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Judith & Me Ch. 04

Judith's pregnancy is contagious.

Mature 07/01/2004

Secrets of the Amazon Ch. 03

Donnie tries his powers.

Mind Control 01/19/2004


Now this was quite a massage.

Loving Wives 10/21/2003

A Wife's Fantasy Cum True

She dreams of five men at one time.

Loving Wives 10/11/2003

A Solo Evening

She goes to our friends apartment to play and fucks more.

Loving Wives 09/29/2003

A Foreign Exchange

Spoiled wife gets more than she bargained for.

Loving Wives 09/19/2003

The Matchmaker

The connection between her friend & her lover.

Loving Wives 08/09/2003

Our Beginning

How it all began.

Loving Wives 07/30/2003

The Adulterous Wife

A meeting with her admitted lover.

Loving Wives 07/25/2003


She's caught by someone other than her husband.

Loving Wives 07/13/2003

The Ultimate Social Director-V

It is finally Richard's turn to 'grow'.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 02/12/2002

The Ultimate Social Director Ch. 3

Another episode of getting paid to watch porn.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 12/29/2001
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