooker Until Ch. 02

 — Winning sport sex Olympics as western civ sinks. by Rumpole777in  Loving Wives08/05/171.83

The Transformation of Betty A06

 — My slut wife's account of her first visit with Alex. by dom_u_softlyin  Loving Wives08/05/172.82

A Little Grown Up Time Pt. 02

 — Continuing fun for the happy couple! by ava23in  Erotic Couplings08/05/174.43

I Wouldn't Call Her a Hooker Until Ch. 01

 — She won $250,000 in Sport Sex Olympics. by Rumpole777in  Loving Wives08/04/171.89

A Little Interlude

 — She was thinking about things she shouldn't. by whatdreamsmaycomein  Loving Wives08/04/174.29

Dirty Me - Kriti's Office Outing

 — Kriti goes to office outing and enjoys shower sex. by kritisahayin  Loving Wives08/03/172.59

The Transformation of Betty A05

 — A wife's account of her weekend as a slut in Las Vegas. by dom_u_softlyin  Loving Wives08/03/172.97

Jerry and Cyndi

 — Just another one of my usual. by Just Plain Bobin  Loving Wives08/03/174.26

My Inheritance from My Dad Ch. 04

 — Undoing a wrong and getting caught by Jim. by dmbdriver1in  Mind Control08/01/174.29

The Marriage Counselor Pt. 01

 — A marriage counselor uses orgasm control. by pifanin  Fetish08/01/172.73

Club Pick Ups

 — Lissy and I pick each other's partners. by lissylover1in  Loving Wives08/01/173.04

The Sting

 — Champion cheaters try for the "Gold" but get a royal "F"ing. by Rumpole777in  Loving Wives08/01/171.99

The Building of Robert G. Holbrook

 — A loving wife story. by Just Plain Bobin  Loving Wives07/27/173.92

Victoria Pt. 02: The Housewife Hex

 — Victoria and Rick find new ways to feed. by maestro84in  Erotic Horror07/27/174.78HOT

Mike Coaches Christine

 — Married man coached newly separated wife. by Unliteraryin  Loving Wives07/27/172.88

Kate Stays Home Ch. 03 - Final

 — The final chapter in the Kate series. by BillandKatein  Loving Wives07/26/173.43

You're Fired!

 — I'll see you at home. by BigGuy33in  Loving Wives07/22/174.06

Judy - Cheating Wife Stories

 — Judy's First Step! It had to happen sometime! by judystories656in  Loving Wives07/21/173.91

High Dive

 — He thought he was in the friend zone. He was wrong. by whatdreamsmaycomein  Loving Wives07/19/174.26

Who Knows What Evil Lurks

 — What evil lurks in the mind of a man? by BillandKatein  Loving Wives07/19/174.53HOT

The Income Tax Seminar

 — Julie goes to a tax seminar and loses her innocence. by JulieAnn42in  Loving Wives07/19/173.27

Valerie's Descent Pt. 01

 — Valerie starts down a path of liberation. by ThEngineerin  Loving Wives07/19/173.47

My New Friend "Luke"

 — While wife is away Luke brings some satisfaction. by 1mbibryin  Toys & Masturbation07/19/174.44

I let my Wife Cheat Pt. 04

 — She's getting good at it now! by Lonelyonejmin  Loving Wives07/18/173.13

The Office - Holiday Weekend

 — An unexpected beginning to a holiday weekend. by spring24970in  Loving Wives07/16/174.23

Colony Bk. 02

 — Cyrus settles in, the girls start to open up. by DragonMachineFictionin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/16/174.77HOT

My Sister Moves In

 — Wife's sister needs a place to live and moves in. by Imstillfunin  Loving Wives07/12/174.72HOT

Grandma was Right

 — Women have secrets. by magmamanin  Loving Wives07/10/174.00

Suzanne Comes Again Ch. 07

 — Epilogue: Disturbing libidinal revelations. by yowserin  Loving Wives07/10/172.98

Enlarging Hubby Ch. 03

 — Jill rides swollen cock, Eric lets her control sex. by Buffwriterin  Loving Wives07/09/172.85

