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Mom and I XXXmastime Ch. 02

Christmas Eve and more secrets are unwrapped.

Incest/Taboo 09/19/2018

Paradise Loft Ch. 07

The witching hours and finale of the "night" sequence. Dawn.

BDSM 09/18/2018

Loosening Up Bk. 04 Ch. 01-05

Trial. Revelations to newbies & parents. Nanny and the Chef.

Group Sex 09/18/2018

Risk Versus Reward Ch. 02

A young woman's journey into submission.

Lesbian Sex 09/14/2018

Mary Smith, Escort Extraordinaire

I'm always myself and sometimes what you want me to be.

Humor & Satire 09/14/2018

Venus' Finest Ch. 02

Polyamorous steampunk romance.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 09/13/2018

Half-Elf Harlot Ch. 03

Zelia can't keep away from paladin crush... even in prison.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 09/09/2018

Half-Elf Harlot Ch. 01-02

Half-elf adventurer juggles two lovers after defeating foe.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 09/08/2018

Paradise Loft Ch. 06

The wedding night. Part Two.

BDSM 08/29/2018

Learning Italian - Lesson 12

A kiss on the lips of la bocca della veritГѓ .

Erotic Couplings 08/24/2018

Finally - The Third Date Pt. 01

After a month's wait Ben gets wifey for a third date.

Loving Wives 08/23/2018

Paradise Loft Ch. 05

The newlyweds' afterparty. A summer night. Part One.

BDSM 08/22/2018

Holiday in Paris Ch. 02

Simon and Megan get to know Eva a little better.

Fetish 08/16/2018

Lost at Sea Bk. 01 Ch. 08

A sexy pirate fantasy adventure, Chapter 8.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 08/15/2018

Paradise Loft Ch. 04

Unique wedding vows and a feast. Love. Joy. Evening.

BDSM 08/15/2018

My Brother's Keeper

Lapsed Mormon guy with ED issues gets help from brother.

Group Sex 08/09/2018

Welcome To the Family Ch. 01

Annabelle finds a 'family'.

Non-Erotic 08/09/2018

Lost at Sea Bk. 01 Ch. 05

A sexy pirate fantasy adventure, Chapter 5.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 08/05/2018

Paradise Loft Ch. 03

The trio's wedding day continues. Afternoon.

BDSM 08/04/2018

Lost at Sea Bk. 01 Ch. 04

A sexy pirate fantasy adventure, Chapter 4.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 08/04/2018

Loosening Up Bk. 03 Ch. 21-23

Bad behavior and arrest. Karma. Recovery.

Group Sex 08/02/2018

Lost at Sea Bk. 01 Ch. 03

A sexy pirate fantasy adventure, chapter 3.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 08/02/2018

My Danish Daughter Ch. 04

More phone sex of the group kind.

Incest/Taboo 08/01/2018

Lost at Sea Bk. 01 Ch. 01

A sexy pirate fantasy adventure.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 07/28/2018

Juliet's Play Date

Mistress and Juliet and a new toy.

Lesbian Sex 07/28/2018

Holiday in Paris

Academic has an affair with Irishwoman in Paris.

Group Sex 07/28/2018

Paradise Loft Ch. 02

Mark marries his little girl and owned boy. Morning.

BDSM 07/27/2018

Secret Santa Stag

Mistletoe and secret Santa, lots of fun!

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 07/27/2018

Loosening Up Bk. 03 Ch. 17-20

Annexing newbies into Circle. Intervention. Infidelity.

Group Sex 07/26/2018

Pomp and Circumstance Ch. 01

A boring date turns into a lot more fun.

Incest/Taboo 07/26/2018

Were You Hit with a Slut Ray?

Alien ray gun turns bachelor's life and others around.

Mind Control 07/25/2018

Venus' Finest Ch. 01

Polyamorous steampunk romance.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 07/24/2018

Loosening Up Bk. 03 Ch. 13-16 - Growth

Visitors. Adult videos. Mature friend.

