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Love in Pompeii

 — A beautiful romance in the streets of a lost city. by Sage_of_the_Forlorn_Pathin  Romance10/21/164.45NEW

The Magdalene Ch. 01: Part Two

 — "I just need one taste of him." by RacyWildein  Novels and Novellas10/20/164.80NEW

Resurrection! Ch. 01

 — Getting another bite of the apple. by Michael142in  Romance10/20/164.40NEW

Here for You Ch. 21-23

 — A story about trust and betrayal. by warpedmuserin  Romance10/20/163.64NEW

A Night at the Disco

 — When an unlikely friend turns into more than you thought. by pistolpinupin  Romance10/20/164.00NEW

Better than Coffee

 — There are other ways to wake up in the morning. by goddessunleashedin  Erotic Couplings10/20/164.06NEW


 — With special guest star, TheGreyKnight. by Cardlinin  Text With Audio10/20/164.08NEW

Cassy Gives Herself

 — Petite, reclusive young artist discovers her submissive side. by DreamingOfRevelryin  Romance10/20/163.89NEW

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 01

 — Happy fallout from meeting at a party. by SteveWallacein  Group Sex10/20/164.72HOTNEW

I Gave Her a Ride

 — A gay & a girl. by charlessmythein  Romance10/20/163.65NEW

Babydoll Ch. 25

 — Wedding and Honeymoon. by The Fantasizerin  Incest/Taboo10/19/163.88NEW

Decisions Ch. 04

 — Chris has a ball at the Coven Ball. by Holterin  NonHuman10/19/164.86HOTNEW


 — Do you ever Really know someone? by Todd172in  NonHuman10/19/164.62HOTNEW

A Lovely Memory Ch. 00

 — A man spends his afternoon planning a romantic dinner. by dumnemtechin  Non-Erotic10/19/164.50HOTNEW

There and Back Again Ch. 65-66

 — Modern Girl in Thedas during the Fifth Blight. by ElyssaCouslandin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy10/19/164.83HOTNEW

Starting Over

 — Changing life after a cheating wife. by SW_MO_Hermitin  Erotic Couplings10/18/164.09NEW

Yearning Hearts Ch. 02

 — Is this goodbye? by twistedromeoin  Gay Male10/18/164.67HOTNEW

Life and Love in the Army Ch. 02

 — Then and Now. by mydarkestidin  Interracial Love10/18/160.00NEW


 — A successful business woman realizes money isn't everything. by MaxwellSpanxin  Humor & Satire10/18/163.55NEW

You're Just Right for Me

 — A millennial teaches a gen-xer what's most important in love. by trigudisin  Romance10/18/164.58HOTNEW

Aquata Cove Ch. 76

 — Merrick goes to attend some business in the sea. by Feare909in  Gay Male10/17/164.38NEW

My Saving Grace Pt. 08

 — Love conquers all! by carbinemasterin  Incest/Taboo10/17/164.83HOTNEW

Cypris Hotel and Suites 04: Del Rio

 — Derek gains a companion, but she’s not ready. by StretchTacosin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy10/17/164.75NEW

An End to Summer

 — Two men finding each other, twice. by GoldenMaiain  Gay Male10/17/164.72HOTNEW

Birds of a Feather Ch. 11

 — So many things going on, How weird can it get. by treborkatin  Erotic Couplings10/16/164.70HOTNEW

There and Back Again Ch. 63-64

 — Modern Girl in Thedas during the Fifth Blight. by ElyssaCouslandin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy10/15/164.82HOTNEW

Venus Ascending Pt. 09

 — John learns what price he must pay for saving Lisa. by Oupa99in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur10/15/164.33NEW

Bad Habits Pt. 02: Temptation

 — My bad habit continues, and then Camilla returns. by Ask For Morein  Romance10/15/164.27NEW

After The Dark

 — A romantic story. by Sexyframezin  Romance10/15/163.68NEW

Yearning Hearts Ch. 01.1

 — Desire won but will it last. by twistedromeoin  Gay Male10/15/164.33NEW

Vines and Wine

 — An exhausted elf waits up for her bard companion. by Kodoroin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy10/15/164.16NEW

How I Got Bred Pt. 02

 — This is a continuation of How I Got Bred. by ALterrybearin  Group Sex10/15/163.74NEW

