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The Fall Ch. 08

 — Making things work. by ausfetin  Non-Erotic11/24/175.00NEW

Competition for 'The Top'

 — A Marine widower finds love with an older widowed woman. by komrad1156in  Mature11/24/174.70HOTNEW

Sensations Escort Services Ch. 12

 — Rules of Engagement. by SteveWallacein  Group Sex11/24/174.00NEW

Ostracism Pt. 06

 — Can she take a decision? by ReedRichardsin  Romance11/24/174.89NEW

Before Marriage, Like Crazy Ch. 01-02

 — Felicity Jones and her fiancé's cuckold fantasy comes true. by sick0910in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction11/24/173.00NEW


 — Jas reunites with her lover. by HeavenLeighAin  NonHuman11/24/175.00NEW

Katie and Ted Learn from an Expert

 — A total stranger teaches Katie and Ted how to be happy. by JSipesin  Group Sex11/24/173.00NEW


 — Two lesbian lovers spend quality time together... by AmethystMarein  Fetish11/24/170.00NEW

Daily Life with Furry Girls Ch. 17

 — A prickly situation. by SciFurzin  NonHuman11/23/174.64HOTNEW

Sensations Escort Services Ch. 11

 — Grand plan. Videos. Volunteers. by SteveWallacein  Group Sex11/23/174.28NEW

Under the Wild Wyoming Skies

 — Was Jack running from love or trying to find it? by rwstewardin  Romance11/23/174.74HOTNEW

Forced to Change Ch. 27

 — A hitman falls in love with his target. by SimoneLisbonin  Novels and Novellas11/23/174.29NEW

The Museum Pt. 03 of 03

 — Lauren gets punished at the museum. by sex4every1in  Erotic Couplings11/23/174.67NEW

Table for Two Ch. 11-12

 — Last chapter: Can the two sisters start a relationship? by JessicaSin  Incest/Taboo11/23/174.76HOTNEW


 — Interracial love cannot be stopped in the Old South. by APRILBLOSSUMSin  Interracial Love11/23/173.61NEW

Unbroken Ch. 16

 — Wyatt finally conquers Angria... Is Aidan going to save them. by vanalasin  Gay Male11/23/174.65HOTNEW

U-N-I Ch. 09

 — A gay fiction about a soft rock band with two gay members. by unilivein  Gay Male11/23/174.65HOTNEW

Great and Terrible Things

 — Cavalry Man musters out and meets the right woman. by JoeDreamerin  Novels and Novellas11/23/174.89HOTNEW

The Walker Colt: Billy's Tale

 — The Walker Colt has many memories. This is the first. by Andyhmin  Romance11/23/174.74HOTNEW

The Wolf and the Irish Woman

 — Danger nears a snow-covered cabin where Sophia lies bleeding. by SteffiOlsenin  Romance11/23/174.72HOTNEW

The McCullen Ranch

 — I did have a strange relationship with Jade. by markellyin  Romance11/23/174.83HOTNEW

Trail of Promise

 — A new start in a new country. Fortune, tragedy, or love? by BurntRedstonein  Romance11/23/174.81HOTNEW

Shaza's Tears Ch. 06

 — Nejua struggles to trust her new companion. by HipsterZombiein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/22/174.75HOTNEW

The Blind Girl in the Rain Pt. 03

 — Seeing with the Colors of Her Mind. by Ian56in  Romance11/22/174.79HOTNEW

Sensations Escort Services Ch. 10

 — Time in paradise. by SteveWallacein  Group Sex11/22/174.31NEW

Love Again

 — A man finds love again. by Kojak01in  Romance11/22/174.77HOTNEW

Unbroken Ch. 15

 — The truth comes out... Will Aidan agree to go back? by vanalasin  Gay Male11/22/174.61HOTNEW

Rivers to Follow Ch. 07

 — Yeah. Putain. by eightleonin  Gay Male11/21/174.77HOTNEW

The Hutchinson Values Ch. 07

 — Dan gives an ultimatum; Miranda finds outside temptation. by SirenSpeakin  Novels and Novellas11/21/174.20NEW

Vision Ch. 08

 — Be My Baby - My one and only Baby. by MsLuLuXin  Interracial Love11/21/174.70HOTNEW

The Actor at the Bar Ch. 08

 — The Walls start coming down. by bdbeautyin  Romance11/21/174.73HOTNEW

An Indispensable Woman Ch. 05

 — Dani: will history repeat itself? by Kootin  Lesbian Sex11/21/174.84HOTNEW

Ostracism Pt. 05

 — Choices to be made. by ReedRichardsin  Romance11/21/174.11NEW

I Enjoy Two Threesomes in Two Days

 — My Hot MILF and I discuss our sexual partners. by TheBusinessManin  Group Sex11/20/174.30NEW

