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nonhuman novella

When a Wolf Finds His Heart Pt. 02 of 03

Meeting the Pack.

NonHuman 09/15/2017

Chained Heat Ch. 02

Serafina continues her affair with her pet werewolf Cash.

NonHuman 09/04/2017

Weight of Penumbra Ch. 04

Guess who's coming to dinner?

Interracial Love 07/24/2017

Weight of Penumbra Ch. 02

Love is found between a rock and a hard place.

Novels and Novellas 05/10/2017

A Satyr's Mate Ch. 13

Their Legacy.

NonHuman 05/15/2015

A Satyr's Mate Ch. 11-12

A coup, some bondage, and bad news.

NonHuman 05/14/2015

A Satyr's Mate Ch. 09-10

A second chance at mating.

NonHuman 05/13/2015

A Satyr's Mate Ch. 07-08

Breeding season and a new beginning.

NonHuman 05/12/2015

A Satyr's Mate Ch. 05-06

Ashlar's first time and a deadly secret revealed.

NonHuman 05/10/2015

A Satyr's Mate Ch. 03-04

Ashira learns about the flock...and other things.

NonHuman 05/09/2015

A Satyr's Mate Ch. 01-02

Sold at auction.

NonHuman 05/08/2015

A Wider Sky Ch. 02

Leaving everything behind pushing towards a wider sky.

Romance 02/13/2015

Time for Truth Ch. 13

Rebuilding from Jael.

NonHuman 08/01/2014

Werewolves and Indians Ch. 09

The aftermath of the fight.

NonHuman 06/18/2014

Time for Truth Ch. 08

The girls visit Thane and a new member arrives.

NonHuman 06/08/2014

Time for Truth Ch. 07

Ares has a revelation; Geraldo meets the Alpha.

NonHuman 05/28/2014

All Is Fair Ch. 08

A different Perspective.

NonHuman 03/08/2014

All Is Fair Ch. 07

Helena makes a decision.

NonHuman 03/07/2014

Mimic Ch. 09

Not exactly gone...

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 01/25/2014

Working for the Fae Ch. 02

Tia and Lexter find a distraction before they hunt.

NonHuman 10/05/2013

Life as a Rogue Ch. 03

You better run for your life if you can, little wolf.

NonHuman 05/10/2013

The Lost Lord Ch. 16

I barely knew you, and I already miss you

NonHuman 04/24/2013

The Lost Lord Ch. 15

The strangest things can happen in a conflict like this.

NonHuman 04/23/2013

Xolt 2 Ch. 06

A life choice made in a matter of seconds.

Gay Male 04/05/2013

Skin Spectrum Ch. 02

A color fusion.

NonHuman 03/02/2013

Not As It Seems Ch. 02

Strange feelings develop between Kaleb and Akira.

NonHuman 02/13/2013

A Dark Night with a Dark Stranger Ch. 05

It wasn't until 4pm the next day...

NonHuman 09/14/2012

Slavery Ch. 06

Alana and Kalen start to plot.

NonHuman 08/06/2012

Fire and Ice Ch. 06

Adam and Emma's Saga continued.

NonHuman 04/20/2012

Split in Time Ch. 14

Ash's plan in action.

NonHuman 04/06/2012

Shewolf Ch. 06

Twin's training with a twist.

NonHuman 03/03/2012

Forever Love Ch. 03

Will she ever realize?

NonHuman 02/28/2012

Hunted Ch. 06

Samantha discovers the truth about her origin.

NonHuman 02/09/2012

Stealing My Heart Ch. 03

They finally meet.

NonHuman 01/23/2012

Pure Moonlight Ch. 09

Aftermath and coming clean.

NonHuman 11/26/2011

Split in Time Ch. 10

Destiny learns about her past...

NonHuman 10/26/2011

Danger Zone Ch. 02

The story continues.

NonHuman 10/18/2011

The Last of the White Tigers Ch. 06

All the white tigers were distroyed or so they thought.

NonHuman 09/20/2011

Hunted Ch. 05

Samantha submits to Darrien at last.

NonHuman 09/06/2011

Luna's Gift Ch. 01

Jake receives a gift.

NonHuman 08/19/2011

Those Eyes Ch. 03

Alex and Santana meet, but is it love at first sight?

NonHuman 08/13/2011

The Half-Breed's Journey

A girl learns about herself, and falls prey to a demon.

NonHuman 08/07/2011

Pure Moonlight Ch. 05

Second time around.

NonHuman 08/05/2011

Come Closer Ch. 02

Can Jordan give Damien what he wants?

NonHuman 07/20/2011

Panther-Wolf Cub Ch. 04

Kira and Jay fight.

NonHuman 07/19/2011

Hunted Ch. 04

Samantha finally confronts Darrien.

NonHuman 07/18/2011

The Last of the White Tigers Ch. 04

All the white tigers were destroyed - or so they thought.

NonHuman 06/02/2011

Pushing Boundaries Ch. 05

Rescue mission gone wrong.

NonHuman 05/30/2011

Lore of the Angels Ch. 03

Valkyrie becomes more than a prisoner to him.

