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Katja Pt. 07

Yes, the Ancient Alien people were right. Part 7.

NonHuman 09/22/2018

Order of Protection Ch. 62-65

Avenge Me.

NonHuman 09/20/2018

Love, Apocalypse

Lexi struggles to survive in a world of zombies.

First Time 09/20/2018

Poetry & Blood Ch. 04

Laura can't cum and needs special help for release.

Mind Control 09/20/2018

The Healer Pt. 04

A Coral Blackthorn tale.

NonHuman 09/20/2018

Old Church Ch. 04

Justin gains more power and another girl to his coven.

NonHuman 09/20/2018


A demon she led on tracks her down and has his way with her.

NonHuman 09/19/2018

First Death Pt. 03

Good, Evil and Death.

Novels and Novellas 09/19/2018

Ghostly Pleasures

Sexual pleasure from the other side.

NonHuman 09/19/2018

Katja Pt. 06

Yes, the Ancient Alien people were right. Part 6.

NonHuman 09/18/2018

The Healer Pt. 03

A Coral Blackthorn tale.

NonHuman 09/17/2018

Monstergirls, Heroes and You Ch. 02

Time to deal with the succubae. This can only end well...

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 09/17/2018

Pretty as Sin Ch. 02

The succubi begin claiming their new toys.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 09/15/2018

First Death Pt. 02


Novels and Novellas 09/15/2018

Elevator Ghosts

Abigail is taken by a ghost in an elevator in the dark.

NonHuman 09/15/2018

Cat Scratch Fever Pt. 06

Rafael plans to make Jadyn come... several times.

NonHuman 09/14/2018

Forbidden Foods: Galloping Gallons

A centaur pirate gets too big for her britches...literally.

NonHuman 09/13/2018

The Healer Pt. 02

A Coral Blackthorn tale.

NonHuman 09/12/2018

Order of Protection Ch. 54-57

Defending the Pack.

NonHuman 09/12/2018

Yiff Goes the Weasel Ch. 04

Breakfast for dinner; tribadism for dessert.

NonHuman 09/11/2018

First Death

Sudden loss.

Novels and Novellas 09/11/2018

Yiff Goes the Weasel Ch. 03

Cunnilingus on a private jet.

NonHuman 09/09/2018

The Healer

A Coral Blackthorn tale.

NonHuman 09/09/2018

Order of Protection Ch. 49-53

Pressure on Both Sides.

NonHuman 09/09/2018

Battle for Earth Ch. 08

Day thirteen in the lives of the first five survivors.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 09/08/2018

Within Pt. 05

Freedom, a summons and a homecoming.

NonHuman 09/08/2018

Yiff Goes the Weasel Ch. 02

Lesbian masturbation in a storage room.

NonHuman 09/08/2018

Silvertree Chronicles Bk. 06

Serius Silvertree the Cleric Mage takes up the blade.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 09/07/2018

Corruption Ch. 03

A glimpse of the future and an encounter with Mrs. Tyler.

NonHuman 09/07/2018

Order of Protection Ch. 44-48

A Secluded Honeymoon.

NonHuman 09/06/2018

Monster Girl Encounter Ch. 12: March Hare Pt. 02

Forbidden from having sex, Floppy and Lucius get pent up.

NonHuman 09/06/2018

There Will Be Time Ch. 03

A little background.

NonHuman 09/06/2018

Into the Veil

Rue meets a mysterious stranger with a deep, dark secret.

NonHuman 09/06/2018

Yiff Goes the Weasel

She has revenge sex with a GELF.

NonHuman 09/06/2018

Katja Pt. 04

Yes, the Ancient Alien people were right. Part 4.

NonHuman 09/05/2018

Frozen Hearts

Mark is taken to the frozen home of a literal Ice Queen...

NonHuman 09/05/2018


Otherworldly visitor takes over her body... and her mind.

NonHuman 09/04/2018

A Human Pet Offworld Ch. 01

Prologue: Daniel is manhandled by his alien captors.

NonHuman 09/04/2018

Order of Protection Ch. 40-43

New Wolf, New Mates and New Challenges.

NonHuman 09/03/2018

GenLink Ch. 01: A Giant Problem

A larger than life VR fantasy.

NonHuman 09/01/2018

Revival Ch. 02

A bond is made and a new wolf is born.

NonHuman 09/01/2018

Herrinhiyn: Day of the Hunter

Rhett tries to survive a game on an alien world.

BDSM 08/30/2018

The Lizardman of Aurelheart Pt. 01

Bella finds herself the prisoner of a deadly warrior.

NonHuman 08/30/2018

Lover of Rain, Rain Lover? Ch. 01

Beginning of a story, no sex yet.

NonHuman 08/30/2018

Still Waters Ch. 07

An ending.

NonHuman 08/30/2018

A God of Old Ch. 11

Salome goes about her day; Enkartep gains another ally.

Erotic Horror 08/30/2018

A Monster Life Ch. 07-09

Goblins, a side effect of the bond, orcs, and a great gift.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 08/29/2018

Katja Pt. 03

Yes, the Ancient Alien people were right.

NonHuman 08/29/2018

The Journal of a Connecticut Yankee Ch. 07

The ending chapter to the 1st season of JCY.

NonHuman 08/29/2018

Secrets Shared Ch. 02

Cali didn't know what to expect the day after...

NonHuman 08/28/2018

Order of Protection Ch. 33-35


NonHuman 08/28/2018

I Found My Calling

My naked swim leads to a new life.

