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Right or Left? Ch. 04

 — Jeff gets relief from his sister and girlfriends mom. by knightfantasiesin  Incest/Taboo10/21/174.70HOTNEW

Mature Couple's Adventure Pt. 04

 — The family expands. by flashgordon562006in  Erotic Couplings10/21/174.25NEW

Fucking Mr. Bishop

 — Mum helps out with my boss. by idope247in  Mature10/21/174.13NEW

Oldies Still Get Horny Ch. 02

 — Flashing no longer that accidental for neighbours. by Goodlittlevirginin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur10/21/174.47NEW

Lorilei, Private Dancer

 — Lorilei has a part time job. by TTMannin  Mature10/21/174.65HOTNEW

Discovered Passion Ch. 03

 — Snowbound, two mature ladies tag-team an obliging young man. by tantricjimin  Mature10/20/174.63HOTNEW

Secret Desire Resort and Spa

 — It all started on accident. by ofloveandlustin  Erotic Couplings10/20/174.15NEW

The Dress with Windows

 — A teacher wears a special dress. by drpftsyin  Mature10/20/170.00NEW

She Knew it Happened

 — She was more alone than she had ever been in her life. by ofloveandlustin  Mature10/20/174.32NEW

Led by Dreams to the City

 — Being made a sex slave in the city. by trishotoy99in  Mature10/19/174.00NEW

The Reservist

 — She wanted the younger man out of harm's way. by ST_Seain  Mature10/19/172.78NEW

Mature's Birthday Surprise

 — Mature gets a special triple treat on her birthday. by LaceyDresserin  Mature10/18/174.06NEW

One Hour Photo

 — You never know what might develop. by Ann Douglasin  Mature10/18/174.63HOTNEW

Conquring Jules Pt. 06

 — I explore my fantasies further. by Longein  Mature10/18/174.33NEW

Storms of Desire

 — A man finds himself chasing the unobtainable. by shrekhot1in  Erotic Couplings10/18/172.71NEW

Working out in Mrs. Johnson's Gym Ch. 02

 — Things heat up in the bath when Mr. Johnson leaves. by impicklerick304in  Mature10/17/174.61HOTNEW

When was the Last Time You Ate

 — Old Geezer befriends vagabond girl who falls for him. by tsar7in  Romance10/17/174.01NEW

Reunion Ch. 02

 — Part 2 of the John and Tanya saga. by jott50in  Mature10/17/174.39NEW

Will & Terri Ch. 02: Lube Job

 — Ah, the indiscretions of our youth! by adamgunnin  Loving Wives10/16/174.33NEW

Anger Made My Wife a Slut

 — Reparations Dinner. Husbands View. by Splatoueyin  Interracial Love10/15/172.68NEW

Archived Memories

 — An older woman learns from a young teacher. by byronbertin  Mature10/15/174.54HOTNEW


 — Looks are everything for Vanessa. by terravistain  Mature10/15/174.11NEW

New Adventures with Catherine Ch. 02

 — Denise and Catherine both discover sex in the trailer. by RobAnthony53in  Erotic Couplings10/15/174.58HOTNEW

Jack and the Cuban Woman

 — An old bar owner meets a dark-skinned MILF. by mariaposa34in  Mature10/15/174.27NEW

Innocence Gone in a Heartbeat

 — First time sexual experience with a slightly older beauty. by MASHKAVEEZOin  First Time10/15/173.80NEW

Community Service

 — Giving back can have some hidden benefits. by Ann Douglasin  Mature10/15/174.46NEW

Conquring Jules Pt. 05

 — Jules goes to a wedding with a date. I then take her ass. by Longein  Mature10/14/174.42NEW

Change of Life

 — It's never too late to change your life. by Ann Douglasin  Mature10/13/174.48

I Fucked My Dad's Co-Worker!