Her Crush

 — Short Story. by Lovelylady41in  Romance10/15/163.70NEW

Here for You Ch. 15-17

 — A story about trust and betrayal. by warpedmuserin  Romance10/14/164.63HOT

Liz's Temptation

 — Few can grasp reality's "Wages of Sin." by c1992win  Loving Wives10/14/160.00

A World of Their Own Ch. 01

 — Mark and Kevin should never be allowed to house-sit again. by LoneGirlin  Romance10/13/163.80

The Invisible Woman

 — Two online friends meet to reveal themselves. by NYCSeparatedWM50in  Romance10/13/164.37

Is Love All or Nothing? Ch. 03

 — Growing relationship. by DestinyReaderin  Romance10/13/164.67HOT

I Live to Serve

 — As my mistress asks... by Cardlinin  Text With Audio10/13/164.61HOT


 — A walk down memory lane with unexpected results. by demure101in  Romance10/13/164.85HOT

There and Back Again Ch. 61-62

 — Modern Girl in Thedas during the Fifth Blight. by ElyssaCouslandin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy10/13/164.77HOT

The Magdalene Ch. 01: Lavender

 — When she comes for you, your life will never be the same. by RacyWildein  Novels and Novellas10/13/164.56HOT

Laura Beth's New Life

 — Young prim and proper wife encounters a mature real man. by StormKing33in  Loving Wives10/13/163.79

The Forest Nymph Pt. 01

 — A Trojan warrior finds love after the end of the war. by Sage_of_the_Forlorn_Pathin  Romance10/13/164.71HOT

The Safe Girl Ch. 02

 — Helping her out leads to much more... by SimonOin  Romance10/13/164.74HOT

Fucking Fairytales: Cinderella

 — Ella escapes her evil stepmother to enjoy a wild party. by Anttribyin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy10/12/164.39

The Fall of the Wolf Ch. 09

 — Eleta learns what happens when you tease a hungry wolf. by haremgirlreturnsin  Novels and Novellas10/12/164.84HOT

The Hotel Weekend Pt. 03

 — Third part of the story... by dominphatedin  Romance10/12/164.75


 — Cheated man has revenge sex with an arresting officer. by Universal_Thirstin  Gay Male10/12/164.28

There and Back Again Ch. 59-60

 — Modern Girl in Thedas during the Fifth Blight. by ElyssaCouslandin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy10/11/164.85HOT

Rainy Sunday

 — Lovemaking to start the day. by Swillyin  Romance10/11/164.35

To Love the Professor Ch. 08

 — Trust goes both ways. by pjtown8in  Romance10/11/164.79HOT

Here for You Ch. 11-14

 — A story about trust and betrayal. by warpedmuserin  Romance10/11/164.63HOT

New York Nights-Northern Lights #03

 — Oh, oh...and then there was Laurel, the dreaded triangle. by TallBlondeBustyBlueEyedBimboin  Romance10/11/164.40

Saving a Marriage

 — Helping a desperate woman and enjoying the experience. by oldbob68in  Mature10/11/164.43

Study Buddy Ch. 03

 — they start to talk. by Anttribyin  Romance10/10/164.69HOT

The Borderline Ch. 01

 — Wistful memories of innocence, I was only 19. by Shaima32in  Lesbian Sex10/10/164.65HOT


 — A young man explores an alien boy's anatomy. by KindOfASexyLadyin  NonHuman10/10/164.26

Highschool Reunion

 — A married man reconnects with the love of his life. by TrainedPenin  Romance10/09/162.53

Carrie's Quest for Love

 — The pleasures and frustrations of finding Mr. Right. by mdiverin  First Time10/09/164.38


 — Man abducted for unsavory purposes. by Providence2016in  NonConsent/Reluctance10/09/164.44

It's a Wonderful Life - Isn't It?

 — Old animosities resurface, with a twist. by buxtonboyin  Romance10/09/164.22

After Exile Bk. 01: An Emperor for the Eclipse Ch. 09

 — Time runs out. by DeathAndTaxesin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy10/09/164.92HOT

Wolf's Girl Ch. 02

 — Tempted by his best friend's daughter (Conclusion) by OliviaMin  Romance10/09/164.89HOT

A Day in the Life

 — What it's like as a submissive slave to her husband. by archibaelin  Mind Control10/09/164.52HOT

Birds of a Feather Ch. 10

 — Good news and the new family gathers round. by treborkatin  Erotic Couplings10/09/164.30

