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partner swapping

Swinger's Haven

Swingers in the club swap partners...

NonHuman 11/19/2017

A Game of Chicken

Two couples in a hot tub having fun.

Loving Wives 11/09/2017

Jahaliya Ch. 02

A world where sexual liberty is everyday...

Group Sex 11/02/2017

The More the Merrier

A pair of kinky felines invites others in to play...

Group Sex 10/31/2017

Fucking Her Boyfriend's Boyfriend

Multiple partner relationships are oh so tricky...

Group Sex 10/28/2017

New Friends

A couple explores swinging.

Loving Wives 08/20/2017

The Country Club Ch. 03

Matt and Venus have a raunchy weekend with Neil and Mandy.

Group Sex 08/02/2017

A Peaceful Investigation

Liz and Harry get to know their neighbors.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 04/21/2017

The Pampered Pussy Ch. 01

A business is formed to cater for erotic needs.

Fetish 08/27/2016

Allie and Friends at the Beach

The I-Can't-Wear-A-Bikini women can after all!

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 08/22/2016

Port Aransas Weekend

Lorraine and I go further with switching men.

Loving Wives 06/08/2016

Legally Nude Ch. 10

The nude lawyers lose a partner & gain a friend.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 05/10/2015

The Right Mood Pt. 02

Couples story of swinging.

Loving Wives 11/25/2014

100% Pure Sex Ch. 01

A conservative couple is seduced on the French Riviera.

Loving Wives 09/04/2014

Breeding Sasha Ch. 01

Making Daniel - Sasha's selective breeding program.

Fetish 05/17/2014

The Dinner Party

Finding out their swinger friends.

Group Sex 01/24/2014

Elizabeth 04: Late Summer (Part 2)

An afternoon to remember!

Romance 11/19/2013

More Twisted

A young lady's further debaucheries!

Group Sex 11/01/2013

Total Woman Mentors 06

Zuki, Zoey and Mr. Arnold.

Novels and Novellas 03/30/2013

Changing Partners

Friends decide to swap out.

Loving Wives 02/03/2013

First Contact Ch. 02

All of the parties involved in our little experiment...

Loving Wives 10/13/2012

Sunrise Sunset Ch. 04

Uncle and Niece-in-Law share their relationship with others.

Incest/Taboo 12/26/2011

Perspectives Series: Martin

The journey of a philandering voyeur.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 10/06/2011

The Adventure Ch. 07

Laura and Paul take a short break.

Group Sex 03/03/2011

The Results of Success

They're good students, but they have so much more to learn.

Group Sex 11/17/2010

An Evening with Friends

A couple-swap story.

Loving Wives 08/01/2009

French Shopping Trip

Two English wives enjoy French hospitality.

Loving Wives 04/13/2009

Meeting Another Couple with Anna

Two married couples meet in hotel.

Loving Wives 04/07/2009

Her Confession Ch. 02

Later That Day, after her confession has came to fruition.

Loving Wives 04/06/2009

Ann: A Love Story Ch. 04

Between games, Neil gets a chance to eat.

Erotic Couplings 01/31/2009

Two in a Room

Best friends become lovers -- in duplicate.

Loving Wives 01/11/2009

The Right Mood

A couple swings for the first time.

Loving Wives 09/09/2008

Cabin Fever Parts Ch. 03-04

Two couples swap partners over a weekend.

Loving Wives 01/17/2008

Cabin Fever Parts Ch. 01-02

Two couples swap partners over a weekend.

Loving Wives 01/16/2008

My Wife Goes Wild

Holiday lust with friends, husband, and wife.

Loving Wives 01/15/2008

C'mon, Let's Spice It Up Ch. 05

Consensual infidelity? Or a truly loving couple?

Loving Wives 01/12/2008

Lolling with Laxmi Ch. 02

For Pam's pleasure.

Erotic Couplings 03/09/2007

A New Lifestyle

Good friends quickly become even better friends.

Group Sex 03/08/2007

Just Dessert

I gaze at you.

Group Sex 12/16/2006

Ashleigh's Adventures Bk. 2 Ch. 13

The six friends party again.

Novels and Novellas 01/19/2006

Cathy's First Time

Cathy and her husband try group sex for the first time.

Loving Wives 01/14/2006

Neighbors and Friends

They're just being neighborly.

Loving Wives 10/21/2005

Bisexual Swapping Fun

Two couples enjoy a bisexual orgy.

Loving Wives 10/05/2005

What's a Little Sex Among Friends?

Two couples engage in a boundary-pushing orgy.

Group Sex 09/27/2005

Wife Swapping: Let's Try It! Ch. 01

Couple considers a swinging lifestyle.

Loving Wives 09/17/2005

Mesmerized Ch. 04

He learns more about his wife.

Loving Wives 07/25/2005

Discovery Ch. 09

A sleepover and a hint at a twist.

Group Sex 07/17/2005

Daring to Have Fun

Couple enjoy a sexy relationship.

Loving Wives 07/17/2005
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