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Fairweather Ranch Ch. 05

Melody, and our story, turns...

Novels and Novellas 12/10/2017

Erotic Game Gone Wrong - Miami

Two young married trying to recover after poor choices.

Novels and Novellas 12/06/2017

The Hogarth Club Ch. 19

The motorcycle is a real thrill for Reggie.

Novels and Novellas 11/21/2017

Dream of Me Pt. 02

Does Leila get to meet her dream guy?

NonHuman 11/15/2017

Broken Birds Ch. 01

A murder, and how people react when nothing is as it seems.

Novels and Novellas 11/13/2017

Candy Comes to Life Ch. 01

Plain, average thinking Candy discovers her wild side.

Novels and Novellas 11/12/2017

Games SOME People Play! Ch. 20

Final chapter. They put on their clothes and move on...

Novels and Novellas 11/08/2017

The Twelve Vitali Ch. 03

Ricco and Cat.

Novels and Novellas 11/07/2017

The Hutchinson Values Ch. 04

Miranda turns Dan's affair with Kira into a threesome.

Novels and Novellas 11/06/2017


A story about family and lost loves...

Romance 11/06/2017

Vivian Laaning Ch. 05

Matt English gets into the action in the forest.

Novels and Novellas 11/03/2017

The Hogarth Club Ch. 17

Georgina wakes to a pleasant surprise.

Novels and Novellas 10/27/2017

Sunblade Ch. 01


Novels and Novellas 10/22/2017

The Hogarth Club Ch. 16

Georgina handles the police.

Novels and Novellas 10/21/2017

In a World Ch. 01

A story about a naive cock hungry scientist.

Novels and Novellas 10/18/2017

The Hutchinson Values Ch. 03

Miranda seduces her adulterous husband.

Novels and Novellas 10/18/2017

A Proper Scottish Wife Ch. 14

Isobel feeling ill, Ailene refuses Frang.

Novels and Novellas 10/18/2017

Sam Spade 18: Case of the Girl with the Golden Eyes

Sam searches for a missing woman and finds Amy instead.

Novels and Novellas 10/18/2017

Confessions along the Internet Ch. 01

An Asian college girl gets gangbanged at bachelor party.

Novels and Novellas 10/17/2017

The Twelve Vitali Ch. 00

Prologue: The Vitali Men.

Novels and Novellas 10/15/2017

The Hutchinson Values Ch. 01

Miranda recalls her sensual past with now-distant spouse Dan.

Novels and Novellas 10/12/2017

My Fall and Rise Ch. 13

Melissa's story concludes.

Novels and Novellas 10/12/2017

The Hogarth Club Ch. 15

Crash crashes, he is unused to being dominated.

Novels and Novellas 10/11/2017

The Calling

Everyone gets a calling in life, some get two.

Novels and Novellas 10/11/2017

Sylvia's Mom Pt. 14

Presenting Celeste With Her Enslavement Agreement.

Novels and Novellas 10/08/2017

My Fall and Rise Ch. 12

Melissa and Nicky's life together comes to a shattering end.

Novels and Novellas 10/06/2017

The Hogarth Club Ch. 14

Georgina stills Reggie's night terrors.

Novels and Novellas 10/04/2017

A Proper Scottish Wife Ch. 13

Isobel Returns Home after the attack, Frang does kind things.

Novels and Novellas 09/30/2017

My Fall and Rise Ch. 11

Melissa adjusts to life in her new home.

Novels and Novellas 09/29/2017

The Contractor Ch. 13

Rik is still looking for a happy ending.

Novels and Novellas 09/28/2017

The Contractor Ch. 11-12

Ros finds a new friend and Rik has another rescue.

Novels and Novellas 09/27/2017

The CIA Doublecross Pt. 03

A Future in Idaho.

Novels and Novellas 09/27/2017

The Hogarth Club Ch. 13

Aphrodite, goddess of love struts her stuff.

Novels and Novellas 09/27/2017

The Contractor Ch. 09-10

A move to the east and a plan for revenge.

Novels and Novellas 09/26/2017

A Gift in Disguise Ch. 13

There are gifts, and then there are gifts...

Novels and Novellas 09/23/2017

The Contractor Ch. 05-06

Sally bails, Rik goes fishing, then a drive to San Diego.

Novels and Novellas 09/23/2017

The Deep End of Your Dreams Ch. 11

Go west, young...man...

Romance 09/22/2017

The Contractor Ch. 03-04

Long tall Sally and the three night trial.

Novels and Novellas 09/22/2017

The Contractor Ch. 01-02

On the job and back home again.

Novels and Novellas 09/21/2017

The Hogarth Club Ch. 12

What does Virginity Mean?

Novels and Novellas 09/20/2017

Vivian Laaning Ch. 01

Introducing Vivian Laaning: a virgin.

Novels and Novellas 09/19/2017

My Fall and Rise Ch. 09

Melissa makes a dramatic change in her life.

Novels and Novellas 09/17/2017

The Trunk in the Attic Pt. 18

Lucinda returns with guest.

Novels and Novellas 09/17/2017

The Trunk in the Attic Pt. 17

Ms Lucinda visits.

Novels and Novellas 09/16/2017

Goes Without Saying Pt. 04

'You don't know what you've got till she's gone.'

Novels and Novellas 09/15/2017

Goes Without Saying Pt. 03

Alex acts suspiciously, Siân comforts David, Celia's angry.

Novels and Novellas 09/13/2017

The Dangers of Pain Ch. 02

A Change in Plans.

Novels and Novellas 09/13/2017

Pathways Ch. 13-14

Settling in, getting involved, and making the big step.