 — A young intern gets fucked by her father's co-worker. by blahdeeblahdeein  Anal10/12/173.83

The Homeless Old Man Ch. 02

 — My first experience being ass fucked by a drunkard. by trishotoy99in  Mature10/12/173.74

Retirement Home Massage Therapy Ch. 01

 — A young massage therapist finds work at a retirement village. by peteh57in  Mature10/12/174.48

Polly and J.C. Mess Up the Bed

 — J.C. and Polly push the limits at work. by PollyAMorrisin  Mature10/12/173.88

Sweet Boy Ch. 01

 — Steve has to drive his mother's tipsy friends home. by MeesterNiceein  First Time10/11/174.47

Conquring Jules Pt. 04

 — Jules has a 2nd fantasy she wants to explore. by Longein  Mature10/11/174.52HOT

Hairy Beast

 — Young first timer initiated by the hairy man of his dreams. by newpaulmanin  Gay Male10/11/174.33

Morning Run

 — Twin brothers encounter a mature woman. by Ann Douglasin  Group Sex10/11/174.34

Jalal's Punishment (Alternative)

 — A friend's mother-in-law is to be punished, I help out. by goodyearmanin  Anal10/10/174.07

Celluloid Dreams

 — Taking them off the screen and into the bedroom. by Ann Douglasin  Mature10/10/174.54HOT

Just Her Luck

 — Even bad luck can have a good outcome. by Ann Douglasin  Lesbian Sex10/10/174.72HOT


 — Some memories are worth reliving. by Ann Douglasin  Mature10/08/174.62HOT

Conquring Jules Pt. 03

 — I make Jules fantasy come true. by Longein  Mature10/08/174.50HOT

Mature gets her Toes Sucked

 — A short story for those of you that like foot sex... by LaceyDresserin  Mature10/08/174.58HOT

Dystopia Now Ep. 01

 — Science fiction depiction of a dystopia in the future. by RandyGonzalezin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy10/08/173.64

The Young Man Next Door Ch. 06

 — Saying goodbye. She does her young lover in the living room. by ChesterWJonesin  Mature10/07/174.42

Sunday Afternoon with the Boys

 — Grandad's orgy with four younger guys. by newpaulmanin  Gay Male10/07/174.28

Working out in Mrs. Johnson's Gym

 — Fucking Mrs. Johnson in the sauna and shower of her gym. by impicklerick304in  Mature10/07/174.56HOT

Family Dinner

 — Nina shows her four nephews a great time before dinner. by Maria24in  Incest/Taboo10/07/174.39

Ladies must be Entertained

 — I'm the unexpected entertainment at a high society party. by gwriter77in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur10/06/174.38

Conquring Jules Pt. 02

 — Jules sexual awakening. by Longein  Mature10/06/174.37

Jake and Audrey Ch. 01

 — The continuation of the young couples' love story. by jsmangisin  Incest/Taboo10/06/174.29

The First Time Pt. 01

 — A straight man is seduced by an older gay man. by Darktrainin  Gay Male10/05/174.75HOT

Trish and the Blue Hawk

 — A busty housewife screws the nasty, old neighbor. by mariaposa34in  Mature10/05/174.29

Housewife and the Boy Ch. 01

 — Nancy is taken unawares. by StoryTeller07in  NonConsent/Reluctance10/05/174.37

When Barry Met Sally

 — Trading up. by Ann Douglasin  Erotic Couplings10/05/174.59HOT

My Tryst with Forbidden Youth Ch. 02

 — Things get more out of control. by michiein  Mature10/05/174.43

Pete's Pub

 — Young woman succumbs to a bartender's charm. by PapaRomanticin  Mature10/04/174.85HOT

Head Fantasies Ch. 02

 — Fantasies about women I've known. by boogieman10469in  Interracial Love10/04/172.60

Molly's Mum

 — Molly's mother sees a compromising picture... by RandyCrossin  Mature10/04/174.46

Sue's Awakening Ch. 02

 — Jimmy and Sue get together for a second sex session. by InsatiableStevein  Mature10/04/174.27


 — After 20 years can a reunion be real? by wajawhiiiin  Mature10/03/174.28

A Lucky Charm

 — Sometimes you just want to try something new. by Ann Douglasin  Lesbian Sex10/03/174.53HOT

Surprising Summer Job Ch. 01

 — A summer job turns out to be more than I expected. by alancampbellin  Mature10/03/174.32

My Virtue or My Dream Home

 — A woman has to sacrifice herself for their life in the sun. by fannyratin  NonConsent/Reluctance10/03/174.25

Forced to Change Ch. 25

 — A hitman falls in love with his target. by SimoneLisbonin  Novels and Novellas10/03/174.44

You've Got Mail

 — They met in a chat room. by Ann Douglasin  Mature10/02/174.67HOT

A Ladies Man Diary Pt. 09: Helluva Shower

 — The latest part of A Ladies Man Diary. by Alpha276in  Mature10/01/174.05

Forced to Change Ch. 24

 — A hitman falls in love with his target. by SimoneLisbonin  Novels and Novellas10/01/174.33