Black Water

 — What lies beneath the surface...? by alextasyin  Romance11/20/174.42NEW

Once Upon a December

 — A young man meets his dream lover on Christmas Eve. by Chancem77in  Gay Male11/20/174.70HOTNEW

The Hutchinson Values Ch. 06

 — Kira becomes pregnant; Miranda's feelings begin to change. by SirenSpeakin  Novels and Novellas11/20/174.33NEW

The Horsewife: Stealing Kisses

 — A pegasus husband is woken by his ponywife... by AmethystMarein  NonHuman11/20/174.17NEW

Broken Hearts

 — Two broken hearts discover love again. by knightfantasiesin  Romance11/20/174.36NEW

The Actor at the Bar Ch. 07

 — The Next Chapter. by bdbeautyin  Romance11/20/174.81HOTNEW

An American Count Ch. 04

 — Luke gives and receives gifts for the holidays. by RockStarGodin  Erotic Couplings11/20/174.68HOTNEW

The Artifact Shop Ch. 02

 — Emma talks with Lydia about her situation. by mysticlaughterin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers11/19/174.46NEW

So Night Follows Day Pt. 11

 — Susan needs an exit, Helen needs a friend. by TMaskedWriterin  Mind Control11/19/174.85HOTNEW

Forced to Change Ch. 26

 — A hitman falls in love with his target. by SimoneLisbonin  Novels and Novellas11/19/174.80HOTNEW

Sheep and Wolf Ch. 09

 — Surprise! by SciFurzin  NonHuman11/19/174.89HOTNEW

Getting What You Need

 — Finding that missing piece of your life. by ElderDirtin  Romance11/18/174.57HOTNEW

Sweet Princess - Lesbian Erotica

 — She really enjoyed being called a princess by the other. by LewdLesbianin  Lesbian Sex11/18/170.00NEW

The Blind Girl in the Rain Pt. 02

 — A relationship begins. by Ian56in  Romance11/18/174.57HOTNEW

The 7 Year Wait is Over Pt. 02

 — Nights of passion with my hot married colleague. by rohanverma_02in  Romance11/18/174.08NEW

My Life with a Dragon Ch. 04

 — Passions flow from night into the day. by EZabbott0421in  NonHuman11/18/174.59HOTNEW

Sheep and Wolf Ch. 08

 — The men bear gifts and the werecouple plays cupid. by SciFurzin  NonHuman11/18/174.67HOTNEW

Who Knew?

 — She did, he didn't. by YouDidWhutin  Romance11/17/174.85HOTNEW

Year 3 with Jane and Tony Pt. 03

 — Another summer holiday with our heroes. by Kalavoin  Anal11/17/174.94HOTNEW

The Actor at the Bar Ch. 06

 — Vee and Jesse start to get to know each other. by bdbeautyin  Romance11/17/174.76HOTNEW

Mom & Son's Valentine's Day Sex Ch. 01

 — Son celebrates Valentine's Day with best friend, his mother. by LadyofEroticain  Incest/Taboo11/17/174.09NEW

Unbroken Ch. 14

 — The enemies return but this time Luis holds the key. by vanalasin  Gay Male11/17/174.66HOTNEW

The German Wife Ch. 01

 — How an email can change your life. by BloodyIdiotin  BDSM11/17/174.27NEW

Shadow Warrior Ch. 01

 — Another bizarre tale. A monster hunter in apocalyptic world. by RockmeHard1234in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/17/174.10NEW

The Eagle's Nest Pt. 01

 — Love after a homesteader is murdered by renegade Indians. by Ingrid11Bin  Romance11/16/174.44

Was It Worth It? Ch.02

 — Aria has an interesting experience online. by Rbk_47in  Toys & Masturbation11/16/174.56

Just a Chance Ch. 01

 — Amelia fights the love she has for her best friend. by My_8i_stryin  Lesbian Sex11/16/174.37

A Ghost of a Chance

 — Annie's Story. by careythomasin  Lesbian Sex11/16/174.91HOT

Blueprints Ch. 03

 — Younger architect makes older client proud... by Camera Obscurain  Lesbian Sex11/16/174.81HOT

Sensations Escort Services Ch. 09

 — Caribbean playground. by SteveWallacein  Group Sex11/16/174.44

Redo Ch. 06

 — Turning Tides. by cassandraharperin  Interracial Love11/16/174.18

Imperfections - Lesbian Romance

 — She was once lost and now in the bathtub with Mia. by LewdLesbianin  Lesbian Sex11/16/170.00