Novels and Novellas 09/08/2017

Ok I'll do It, Again Pt. 08

A savvy woman in a man's world. Competition brings sex.

Novels and Novellas 09/08/2017

Pathways Ch. 11-12

A tragic end leads to an important reunion.

Novels and Novellas 09/07/2017


Beating the heat in a cool pool.

Novels and Novellas 09/05/2017

Falling Down

The third part of my Falling series! Hope you enjoy it!

Romance 08/31/2017

Life on Another Planet Ch. 32-34

The future looks much brighter now.

Novels and Novellas 08/30/2017

Life on Another Planet Ch. 28-31

This makes no sense. I'm back where I started.

Novels and Novellas 08/29/2017

Life on Another Planet Ch. 23-27

Candice, Roberta, Lachie, and what?

Novels and Novellas 08/28/2017

The Trunk in the Attic Pt. 11

Caleb solves a mystery, Jan and Etta get together.

Novels and Novellas 08/28/2017

The Trunk in the Attic Pt. 10

Jan returns for holiday fun.

Novels and Novellas 08/27/2017

Life on Another Planet Ch. 19-22

Another new hot lady and an encounter with Jesse's past.

Novels and Novellas 08/26/2017

The Trunk in the Attic Pt. 09

Jan has problems, they find Helen.

Novels and Novellas 08/25/2017

My Fall and Rise Ch. 06

Life takes a bad turn, and Melissa faces a big decision.

Novels and Novellas 08/25/2017

Life on Another Planet Ch. 14-18

First Christmas, Gregor, Joanna, Roberta, and Kirsten.

Novels and Novellas 08/25/2017

The Hogarth Club Ch. 10

The girls bond is consummated.

Novels and Novellas 08/25/2017

The Royal Cock Ch. 25


Novels and Novellas 08/25/2017

The Royal Cock Ch. 24

... Forever.

Novels and Novellas 08/25/2017

Life on Another Planet Ch. 10-13

A new romance and an ugly flashback.

Novels and Novellas 08/24/2017

The Trunk in the Attic Pt. 08

Marie James comes to visit. Caleb gets a present from her.

Novels and Novellas 08/24/2017

The Royal Cock Ch. 23

Coming Together.

Novels and Novellas 08/24/2017

The Trunk in the Attic Pt. 07

Jan needs answers. First threesome with Etta.

Novels and Novellas 08/23/2017

Life on Another Planet Ch. 06-09

The struggle to create a new life for Jesse.

Novels and Novellas 08/23/2017

The Royal Cock Ch. 22

First Night.

Novels and Novellas 08/23/2017

Life on Another Planet Ch. 00-05

There was no accounting for what happened after the headache.

Novels and Novellas 08/22/2017

Silver Arrow Ch. 25-27

Bill's fearless defense and Doug's promising future.

Novels and Novellas 08/22/2017

The Trunk in the Attic Pt. 06

Jan likes to have her picture taken.

Novels and Novellas 08/22/2017

The Royal Cock Ch. 21


Novels and Novellas 08/22/2017

The Hogarth Club Ch. 09

Where honor is more important than CLEARANCE.

Novels and Novellas 08/21/2017

The Trunk in the Attic Pt. 05

The large book is finally explored.

Novels and Novellas 08/21/2017

Pure Imagination Pt. 15

It happens every time, they all become blueberries...

Novels and Novellas 08/21/2017

Silver Arrow Ch. 23-24

The start of a new romance?

Novels and Novellas 08/21/2017

The Royal Cock Ch. 20


Novels and Novellas 08/21/2017

The Royal Cock Ch. 19


Novels and Novellas 08/20/2017

The Royal Cock Ch. 18

Royal Retribution.

Novels and Novellas 08/19/2017

A Proper Scottish Wife Ch. 12

Frang courts Isobel, party ambushed.

Novels and Novellas 08/19/2017

To Betray a Master Ch. 01

Paladin faces her former master in battle.

Novels and Novellas 08/19/2017

The Royal Cock Ch. 17

The Morning After.

Novels and Novellas 08/18/2017

My Fall and Rise Ch. 05

Melissa has her day in court, and settles into prison life.

Novels and Novellas 08/18/2017

Who I Am Ch. 06

Final Chapter.

Novels and Novellas 08/18/2017

The Trunk in the Attic Pt. 03

Caleb meets a girl that helps him.

Novels and Novellas 08/17/2017

Silver Arrow Ch. 17-19

Mystery solved and examining a new career.

Novels and Novellas 08/17/2017

The Royal Cock Ch. 16


Novels and Novellas 08/17/2017

The Hogarth Club Ch. 08

Another bath, another feisty woman.

Novels and Novellas 08/16/2017

Silver Arrow Ch. 13-16

Another death and Christie makes a bold move.

Novels and Novellas 08/16/2017

The Royal Cock Ch. 15

Turning Tides.

Novels and Novellas 08/16/2017

The Royal Cock Ch. 14


Novels and Novellas 08/15/2017

Silver Arrow Ch. 10-12

The aftermath and reconstruction of the family life.

Novels and Novellas 08/15/2017

The Royal Cock Ch. 13

Start of a Change.

Novels and Novellas 08/14/2017

Silver Arrow Ch. 05-06

The re-connection with his family.

Novels and Novellas 08/13/2017

The Royal Cock Ch. 12


Novels and Novellas 08/13/2017

Silver Arrow Ch. 01-04

It took a near catastrophe to restore my life.

Novels and Novellas 08/12/2017

The Royal Cock Ch. 11

Beneath the Surface.

Novels and Novellas 08/12/2017

The Royal Cock Ch. 10

Love and Anger.

Novels and Novellas 08/11/2017
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