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orgasm denial

Master Jakob and Seth Ch. 05

A story about a master slave relationship.

BDSM 07/18/2018

Joel's Stressful Afternoon

Can he man up to take a real whipping from Yvette?

BDSM 07/14/2018

Master Jakob and Seth Ch. 04

Seth learns denial.

BDSM 07/12/2018

Under Stolichnaya's Spell

Beware your Mail Order Brides...

BDSM 07/11/2018

Love beyond Blue Balls Ch. 01

Sex Magic, cute overfrustrated boy, shy crush, evil roommate.

Fetish 07/10/2018

Bibbit Smithers's Ordeals

Bibbs gets dominated by everyone he meets!

BDSM 07/07/2018


They create a new way to train her in denial. Too far?

BDSM 07/06/2018

Little Bad Wolf Ch. 05

Some trouble in the forest.

NonHuman 07/05/2018

Head Lifted for a Neck Kiss Ch. 04

End. Kitty gives her the ultimate proof of unconditional love.

Fetish 07/03/2018

A Punk-Rock Domina

Having a New Waver around can be painful!

BDSM 07/03/2018

Alene Raven's New Life Ch. 21

The girls get some answers before the fun starts.

Fetish 07/03/2018

Alene Raven's New Life Ch. 20

Alene's long day.

Fetish 07/02/2018

In Which an Elven Servant... Ch. 31

A friend helps with translating some old books.

NonHuman 07/02/2018

Transgender Avis's Incredible Power

A dominant ladyboy is scary!

Transsexuals & Crossdressers 06/27/2018

Alene Raven's New Life Ch. 16

The tables turn.

Fetish 06/27/2018

Alene Raven's New Life Ch. 15

Alene and Angie try to have some fun.

Fetish 06/26/2018

Mistress Elva Laughs Again!

Never bring your old dom and your new dom together!

BDSM 06/23/2018

My Implantation Appointment

I get a chip implanted that controls my cock.

Fetish 06/23/2018

Alma's Soul Mate

Sadist mom brings her kinky twins into the Gift Shop!

BDSM 06/22/2018

Crusade Gone Awry Ch. 03

A male soldier is lured by a cockatrice girl, gets dominated.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 06/21/2018

Breckyn's Bashful Boss

Finally a lawyer, Spalding hires a (Bossy) secretary.

BDSM 06/21/2018

Little Bad Wolf Ch. 02

The new life is not going as planned.

NonHuman 06/21/2018

Kadie's Replacement

Kaisie left a good submissive,and he found someone else!

BDSM 06/21/2018

In Which an Elven Servant... Ch. 30

A little alone time.

NonHuman 06/20/2018

Alene Raven's New Life Ch. 11

The end of year one.

Fetish 06/19/2018

Agent in Distress Ch. 12

Lana struggles to stop her slide into slavery.

NonConsent/Reluctance 06/19/2018

Alene Raven's New Life Ch. 10

Jen has a Request.

Fetish 06/18/2018

A Domme at the Colfax Inn

Without Mistress Valentina, the Colfax Inn would be toast!

BDSM 06/14/2018

Turnabout Pt. 02

Sequel to Turnabout.

NonHuman 06/12/2018

Slave Kessler

What to do with a TV conservative blowhard/secret pain slut?

BDSM 06/12/2018

Turnabout Pt. 01

A paladin finds his life turned on its head by a dragon.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 06/11/2018

A Helping Tail

A timid couple seeks marriage counseling.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 06/11/2018

SMOTP: Daily Orgasm, Day 14

Time for a change of pace - DENIAL

Text With Audio 06/10/2018

Paige and Spalding

Don't bring your fiancee home to Mummie!

BDSM 06/10/2018

Community Service

Volunteering to punish the judge who sentenced you!

BDSM 06/09/2018

Head Lifted for a Neck Kiss Ch. 03.5

Alt. Timeline - We play a lovely game to put the cage on me.

Fetish 06/08/2018

Treva Makes the Perfect Man

Treva's husband really needs some tweaking, behavior wise!

BDSM 06/08/2018

In Which an Elven Servant... Ch. 29

In a public dressing room, no less.

NonHuman 06/06/2018

Panzer's Last Stand

Spalding Tyll and his siblings train Panzer for submission!

BDSM 06/05/2018

In Which an Elven Servant... Ch. 28

Lorelei and Clara get some one on one time.

NonHuman 06/05/2018

In Which an Elven Servant... Ch. 27

Elves do bathe people a lot.

NonHuman 06/04/2018

Being a Subbie Hubbie

Mentoring a fellow submissive husband!

BDSM 06/04/2018

Mistress Kaderin

A chaste fiancee is easy to manage!

BDSM 06/03/2018

In Which an Elven Servant... Ch. 26

Our hosts are quite busy entertaining their guests.

NonHuman 06/03/2018

A Dose of Antidepressant

Can Master Specs push his latest corporal "medicine".

BDSM 06/03/2018

Be Careful What You Wish For

Lesbian couple make a startling discovery about themselves.

BDSM 06/02/2018

In Which an Elven Servant... Ch. 25

Our demon faces her fears.

NonHuman 06/02/2018

The Neighbors' Pet Slut Ch. 06

Jenny's parents come home and its time to go to church.

BDSM 06/02/2018

In Which an Elven Servant... Ch. 24

Some new and familiar faces.

NonHuman 06/01/2018

Under Law of Arnell

Teasetrix and Tormenter, that's our Smokey!

BDSM 05/31/2018

Bound Cuckqueen

She binds herself for him, but he fucks her best friend.

