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The Twelve Vitali Ch. 15

The Trials begin

BDSM 01/17/2018

Finn Ch. 08: Mine

Finn's submission deepens.

BDSM 01/11/2018

Mistress Aminata Kanu's Dungeon

Black Muslim dominatrix tames Black Muslim sissies.

Transsexuals & Crossdressers 01/11/2018

A Slave's Night Out

Lizzie makes Blaine into her ponyboy (long and juicy).

BDSM 01/11/2018

The Office Ch. 04

Tom's transformation is almost complete.

Transsexuals & Crossdressers 01/10/2018

Mistress Lorna of Jacksonville

Black Canadian stud blackmails blonde Southern Prof.

Interracial Love 01/09/2018

My Sweet Pussycat Ch. 01-03

Young slut recounts submission to tall redheaded Domme.

BDSM 01/08/2018

A Letter to Alyssa

I explain to Alyssa why her boyfriend cheated with me.

Letters & Transcripts 01/07/2018

Teasing Goddess Ch. 02

What happens when you give yourself to your mistress's whim.

First Time 01/07/2018

Las Hembras Ch. 02: East Meets West

The Las Hembras gang deals with a serious threat.

BDSM 01/07/2018

Mistress Noor of Mauritania

Mauritanian dominatrix meets bisexual Somali men.

Group Sex 01/06/2018

Sissy Brainwashing Ch. 03

The next part of my adventure.

Mind Control 01/06/2018

Jennifer Monroe & the Ladies Ch. 02

Debbie's night of submission continues (Janice & Lesley).

Transsexuals & Crossdressers 01/06/2018

Welcome to the Inferno

Dominic and Jinn, the Master and Mistress of the Inferno.

BDSM 01/06/2018

The Lending Lover Ch. 02

Allison discovers her desires, Jeremy discovers a lover.

Erotic Couplings 01/05/2018

Dirty Dreams

Karen tells her cumslut hubby/slave about her dirty dreams.

Fetish 01/04/2018

New Year's Gift

Mistress sneaks into house for New Year's surprise.

Erotic Couplings 01/01/2018

Finn Ch. 07: Lesson

Finn learns that old habits won't be tolerated.

BDSM 12/31/2017

Jason's Secrets Exposed Ch. 12

Ariana brings slaves to the U.S. for the ladies' enjoyment.

BDSM 12/30/2017


A mare brings a stallion abroad her ship...

BDSM 12/30/2017

Sold into Slavery

Spaceship overrun, Dom faces a life of slavery...

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/30/2017

Pegged Beneath the Christmas Tree

A mistress takes a knight in her cabin...

BDSM 12/30/2017

Mistress Madina Ali of Somalia

Somali dominatrix tames Haitian guy in Ottawa.

BDSM 12/28/2017

Using My Geeky Childhood Friend

I discover my dominant side.

BDSM 12/28/2017

Lady and her Maid Pt. 01

A debutante and her maid have a sexual awakening.

Lesbian Sex 12/24/2017

Mistress Geraldine of Boston

Haitian dominatrix entertains Black and Latin guys.

Interracial Love 12/23/2017

Claudia - Becoming a White Slave Ch. 01

Black femdom. Ass worship.

Fetish 12/23/2017

Sissy Brainwashing Ch. 02

The next part of my sissy brainwashing.

Mind Control 12/20/2017

Kitty's Sensual Prick Teasing Pt. 02

A sexy-sweet FemDom prickteaser toys with her loveslave...

BDSM 12/19/2017

Teacher and a Shop Girl

Teacher picks up a new woman while out with his mistress.

Erotic Couplings 12/19/2017

Finn Ch. 05: Worthy

Finn must learn to please his mistress.

BDSM 12/09/2017

Peacock Palace Ch. 01: Newcomers

The Palace puts its new employees through an "initiation".

BDSM 12/05/2017

Meeting My Mistress

A story of how I was molded into the perfect little girl.