 — The life of a man who lost his first love... by Zeb_Carterin  Erotic Couplings11/16/174.05

Ostracism Pt. 04

 — The knock on the door. by ReedRichardsin  Romance11/16/174.59HOT

There and Back Again Ch. 147

 — Modern Girl in Thedas during the Fifth Blight and beyond by ElyssaCouslandin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction11/16/174.86HOT

Christmas Miracles

 — A love story of how a name can control your destiny. by jsmangisin  Mature11/16/174.27

My Cousin Janie Ch. 02

 — Janie and Brad continue their love affair. by nosebonein  Incest/Taboo11/15/174.78HOT

Dream of Me Pt. 02

 — Does Leila get to meet her dream guy? by VannaTheStrangein  NonHuman11/15/174.31

An Indispensable Woman Ch. 04

 — Amara, out in Vancouver. by Kootin  Lesbian Sex11/15/174.83HOT

The Client Ch. 01

 — Long simmering romance overwhelms a lawyer and her client. by ChesterWJonesin  Loving Wives11/15/172.75

Traipse Ch. 04

 — Chapter four of a futuristic love story. by solitarycafein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/15/174.79HOT

The Ladies

 — Finding sex. by Suburbin  First Time11/15/174.08

My Autumn and My Winter

 — A pro wrestler explores bdsm with his new wife. by hunsenabadeerin  BDSM11/15/174.67

Massage Fantasy

 — Sometimes all you need is a massage...and a happy ending... by WantonTeasein  Romance11/14/173.53

The Waif and the Wall

 — She's tiny. He's huge. It would never work. by SyleusSnowin  Erotic Couplings11/14/174.68HOT

Is It Over?

 — Romantic hot sex for an older generation. by APRILBLOSSUMSin  Erotic Couplings11/14/174.14

The Perfect Fit...Oh MY

 — "Please let me help you cleanup my mess". by Ruby_Red_3in  Romance11/14/173.53

Mary and Alvin Ch. 01

 — The first encounter of an unlikely couple. by MelissaBabyin  Romance11/14/174.65HOT

My Little Secret

 — I just couldn't get him out of my head. by SexyJSecretsin  Romance11/14/173.91

The Cabin Boy Pt. 02

 — Julie adjusts to life at sea. by skinnysailorin  Lesbian Sex11/14/174.04

Daily Life with Furry Girls Ch. 16

 — Big stars in the big city. by SciFurzin  NonHuman11/14/174.70HOT

Vision Ch. 07

 — Family: Things can only get better - right? by MsLuLuXin  Interracial Love11/14/174.71HOT

Unbroken Ch. 13

 — A new beginning for Aidan and Luis... A new plan of enemies. by vanalasin  Gay Male11/14/174.52HOT

Bard's Tale 03 - Miriel

 — Foul play, rendering justice, and the in-laws. by TJSkywindin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/14/174.94HOT

The Blind Girl in the Rain Pt. 01

 — An unconventional romance from out of the dark. by Ian56in  Romance11/14/174.57HOT

A Wonderful Woman

 — Gal Gadot experiences true pleasure with Sofia Boutella. by Scarredheartangelin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction11/14/174.14

My Dream Santa

 — Jen always dreams of Santa, but this year he comes early by Spencerfictionin  Romance11/14/174.70HOT

Unbroken Ch. 12

 — Aidan goes back to Angria for his family. by vanalasin  Gay Male11/13/174.68HOT

A Short Story

 — A caring man meets a sensitive woman in bed. by mf1438in  Romance11/13/174.39

Almost Pt. 08

 — Benjamin is tested, Cheryl's "gift" explained. by danoctoberin  Romance11/13/174.54HOT

Natalie's Christmas

 — A young woman shares her first Christmas with her new love. by BurntRedstonein  Lesbian Sex11/13/174.59HOT

Gaming: D&D Pt. 11

 — Chasing the Moonlight. by AspernEsslingin  Novels and Novellas11/13/174.84HOT

The Naughty List

 — You better watch out. You better not cry. by secretsxywriterin  BDSM11/13/174.79HOT

What's Love Got to Do with It?

 — A couple struggling to grow their relationship. by ChuckEPooin  Romance11/12/174.20

Workplace Slowburn

 — Hidden sparks between co-workers ignite. by bdbeautyin  Romance11/12/174.15


 — Nurse Assistant adapts to the sad conditions. by Ingrid11Bin  Romance11/12/173.97

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