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Proud Holders Ch. 08

The Proud Holders Residential Course continues.

Fetish 02/24/2015

Proud Holders Ch. 06

The story continues.

Fetish 02/19/2015

Proud Holders Ch. 02

The exploits of some young adults on a pee holding course.

Fetish 02/13/2015

Proud Holders Ch. 01

The exploits of some young adults on a pee holding course.

Fetish 02/12/2015

Suzy Matron Ch. 01

Matron deflowers young college student.

Fetish 12/11/2014

Quest for the Dragon Soul Pt. 01

After the war, Khaln must face his mother.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 04/12/2014

Six of the Best Ch. 03

The Headmaster consults Matron on a delicate matter.

BDSM 01/15/2013

An English Matron Ch. 03

The balance is restored but I'm still ensnared by her.

Mature 12/14/2012

An English Matron

The rise and fall of an affair with an older woman.

Mature 11/29/2012

Six of the Best Ch. 02

The Headmaster and the habitually-wayward 'Justine'.

BDSM 10/10/2012

Six of the Best

A special session in The Headmaster's study.

BDSM 09/26/2012

Night Duty

Blow job develops into threesome.

Group Sex 02/12/2010

Wale of a Tail Ch. 04

Jennifer finds justice.

BDSM 02/22/2009

Wale of a Tail Ch. 02

Jennifer is faced with a choice.

NonConsent/Reluctance 02/20/2009

Giant Ch. 03

Giant finds new village women in his search for orgasm

NonHuman 02/24/2008

David's Tall Girls' School Ch. 02

A 'Peeping Tom' has to pleasure the whole school.

Fetish 02/06/2008

Fucking Matron!

Being over 18 is no proof against pederasty

Gay Male 08/16/2004

His Pregnant Lover Ch. 11

Nicky's mouth makes him lose control.

Romance 05/13/2004

In Front Of Her Mum (Nice Work)

The conclusion to the interview.

Mature 10/02/2002

Celia's Granddaughter (Nice Work)

The interview is a sex filled success.

Mature 08/27/2002

A Russian Sex Spy Recuited

How sex spies are recruited in Russia.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 06/27/2002

Matron Does The Dorm

Schoolboys blackmail older buxom beauty.

Mature 10/07/2000
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