Non-Erotic 12/05/2017

Casey's Submissive Journey Pt. 02

A Rude Introduction-Part 2.

BDSM 12/04/2017

Casey's Submissive Journey Pt. 01

A Rude Introduction-Part 1.

BDSM 12/03/2017

Finn Ch. 04: Goodnight

Finn's first punishment...

BDSM 12/01/2017

Alliance Ch. 02

She dominates him - the night is all about her.

NonConsent/Reluctance 11/30/2017

Mistress Morgan's Sissy Husband Pt. 01-02

Wife makes sissy husband be bitch for his sissy boyfriend.

Transsexuals & Crossdressers 11/30/2017

The Mistress Ch. 01: Taking Raven

The Raven is trapped by a sexy villain with bad intentions.

Mind Control 11/29/2017

Life With Miss Ida Ch. 06

Sissy is in for a BIG surprise tonight!

Transsexuals & Crossdressers 11/26/2017

Life With Miss Ida Ch. 05

Miss Ida introduces Sissy to a vibrator.

Transsexuals & Crossdressers 11/25/2017

Life With Miss Ida Ch. 04

Miss Ida is aching for hard girliecock!

Transsexuals & Crossdressers 11/24/2017

Finn Ch. 03: Found

The beginnings of a domme- Morgan finds herself.

BDSM 11/24/2017

Life With Miss Ida Ch. 03

Sissy & Miss Ida start to explore more!

Transsexuals & Crossdressers 11/23/2017

Mistress Christy of Calgary

Calgary dominatrix dates Black lawyer in Boston.

Interracial Love 11/22/2017

The Cane, Thank You Mistress

A beautiful pro-Domme and the first experience being caned.

BDSM 11/20/2017

J&S Journey into Insatiable Ch. 20

Jessica's Lesbian Gangbang.

Loving Wives 11/19/2017

Dallas - Round 01

Dallas earns a night out of chastity.

BDSM 11/18/2017

Mistress Antebellum of Alabama

Alabaman dominatrix entertains Somali Canadian student.

Interracial Love 11/18/2017

Wendy The Walmart Dominatrix Ch. 04

White female manager tops black security guard.

Interracial Love 11/17/2017

Katie's Submission Ch. 01-04

Young female attorney submits to older beautiful Domme.

BDSM 11/17/2017

Mistress Sana'a of Yemen

Yemeni Muslim dominatrix entertains Djibouti immigrant.

Interracial Love 11/17/2017

The Cruise Ch. 01

A submissive learns his place on a cruise.

BDSM 11/16/2017

Weekend Slaveboy

A slave who goes from weekend service to much more.

BDSM 11/15/2017

His Black Beloved Pt. 01

Married Nick enjoys a night with his busty black mistress.

Interracial Love 11/15/2017

J&S Journey into Insatiable Ch. 15

Jessica Slut for 5 Different Guys, 5 Different Ways.

Loving Wives 11/14/2017

The Farm Ch. 09

Holiday's at The Farm. The end of Jordy's time draws near.

Fetish 11/11/2017

J&S Journey into Insatiable Ch. 12

Jessica is used by 5 women 5 different ways.

Loving Wives 11/11/2017

The Farm Ch. 07

Jordy and Emily come to terms, Joshua is purchased.

Fetish 11/09/2017

J&S Journey into Insatiable Ch. 09

Jessica's first black guy is her fellow slave.

Loving Wives 11/08/2017

The Mistress Submits Pt. 02

Mistress Suzzie begins to fall deeper.

Mind Control 11/08/2017

Weekend on the Water Ch. 02

Our weekend takes a turn when Mistress introduces a surprise.

BDSM 11/08/2017

The Farm Ch. 05

Back in Texas, things take on a new twist with Ty and Lisa.

Fetish 11/07/2017

The Farm Ch. 04

Josh and Jordy spend their first day with a new mistresses.