Group Sex 07/21/2018

Learning Italian - Lesson 11

How not to say 'I love you.'

Romance 07/19/2018

Loosening Up Bk. 03 Ch. 09-12 - Growth

Visitors to engage, older women in love, paternity.

Group Sex 07/17/2018

Paradise Loft Ch. 01

The second Mark and Jenni book. Here we go...

BDSM 07/17/2018

My Girlfriend's Sissy Roommate Ch. 06-07

Jessica reconciles with Stan and Rain expresses herself.

Transsexuals & Crossdressers 07/14/2018

A Night Away From It All

Helen deals with Postpartum Depression her way.

Mind Control 07/14/2018

Loosening Up Bk. 03 Ch. 05-08 - Growth

Flying lessons, teasing, new 'friends', party of the year.

Group Sex 07/14/2018

Aphrodite's Kiss Ch. 05-06

Aphrodite tells a bit more of her side.

Mind Control 07/13/2018

A Perfect Fit Pt. 23

Rugelach and a raw bar. A funeral, a proposal, a farewell.

BDSM 07/12/2018

Loosening Up Bk. 03 Ch. 01-04 - Growth

The Circle becomes attractive to more and more people.

Group Sex 07/10/2018

Was It The "Wrong" Number? Ch. 09

Jill and Angie find the truth. The family takes a trip...

Incest/Taboo 07/09/2018

Aphrodite's Kiss Ch. 04

Phil gets intimate with Heather's boss and his own mother.

Mind Control 07/08/2018

Ashley's Tail Ch. 02

Saul wakes up and meets more friends.

Fetish 07/07/2018

Aphrodite's Kiss Ch. 02-03

Phil experiences two threesomes in just a few hours.

Mind Control 07/06/2018

The Commissar's in Town Ch. 03

David takes Sasha's cherry while Trudy watches.

First Time 07/02/2018

My Summer Wife Ch. 04

Steve and Sandra join in the fun.

Incest/Taboo 07/01/2018

Hump Day Block Party

A Magistrate gets busy with those under his rule.

Incest/Taboo 06/30/2018

The Bottoms of My Heart

Final chapter of this part of the saga.

Group Sex 06/28/2018

It's a Gift

Training a playmate doesn't go so well.

Lesbian Sex 06/28/2018

A Perfect Fit Pt. 22

They get some bad news, but love is a powerful force.

BDSM 06/27/2018

Deanna and Summer Get Their Man Ch. 02

Brent and Summer fully reconcile with Deanna's support.

Group Sex 06/26/2018

The Surface Siblings Ch. 02

When our past meets our future.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 06/23/2018

A Morning After Amongst Equals Pt. 03

Troy & Julie talk about last night and the future.

Mind Control 06/22/2018

Loosening Up Bk. 02 Ch. 21-24

Visitor almost joins in. A flight instructor.

Group Sex 06/22/2018

Sigma Omega Sigma Ch. 04-06

Mark continues his exploration of life in the order.

BDSM 06/21/2018

His Wife, My Slut Ch. 03-04

Hank and Satya take things further and embrace their lust.

Interracial Love 06/21/2018

Learning Italian - Lesson 10

The Trapassato.

Romance 06/21/2018

A Perfect Fit Pt. 21

Freddy's dinner party; a game for six players. Part Two.

BDSM 06/12/2018

Loosening Up Bk. 02 Ch. 15-20

More hot women join the Circle. Key learnings.

Group Sex 06/12/2018

Beach Getaway Ch. 02

With Ben's blessing, Sara goes on a date with Junot.

Group Sex 06/09/2018


Can a BTB story have a HEA ending after all?

Loving Wives 06/07/2018

Loosening Up Bk. 02 Ch. 10-14

Being loose makes seminar more enjoyable.

Group Sex 06/03/2018

A Perfect Fit Pt. 20

A dinner party at Freddy's home. Part One.

BDSM 05/30/2018

Loosening Up Bk. 02 Ch. 05-09

Teenage obsession. Mature assistance. Videos. Construction.