My Path Pt. 05

 — Virgin no more. by Miguel59in  Loving Wives07/09/172.58

Playtime in Jamaica Ch. 03

 — Marni is tempted. by wifewatchingdreamsin  Loving Wives07/08/174.09

Playtime in Jamaica Ch. 02

 — Marni meets an interested young man. by wifewatchingdreamsin  Loving Wives07/07/174.00

The Three Week Rule

 — A wife becomes honest about what she needs. by ShellyWifein  Loving Wives07/06/172.56

Val's Dark Desire

 — Interracial cuckolded and pregnancy. by Miguel59in  Loving Wives07/05/173.37

Colony Bk. 01

 — Cyrus arrives at his new home, surprised by the benefits. by DragonMachineFictionin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/05/174.70HOT

Goes Like an Otter

 — Confrontation day was here, but with a twist in the tail! by MattblackUKin  Loving Wives07/04/174.38

You Can Love Too Much Ch. 01

 — After 30 years, wife needs more than just husband. by Hooked1957in  Loving Wives07/03/172.75

Wife Makes My Fantasies Come True

 — Wife makes my fantasies a reality. by ThinkingOutLoudin  Fetish07/01/173.96

Mail Order Bride Pt. 04

 — Continuation of a saga in the life of Peterswiftt. by peterswifttin  Loving Wives06/30/173.99

Halliwell Chronicles Ch. 02

 — Clara knows how to tease Rian perhaps too far. by RCHalliwellin  Loving Wives06/30/173.18

The Spa Ch. 04

 — The new recruit signs her contract. by harmlessfunin  Loving Wives06/30/173.66

Pleasing Hubby's Client

 — Liz goes extra mile for Hubby and is the life of the party. by IRishGuy75in  Loving Wives06/30/173.75

It All Started with Some E-mails

 — Married man & separated woman begin adventures - completed. by Unliteraryin  Loving Wives06/29/172.39

Tessie and "Other" Cock Ch. 02

 — Tessie fulfills her need for "other" cock. by cheeky176in  Loving Wives06/29/173.75

Mail Order Bride Pt. 03

 — Part 3 of the Mail Order Bride that you've been waiting on. by peterswifttin  Loving Wives06/28/174.11

Tessie and "Other" Cock Ch. 01

 — Introducing the idea of "other" cock to my lady love... by cheeky176in  Loving Wives06/28/174.17

The Transformation of Betty A03

 — Her adventures with Alex and friends continue. by dom_u_softlyin  Loving Wives06/27/173.63

Lovely Auntie Ch. 17

 — Neeta explores options. by erosdonin  Loving Wives06/27/173.74

Nate's Evil Exploits Pt. 14

 — Nate makes a discovery that sets him on a path to freedom. by JasonClearwaterin  NonConsent/Reluctance06/27/174.73HOT

I let my Wife Cheat Pt. 03

 — I didn't let her so much this time... by Lonelyonejmin  Loving Wives06/27/172.94

Gift of the Gab Ch. 03

 — In conclusion. by bouncingboobsin  Incest/Taboo06/26/173.10

The Booth at Talladesa

 — A short one on the usual theme. by Just Plain Bobin  Loving Wives06/25/174.39

Halliwell Chronicles Ch. 01

 — Rian makes a mess, Clara Helps. by RCHalliwellin  Loving Wives06/22/173.78

Mail Order Bride Pt. 02

 — Part two of the true rendition Mail Order Bride. by peterswifttin  Loving Wives06/22/173.93

Mardi Gras at Pat O'Briens

 — Wife flashing and getting groped at Mardi Gras. by Mardigrassin  Loving Wives06/22/173.58

The Transformation of Betty B01

 — A specific post-New Year's Eve party adventure. by dom_u_softlyin  Loving Wives06/21/173.32

My Dear

 — A letter after an incredible night of sharing my wife. by chipswifestoriesin  Loving Wives06/21/172.60

Mail Order Bride Pt. 01

 — Another two days in the life of the author Mr. Peterswiftt. by peterswifttin  Loving Wives06/21/174.22

I Share My Secret

 — A married woman deals with her golden shower fetish. by chipswifestoriesin  Loving Wives06/20/173.28

The Wrong Cot

 — A trip down the Grand Canyon leads to sexual awakening. by Sanomiyain  Group Sex06/20/174.85HOT