Just Julie Pt. 02

 — At home, it's a different story. by ofloveandlustin  Mature10/01/174.06

Conquring Jules

 — Story of how I conquered an older woman. by Longein  Mature09/30/174.28

Forced to Change Ch. 23

 — A hitman falls in love with his target. by SimoneLisbonin  Novels and Novellas09/30/174.16


 — Old drunk gets lucky. by scumroadin  Mature09/30/172.83

Rodney's Nude Humiliation Ch. 09

 — Nude spanking for four boys at Mrs Reilly's. by aaronburrin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur09/30/174.06

Midnight at the Oasis

 — All cats are equal in the dark of the night. by Ann Douglasin  Mature09/30/174.65HOT

What a Mighty Good Black Man

 — Bossy landlady helps her Haitian tenant with issues. by Samuelxin  Mature09/29/170.00

Karen's Old Friend

 — Senior Lesbian reunites with a younger friend. by karen1947in  Lesbian Sex09/29/174.35

Dear Prudence

 — Hollywood - where fantasy and reality intermix. by Ann Douglasin  Mature09/29/174.57HOT

The Absence Ch. 01

 — She is to take charge of the young man. But she took more. by misterwhoin  First Time09/29/174.17

Lilly Clarke's Mower Man Ch. 02

 — Lilly dominates, uses and degrades him. by peteh57in  Mature09/28/174.30

Three Lovely Acquaintances

 — Details of my lady friends. by uksnowyin  Mature09/28/173.26

The Phantom of Lakefield Manor

 — A ghost appearance brings aunt, nephew and servant closer. by MaskedWhispersin  Incest/Taboo09/28/174.09

A Change in Perspective

 — Sometimes all you need is a change of perspective. by Ann Douglasin  Mature09/28/174.65HOT

My Favorite Neighbor - Mrs. Smith

 — Blackmailing my neighbor for sex. by stockingkingin  NonConsent/Reluctance09/27/174.24

Teacher and Student Pt. 02

 — Sophie and Mr. Bell go farther after school the next day. by FreakShowWasHerein  Erotic Couplings09/27/174.18

Head Fantasies Ch. 01

 — Fantasies I've had of women I've known. by boogieman10469in  Mature09/27/173.57

My Naughty Boy Next Door Adventure

 — Me watching Martin in his tiny Speedos leads to more! by cruiser_2015in  Toys & Masturbation09/27/174.40

My Erotic Education - A Journal 03

 — Need necessitates a trip to a tailor and more education. by rae121452in  Gay Male09/27/174.67HOT

Unknown Destination: Meeting Again

 — Ed and Anna get together again. by redkissyin  Mature09/27/174.62HOT

Sue's Awakening Ch. 01

 — Sue helps a younger neighbor in more ways than one. by InsatiableStevein  Mature09/27/174.19

Tyler Tries Ria

 — In which Tyler gets what he's always wanted. by Notoriouslycuriousin  Mature09/27/174.11

Mature's First Anal Massage Pt. 03

 — Oral ending of mature couple's first foursome together. by LaceyDresserin  Mature09/27/174.45

Maria and Her Boys Ch. 02

 — Once jilted, now finding more pleasure. by mjar65in  Mature09/26/174.17

Forced to Change Ch. 22

 — A hitman falls in love with his target. by SimoneLisbonin  Novels and Novellas09/26/174.21

Suburban Teenage Gigolo Ch. 03

 — G Marks the Spot. by Dream_Operatorin  Mature09/26/174.45

Bringing an Old Woman to Bed

 — My never ending lust for older women. by trishotoy99in  Erotic Horror09/26/173.22

The Godmother

 — Godmother starts to see child in a new way. by MaskedWhispersin  Mature09/26/174.30

3 Generations of Cock Pt. 05

 — Granddad meets a young homeless guy in town. by rae121452in  Gay Male09/26/174.42

Better the Second Time Around Ch. 05

 — Lisa and Alexa are back together again. by Linus1416in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur09/25/174.85HOT

The Over Protective Mother

 — Mother subs for daughter to save her daughter's virginity. by stockingkingin  Mature09/24/174.36

My Favorite Neighbor

 — Blackmailing my neighbor for sex. by stockingkingin  NonConsent/Reluctance09/23/174.24


 — She came to clean, and started a new life. by HunterShamblesin  Incest/Taboo09/23/174.60HOT

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