NonHuman 05/28/2011

Lore of the Angels Ch. 02

Walking back into the arms of her captor.

NonHuman 05/27/2011

Count Down To Moonlight Ch. 08

A new day, a new world.

NonHuman 04/10/2011

Negative Space

A doctor enters a life of blood and intrigue.

NonHuman 03/30/2011

Into the Vampire's Lair Ch. 08

Bringing the wolf into the vampire's lair.

NonHuman 03/29/2011

Loving Silver Eyes Ch. 06

Love can never be simple.

NonHuman 03/18/2011

Into the Vampire's Lair Ch. 05

Separation of mates.

NonHuman 03/13/2011

Split in Time Ch. 03

Starting from scratch...

NonHuman 03/11/2011

James & Maria Ch. 03

Soulmates relationship tested before going steady.

NonHuman 02/26/2011

BloodBorne Ch. 04

Brethren Series: Installment IV.

NonHuman 02/18/2011

James & Maria Ch. 01

James meets his soulmate Maria.

NonHuman 02/12/2011

The Heated Storm Ch. 02

The big man finally wakes.

NonHuman 02/12/2011

New Kingdom: European Court Ch. 09

Planning the Attack.

NonHuman 01/29/2011

BloodBorne Ch. 02

Brethren Series: Installment IV.

NonHuman 01/28/2011

Attacked Ch. 07

The end.

NonHuman 01/27/2011

Animal Lover Ch. 08

The Den.

NonHuman 01/24/2011

Cemetery Summons Ch. 27

It's like when you mix black and white to make gray.

NonHuman 01/14/2011

Animal Lover Ch. 07

The Alphas and the Den.

NonHuman 01/14/2011

Nia: There Be Weres and Demons

Weres, demons, and casters - oh my.

Novels and Novellas 01/14/2011

To Love a Were Ch. 06

He makes his move... finally

NonHuman 01/02/2011

Saint Ives Whelan Chronicles Ch. 13

Memories and solutions.

NonHuman 01/02/2011

To Love a Were Ch. 04

Shocking Revelations.

NonHuman 12/23/2010

The Imperial Terrapins Lover Ch. 02

Azerbhai meets Aaragon and Valfreya.

NonHuman 12/12/2010

The Hunters Ch. 08

The Final Battle.

NonHuman 12/11/2010

The Hunters Ch. 06

The meeting at the MacFarlane Compound.

NonHuman 11/23/2010

Aura Ch. 02

Another Immortal feeds (Victim's perspective).

NonHuman 11/13/2010

Guarded Hearts Ch. 04

Ghost claims Katie.

NonHuman 11/13/2010

Demonic Ch. 01

Aidan's assignment.

NonHuman 10/23/2010

Angels Ch. 07

The final chapter.

NonHuman 10/01/2010

Angels Ch. 05

I look up at him with lust-filled eyes...

NonHuman 09/18/2010

Angels Ch. 04

The next day I awake buried in warm covers.

NonHuman 09/13/2010

Crimson Moonlight Ch. 02

A confusing past, enjoyable present, and mysterious future.

NonHuman 09/02/2010

Bound to My Mate Ch. 11

A new wolf emerges.

NonHuman 09/02/2010

Hearts Upon the Sea Ch. 01

A human and a Scylla fall in love with each other.

NonHuman 08/14/2010

Call of the Wolf Ch. 02

Alex and Nikole embrace their fate.

Erotic Horror 08/13/2010

Soul to the Highest Bidder Ch. 02

Parlez-Vous Français? - Lauren's dreams come true.

Novels and Novellas 08/13/2010

Love Bites Ch. 05

A fight and a truce.

NonHuman 07/05/2010

The Arrangement Ch. 05

Will he get her back?

NonHuman 06/29/2010

The Arrangement Ch. 04

Things go wrong.

NonHuman 06/13/2010

Isslan's Prize Ch. 02

Isslan finds a thrall.

NonHuman 06/13/2010

The Shadow That Binds Ch. 05

And so the battle begins.

NonHuman 06/10/2010

Blood Moon: Lucian's Story Ch. 05

A secret discovered and a challenge issued.

NonHuman 06/09/2010

Lupine Mountain Ch. 05

Darla meets some new people!

NonHuman 06/05/2010

Blood and Ice Ch. 06

The generals plan.

NonHuman 05/12/2010

Blood and Ice Ch. 05

The new general.

NonHuman 05/11/2010

Connor Thomas Ch. 10

The Truth.

NonHuman 05/07/2010

Lilith Of Fire And Brimstone Ch. 03

Lilith's depraved sexual appetite is fed for the first time.

NonHuman 04/11/2010

Amid The Shadows Ch. 03

The start of a search & Alexis meets her captor.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 03/10/2010

Dark Dreams Ch. 10

Julius wakes up.

NonHuman 03/10/2010

Blood and Ice Ch. 03

The rescue.

NonHuman 03/06/2010

Back to Nature Ch. 03

The cubs find their own mates.

NonHuman 03/05/2010

Noria's Dream Come True Ch. 02

Voctor and Noria experience the primal edge of their love.

NonHuman 03/05/2010
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