The Safe Girl

 — Helping her out leads to much more... by SimonOin  Romance10/09/164.70HOT

New York Nights-Northern Lights #02

 — Wanted: Writer needing to have a Romantic Alaskan adventure. by TallBlondeBustyBlueEyedBimboin  Romance10/08/164.16

The Link Pt. 03: The Huntress

 — A strange tale of the future of humankind. by DreamCloudin  Romance10/08/164.96HOT

A Midsummer Night's Nightmare

 — The trials and tribulation of a teacher. by Cromagnonmanin  Romance10/08/164.54HOT

Hot Showers & Too Soft Pillows

 — A cheese platter, hot showers. by hantai69in  Romance10/08/164.24

Nath Sows His Oats Pt. 03

 — Nath prepares to propose marriage and has a choice. by EgmontOriginalsin  Romance10/08/164.63HOT

Try Walking in My Shoes

 — Being an asshole is not easy. by stev2244in  Loving Wives10/08/164.18

The Courtesan and the Werewolf Ch. 06

 — Raven gets a glimpse of Bianca's past. by wolfen_onein  NonHuman10/07/164.45

Is Love All or Nothing? Ch. 02

 — Awkwardness continues. by DestinyReaderin  Romance10/07/164.50HOT


 — Everyone knew about those Maitland Girls. by Todd172in  Loving Wives10/07/164.42

The Grey Lady Ch. 08

 — Samantha settles into life aboard the Grey Lady. by Opensesame54321in  NonConsent/Reluctance10/07/164.64HOT

Mr. Nunez and the Christmas Nurse

 — Hot black nurse false for charming gentleman. by youmakemewetin  Mature10/07/164.44

Cold War Pt. 01

 — Zarya's thoughts wander. by TripB0369in  Romance10/07/164.08

Cypris Hotel and Suites 03

 — Jeanie has Daddy issues and finds a new future. by StretchTacosin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy10/07/165.00HOT

Waking Up Inside You

 — I wake you up the right way with hot sex. by TheInnerBeastin  Erotic Couplings10/07/164.73HOT

Different Worlds Ch. 06

 — The morning after. by karalinein  Romance10/07/164.80HOT

Rocky Horror Redux

 — Two long-term lovers relive their first date on Halloween. by JKendallDanein  Gay Male10/06/164.48

Babydoll Ch. 23

 — Christmas and New York for New Year's Eve. by The Fantasizerin  Incest/Taboo10/06/164.28

Silver Pt. 09

 — A continuation of the Silver series? by CantC54in  Romance10/06/164.79HOT

Nath Sows His Oats Pt. 02

 — Nath takes two sexy women home to the family farm. by EgmontOriginalsin  Romance10/06/164.49

14 Hours Pt. 01

 — After a night he can't remember, he survives the aftermath. by CaffeineFetishin  Humor & Satire10/06/164.45

Autumn Romance

 — Love is a funny,... strange thing. by SejsicAin  Erotic Horror10/05/164.31


 — What do you do when your life no longer wants you? by BigGuy33in  Loving Wives10/05/164.30

Taking Flight

 — A snowstorm grounds two lonely travelers in Nebraska. by DwellerDarkin  Romance10/05/164.64HOT

Nath Sows His Oats Pt. 01

 — A 'country boy' goes to Sydney to pick up experience. by EgmontOriginalsin  Romance10/05/164.55HOT

Decisions Ch. 03

 — First date and first reckonings. by Holterin  NonHuman10/05/164.71HOT

Affair with an Older Man

 — I haven't been with a lot of men. by elisa4334in  Mature10/05/163.93

Writer's Block

 — One writer's need for inspiration is fulfilled. by SimonOin  Romance10/05/164.42

The Muse Pt. 05

 — The artist finally fucks her hot model. by BelleDesirein  Romance10/05/164.67HOT

There and Back Again Ch. 57-58

 — Modern Girl in Thedas during the Fifth Blight. by ElyssaCouslandin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy10/04/164.72HOT

Slip of Fate (Scent of a Mate) Ch. 08

 — Something worse than Stockholm syndrome. by justforlicksin  NonHuman10/04/160.00

Black Girl, White Guy

 — For all you white guys out there who don't have the balls... by blackgirlwhiteguysworldin  Interracial Love10/04/163.92

Dangerous Fire Ch. 03: Surrender

 — Giving in... is the greatest risk of all. by RedClayHillsin  Erotic Couplings10/04/162.89

The Elements of Desire

 — Five memorable dates for a Master and his sub. by mindswirlerin  BDSM10/04/164.12

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