Fetish 11/06/2017

The Farm Ch. 03

Jordy becomes acquainted with the humbler and then Emily.

Fetish 11/05/2017

Mistress Soleil of Vanier

Haitian dominatrix introduces Black man to kink.

BDSM 11/04/2017

The Farm Ch. 02

Jordy learns a little more about The Farm.

Fetish 11/04/2017

Mistress Rana Ali of Kuwait

Kuwaiti Muslim woman dominates biracial husband.

Interracial Love 11/03/2017

The Farm Ch. 01

Jordy makes his way to The Farm and begins his journey.

Fetish 11/03/2017


Enslaved by a girl who is a little more than meets the eye.

BDSM 11/01/2017

Haitian Femdom in Brockton

Haitian dominatrix schools a young black man.

BDSM 11/01/2017

Daisy Ridley's Possession

Daisy Ridley's newest movie prop shows her new experiences.

Celebrities & Fan Fiction 10/31/2017

Snow White & the Seven Futa Slaves

A horny woman finds a Mistress Futa in the mountains.

Fetish 10/31/2017

Mistress Malaika of Senegal

Senegalese Muslim dominatrix trains Haitian student.

BDSM 10/29/2017

Mistress Navita of Barrhaven

Haitian security guard meets bossy Indian MILF.

Interracial Love 10/28/2017

Fate of the Little Ones

A male in slavery to a female led society must be used...

BDSM 10/28/2017

Becoming a Domme Ch. 01-02

Woman lusts for control over a man and her best friend.

BDSM 10/27/2017

Midnight Interlude

A pup wakes his mistress in the night.

BDSM 10/26/2017

Bajan Bound

Marissa teaches her Pet the importance of being obedient.

BDSM 10/25/2017

A Dog on the Beach

A mistress trying to teach her "dog" a lesson by the sea.

Fetish 10/25/2017

Weekend on the Water Ch. 01

The first part of a kinky weekend on my girlfriend's yacht.

BDSM 10/24/2017

Simone Says!

My growing lust for wife's friend leads wife to play a game.

Group Sex 10/21/2017

Young Mistress, Old Sub

A Teen Mistress Explores with an older Submissive man.

BDSM 10/17/2017


A chance meeting.

BDSM 10/16/2017

Training a Mistress - Prologue

A Mistress in training picks her first pet.

Non-Erotic 10/12/2017

Slut Wife Pt. 01: Taking Care of Business

Turned too easily.

Loving Wives 10/05/2017

Draining the Slave's Balls

Mistress finally agrees to drain her slave' balls.

BDSM 10/01/2017


A mistress' pleasure comes first.

BDSM 09/30/2017


A mistress and a willing victim...

BDSM 09/29/2017

Mistress Whitney of Ottawa

Bisexual Haitian man misses his dominatrix.

Interracial Love 09/28/2017

The History of a Cum Freak Pt. 01

The history of a Cum Freak Cuckold. From the first taste.

Fetish 09/27/2017

The Life of a Worn Out Cuckold

Life of a Cuckold.

Fetish 09/21/2017

Mistress Bianca Belier of Haiti

Haitian dominatrix pegs a macho Jamaican man.

BDSM 09/21/2017

Did I Cross the Line?

Slave girl flirts with another making her Mistress angry.

NonConsent/Reluctance 09/21/2017

Cuckold Life

The daily lifestyle of a hardcore cuckold.

Fetish 09/20/2017


Man takes his punishment from his Mistress.

BDSM 09/19/2017

From GF to Mistress

GF starts taking control until she owns him.

Fetish 09/18/2017

The Beekeeper's Mistress Ch. 02

More from the newbie dominatrix and her eager partner.

BDSM 09/17/2017

Susan Finds Her Mistress

Two college students submit to beautiful professor.

BDSM 09/16/2017

A Pet's Fantasy

A pet describes his fantasy to his dominating Mistress.

BDSM 09/15/2017
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