Group Sex 05/29/2018

Learning Italian - Lesson 09

The Italy dreams (and films) are made of.

Romance 05/26/2018

Loosening Up Bk. 02 Ch. 01-04

The Circle expands to more sex-loving people.

Group Sex 05/26/2018

A Perfect Fit Pt. 19

Daddy and his girl go for an ultrasound.

BDSM 05/25/2018

Love Ain't Nothin' But Trouble Ch. 05

Final chapter of the series about the band.

Incest/Taboo 05/20/2018

Sausage Fest

Does everything to all that the real thing does to women.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 05/20/2018

A Perfect Fit Pt. 18

Two kinds of first times for Freddy.

BDSM 05/16/2018

Charlotte's Summer Vacation

The story of how two became three.

Lesbian Sex 05/16/2018

Loosening Up Bk. 01 Ch. 27-31

Group grows. Parents disapprove. Independence. More videos.

Group Sex 05/15/2018

A Perfect Fit Pt. 17

The best birthday ever continues in bed.

BDSM 05/14/2018

Amy and the Polyamorous Couple Pt. 01

A woman finds companionship with a married couple.

Group Sex 05/10/2018

Loosening Up Bk. 01 Ch. 21-26

Trying the adult entertainment bus + a risky swap.

Group Sex 05/09/2018

Loosening Up Bk. 01 Ch. 16-20

Couple tries more daring things to help them loosen up.

Group Sex 05/07/2018

Learning Italian - Lesson 08

Sesso, amore, amicizia e il non defninito.

Erotic Couplings 05/05/2018

A Perfect Fit Pt. 16

Hell is other people. They return to paradise.

BDSM 05/05/2018

Loosening Up Bk. 01 Ch. 11-15

Young couple relaxes more constraints on their sex life.

Group Sex 05/01/2018

Road Trip Ch. 13

Memories, marriage and more.

Erotic Couplings 04/28/2018

Loosening Up Bk. 01 Ch. 01-10

Straight-laced couple loosens up on friend's challenges.

Group Sex 04/28/2018

Taking Her Submission Pt. 02

Husband & third put plan into action to take her submission.

Fetish 04/27/2018

A Perfect Fit Pt. 15

The trio returns to IDEAL for Jenni's b-day. Surprise!

BDSM 04/26/2018

A Perfect Fit Pt. 14

Mark shares with Dr. Z. The doctor reveals even more.

BDSM 04/10/2018

A Perfect Fit Pt. 13

While the cat's away... lust and other emotions run high.

BDSM 04/08/2018

The First Date

I finally get a chance to meet my wife's best friend.

BDSM 03/31/2018

Road Trip Ch. 12

Margarite comes to stay and the girls sort things out.

Erotic Couplings 03/27/2018

My Job as a Tester Ch. 05

Mac learns about himself and the ladies he works with.

Fetish 03/16/2018

A Sister's Love

Lesbian sister incest, featuring futanari and menage!

Incest/Taboo 02/24/2018

Shooting The Moon Ch. 05-06

More surprises are in store for the group.

Group Sex 02/23/2018

Recycled Lingerie Ch. 02

Howie proposes to Mandy, but it depends on Sara.

Romance 01/30/2018

What's a Little Swapping? Ch. 02

Between friends. The night heats up even more.

Group Sex 01/28/2018

Slipping Ch. 07: Open

Two married women on a bicurious journey. Seven parts total.

Lesbian Sex 01/13/2018

Wherever You Go

Three roommates have an unexpected night of adventure.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 12/30/2017

Mistress Agnes Ch. 22: Conclusion

The end.

Novels and Novellas 12/24/2017

Orchid Ch. 04

A Midwinter Night's Dream

Transsexuals & Crossdressers 12/16/2017

The Vindictive Stranger Ch. 05

Surprises occur when Jonathan confronts Melanie.

NonHuman 12/06/2017

Rumors Ch. 06

Decisions, Changes, Weird Ideas and Homecoming.

Incest/Taboo 12/06/2017
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