A Hard Day at the Office

 — Hot wife has hazy daze. by RottenAppleAnniein  Loving Wives06/19/173.19

The Transformation of Betty A01

 — Part one of details of a weekend in Vegas. by dom_u_softlyin  Loving Wives06/19/173.73

Morning Wetness

 — Nymphomaniac wife starts her day with an orgasmic overload. by Aruriin  Loving Wives06/18/173.93

Wanda is Watching

 — The title says it. by Just Plain Bobin  Loving Wives06/16/173.68

Nate's Evil Exploits Pt. 09

 — Nate fucks Colin's wife and gets more than he bargained for. by JasonClearwaterin  NonConsent/Reluctance06/13/174.10

Ok I'll do It, Again Pt. 03

 — A couple trying to deal with love and sex not exclusive. by ozinsom77in  Loving Wives06/12/172.93

Meet My Husband for a Stranger Date

 — Meeting for a date with my husband but as a stranger. by Fista83in  Loving Wives06/11/172.95

Rob and Barb

 — They thought they had him. by Just Plain Bobin  Loving Wives06/10/174.40

Trinity's Sexy Date with Old Friend

 — Trinity's evening with an old friend. by himnher2003in  Loving Wives06/10/172.52

Finally Coming to My Senses

 — After years of refusal, I finally gave in, never to go back. by peterswifttin  Loving Wives06/10/173.66

Facebook Old Friend

 — Facebook friend meet up. by himnher2003in  Loving Wives06/09/173.19

"Forever in My Heart" Pt. 03

 — The story continues... by carvohiin  Loving Wives05/29/174.53HOT

"Forever in My Heart" Pt. 02

 — Madeline, Chelsea, and Colton move on. by carvohiin  Loving Wives05/26/174.68HOT


 — Middle-aged redhead and hubby explore cuckolding. by redpilldadin  Loving Wives05/23/174.06

Bad Boys?

 — Fun with the wife down the street. by redpilldadin  Loving Wives05/23/174.28

A Gentle Revenge

 — He had injured then insulted me. by John Randolphin  Loving Wives05/23/173.25

Ok I'll do It, Again Pt. 02

 — Swinging, grooming and open marriage. by ozinsom77in  Loving Wives05/21/173.43

Samantha Becomes a Piss Mop Ch. 01

 — After several years of being a slut Sam becomes a urinal. by showifein  Fetish05/16/174.28

Jane and Vicki Catfight

 — Loving wife fighting a rival for her man's affections. by fightfanjonin  Fetish05/14/174.39

Miss Feel Good

 — We need more! by bouncingboobsin  Fetish05/14/173.99

From Friends to Swingers Ch. 02

 — Steve and Karen's full swing story. by karenerakin  Loving Wives05/12/173.83

Men in My Life Ch. 02

 — In this chapter we get to learn more about Madhuri. by MastMadhuriin  Loving Wives05/11/174.03

Life's a Bitch and then You Die

 — One man's journey. by no1specificin  Loving Wives05/10/174.47

Ok I'll do It, Again Pt. 01

 — Part 1 of a 3 Part Series of continuation of an old story. by ozinsom77in  Loving Wives05/09/173.39

Kelsey's World Ch. 31

 — Wendy's Birthday. by riverboyin  Group Sex05/05/174.81HOT

Date Night

 — A Hotwife's Trust Is Tested. by jjmuddin  Loving Wives05/04/173.54

Shy Indian Wife Ch. 04

 — Guilt-driven wife. by ClosetSkeletonin  Loving Wives05/01/173.99

Monkey Business

 — Science and Sex. Can they mix? by seattlejackin  Loving Wives05/01/172.91

Pin the Tail

 — A young cuckold watches his loving girlfriend pleasure boys. by Allen_X_Millerin  Loving Wives05/01/174.16

Dodging Bullets

 — Amy believes that fortune tellers only dish out crap! by amyyumin  Loving Wives04/25/174.06

Craigslist Creampie

 — A cuckold finds a man for his loving wife on Craigslist. by Allen_X_Millerin  Loving Wives04/19/174.46

My Path Pt. 03

 — Moira continues to train Pat into being a good pet. by Miguel59in  Loving Wives04/14/173.52

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