BDSM 05/31/2018

In Which an Elven Servant... Ch. 23

In which elves are sneaky.

NonHuman 05/31/2018

Allison's Addiction Ch. 04

A straight girl is pushed into lesbian sex.

BDSM 05/31/2018

The Punishment Pt. 01

Jess is reminded to respect her Master.

BDSM 05/30/2018

In Which an Elven Servant... Ch. 22

Our girls come clean on some indiscretions.

NonHuman 05/30/2018

In Which an Elven Servant... Ch. 21

In which an elven servant's work all comes together.

NonHuman 05/29/2018

In Which an Elven Servant... Ch. 20

Our elf enjoys our humans enjoying each other's company.

NonHuman 05/27/2018

In Which an Elven Servant... Ch. 19

And then, more wholesomeness, after dinner.

NonHuman 05/26/2018

In Which an Elven Servant... Ch. 18

A nice, wholesome dinner together.

NonHuman 05/25/2018

Mistress Treva Wins Again

Treva orders famous hubby to fellate their friends!

BDSM 05/24/2018

The Box Ch. 06: "Sable Strokes"

The Box brings the softest most frustrating stimulation.

BDSM 05/24/2018

In Which an Elven Servant... Ch. 17

This woman is having a positive impact on the master.

NonHuman 05/24/2018

Forbidden Fruits

Step-bother gives in to step-sister's sadistic temptations.

Incest/Taboo 05/23/2018

Snow White Pt. 02

Snow White is used by 7.

BDSM 05/23/2018

In Which an Elven Servant... Ch. 16

Our girls wait patiently for their master to come home.

NonHuman 05/23/2018

In Which an Elven Servant... Ch. 15

Our elf meets some promising new friends.

NonHuman 05/22/2018

In Which an Elven Servant... Ch. 14

Discipline continues.

NonHuman 05/21/2018

In Which an Elven Servant... Ch. 13

Discipline ensues.

NonHuman 05/20/2018

In Which an Elven Servant... Ch. 12

Our elf comes home to find something amiss.

NonHuman 05/19/2018

Rosemary and Her Daddy Ch. 04

Rosemary's feeling bratty today and Daddy does not approve.

Fetish 05/18/2018

Paying for Plans Interrupted Pt. 02

My punishment for ruining the evening's plans continues.

BDSM 05/18/2018

In Which an Elven Servant... Ch. 11

Our elf and our demon get proactive.

NonHuman 05/18/2018


Husband takes control: a weekend of submission and surprise.

BDSM 05/18/2018

Head Lifted for a Neck Kiss Ch. 02

Kitty fun goes as some places keep reclaiming more attention.

Fetish 05/17/2018

Master's Little Slut

Submissive young woman is teased by her master.

BDSM 05/17/2018

In Which an Elven Servant... Ch. 10

A man and his elf summon a succubus.

NonHuman 05/17/2018

In Which an Elven Servant... Ch. 09

A man and his elf summon a succubus.

NonHuman 05/16/2018

In Which an Elven Servant... Ch. 08

A man and his elf summon a succubus.

NonHuman 05/15/2018

In Which an Elven Servant... Ch. 07

A man and his elf summon a succubus.

NonHuman 05/14/2018

In Which an Elven Servant... Ch. 06

A man and his elf summon a succubus.

NonHuman 05/13/2018

In Which an Elven Servant... Ch. 05

A man and his elf summon a succubus.

NonHuman 05/12/2018

In Which an Elven Servant... Ch. 04

A man and his elf summon a succubus.

NonHuman 05/11/2018

In Which an Elven Servant... Ch. 03

A man and his elf summon a succubus.

NonHuman 05/10/2018

In Which an Elven Servant... Ch. 02

A man and his elf summon a succubus.

NonHuman 05/09/2018

In Which an Elven Servant... Ch. 01

A man and his elf summon a succubus.

NonHuman 05/08/2018

Rosemary and Her Daddy Ch. 01

Rosemary meets her new daddy and cums.

Fetish 05/08/2018

The Society Ch. 02: Control

Kodi's been captured, but what does he want with her?

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 05/04/2018

Kate's Heavenly Hell Ch. 08

Kate has me locked up for a long two weeks.

BDSM 05/04/2018

Dwelling in Desire Ch. 08

Coming to terms.

BDSM 04/28/2018

The Suburban Stable

Weekend in a suburban, power-exchange household.

BDSM 04/28/2018

Bend Over, Bitch

Feel me fill your ass, you cocky man-whore!

Text With Audio 04/27/2018

The Work Shower

How far will a chastised sissy go for an orgasm?

Transsexuals & Crossdressers 04/24/2018

Winning the Blonde Goddess Ch. 02

Darya takes Scott's anal virginity.

BDSM 04/24/2018

Your New Job Pt. 03

Introduced to my team before your punishment.

BDSM 04/22/2018

Beach House

I hypnotize my housemates. Tina has an odd reaction to it.

Mind Control 04/21/2018

Your New Job Pt. 02

8am, your lips, my cock. Don't be late on your first day.

BDSM 04/21/2018

Love, Cherish, Obey

Ada Verraine finally gets to see her husband's true face.

BDSM 04/21/2018

Your New Job Pt. 01

The Interview - You submit to your new boss.

BDSM 04/20/2018

Knowing Better: A Marked Woman Ch. 03

Stuart teaches Linda a lesson in self-control.

BDSM 04/18/2018

Mistress Starla Proves Her Point

Porky is persuaded to go into chastity training.

BDSM 04/09/2018
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