NonHuman 08/28/2018

Revival Ch. 01

In the wake of death her life begins anew.

NonHuman 08/28/2018

She's Just Killing Me

Injured man is given "tentacle-job" by nonhuman rescuer.

NonHuman 08/28/2018

Orc Turns Man into Sex Toy

A man is seduced into a sex toy for a lowly orc.

Gay Male 08/27/2018

Trisha - Alien Bounty Hunter Pt. 01

Trisha gets more than she expected catching the alien...

NonHuman 08/25/2018

Order of Protection Ch. 28-32


NonHuman 08/25/2018

The Call of the Wild

An innocent young woman meets an urban legend.

NonHuman 08/24/2018

Loup Garou Family in Kanata

Native woman and Haitian werewolf form a pack.

NonHuman 08/24/2018

This Temporary Life

Depressed man encounters female creature made of smoke.

NonHuman 08/23/2018

Katja Pt. 02

Yes, the Ancient Alien people were right.

NonHuman 08/22/2018

Devil Mine Pt. 04

The truth comes out and the shadow steps into the light.

NonHuman 08/22/2018

A Hotel and Tentacles

A couple is taken in a strange hotel.

NonHuman 08/22/2018

Secrets Shared

18 year old Cali has a secret. Now she has been found out.

NonHuman 08/21/2018

How to Ride a Tikbalang Ch. 10

Anywhere the winds blow.

NonHuman 08/20/2018

In the Jungle, the Mighty Jungle

Four scientists find their mission led astray... by paradise.

NonHuman 08/20/2018

Katja Pt. 01

Yes, the Ancient Alien people were right.

NonHuman 08/18/2018

Waifus Ch. 02

A deal is made with a succubus.

Celebrities & Fan Fiction 08/18/2018

First Contact

An encounter with an intriguing alien being.

NonHuman 08/18/2018

Order of Protection Ch. 08-14

Secrets that Should Remain Buried.

NonHuman 08/16/2018

Nadya/Nadia Ch. 03

Freedom and Rage.

NonConsent/Reluctance 08/15/2018

Secret College Thirst Ch. 02

Aleck meets up with old flame and helps Zak get a ring.

NonHuman 08/15/2018

Cat Scratch Fever Pt. 05

Rafael reveals to Jadyn who he really is...

NonHuman 08/15/2018

Love or Lust Ch. 05

Meiko wins a sophisticated date from Istava.

NonHuman 08/13/2018

Makara Ch. 03

Plagued with dreams, Makara tries to adapt to her new life.

Incest/Taboo 08/11/2018

Monster Girl Encounter Ch. 11: March Hare Pt. 01

A lonely Rabbit girl wishes for a husband on her birthday.

NonHuman 08/11/2018

Nigerian Vampire Files

Biracial stud meets beautiful Lebanese vampire.

NonHuman 08/11/2018

From the Moon - Deleted Scenes Pt. 01

Alien cat race on Earth, playing games with the humans.

NonHuman 08/09/2018

The Pixie at the Party

A young adventurer meets a pixie at a party he goes to.

NonHuman 08/08/2018

Eyes For You

Liam is whisked away to the home of two amazonian cyclopes.

NonHuman 08/07/2018

Nadya/Nadia Ch. 02

Answers and Control.

NonConsent/Reluctance 08/07/2018

Home for Horny Monsters Ch. 22

Mike inherits a home full of fuckable monster girls - Part 2.

NonHuman 08/05/2018

Nostalgia Ch. 05

She wasn't supposed to see that.

NonHuman 08/04/2018

Devil Mine Pt. 03

Balthazar is back but it's not exactly a happy reunion.

NonHuman 08/04/2018

Flowers for the Dead Ch. 05

Vengeance or forgiveness?

NonHuman 08/01/2018

Sekhemkhet's Curse

Anabeth unknowingly gives herself to the Pharaoh.

NonHuman 08/01/2018

Henrick and the Ghost Maid Ch. 04-06

The curse, the guardians, and two more nights with the maid.

NonHuman 07/31/2018

Be a Good Test Subject

You wake up without memory of how you got here.

NonHuman 07/31/2018

Lilith's Emporium - Date with Lilith

Looking for a meal, Lilith finds more.

Erotic Horror 07/30/2018

My Mate Pt. 03

What to do when mating heat arises?

NonHuman 07/29/2018

Nostalgia Ch. 02


NonHuman 07/29/2018

Nostalgia Ch. 01

Claws latch onto a woman's shadow.

NonHuman 07/28/2018

Orc Dominion: Triumph Ch. 10

Princess Slave Brigitte has to win a new ally.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 07/27/2018

The Summoning Ch. 02

Jessica submits to her master.

NonHuman 07/27/2018

Tentacle Battle: Agent Geani

A new pay per view show has arrived... women vs tentacles...

NonHuman 07/27/2018

Egg Ch. 02

Alien Lifeform has detached from Jacob.

NonHuman 07/26/2018

Still Waters Ch. 06

The story continues.

NonHuman 07/25/2018

Demon's Slave Ch. 01

A demon hunter meets the wrong demon.

Lesbian Sex 07/22/2018

The Summoning Ch. 01

Three women get more than they bargained for.

NonHuman 07/21/2018

To Valhalla and Back Ch. 03

Sylvi and Dakota get a little close, but not willingly...

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 07/20/2018
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