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cock (6)pussy (4)slowly pulled (3)anal sex (2)ran hands (2)head lap (2)black hair (2)ran tongue (2)ass squeezed (2)tongue wife (2)flicking tongue (2)ass air (2)fucking slut (2)tongue licked (2)wife ass (2)grabbed hair (2)forced finger (2)back (2)slipped fingers (2)gently pushed (2)devyani (2)put finger (2)jayant (2)fingers licked (1)panama city (1)began (1)moved hands (1)chest (1)indian slut (1)sister (1)shy timid (1)cock stuck (1)reached grabbed (1)stock room (1)wider spread (1)girl tongue (1)hand bottoms (1)curtis knew (1)sat bed (1)forgotten good (1)floor sat (1)tongue pink (1)ass fuck (1)nipple (1)adam (1)dildo ass (1)mouth slowly (1)kissed deep (1)hands fingers (1)black cock (1)britney (1)tank top (1)alicia (1)back hard (1)chaise lounge (1)held open (1)moving hips (1)trisha (1)began moaning (1)stuck finger (1)base cock (1)cum (1)uma (1)mouth curtis (1)cried fuck (1)put panties (1)room black (1)deeper started (1)breast forms (1)kim house (1)sexy smile (1)cum chest (1)head forced (1)boy scout (1)lifted skirt (1)length dick (1)-oh god (1)opened door (1)love life (1)robin head (1)leaned forward (1)fun bill (1)rearview mirror (1)pussy face (1)orgasm coming (1)center bed (1)pussy grabbed (1)curtis (1)dick licked (1)lose virginity (1)mrs stansfield (1)wet hole (1)length cock (1)hands thighs (1)kissed neck (1)licking pussy (1)hard time (1)men love (1)fucked ass (1)bright red (1)cock stroked (1)cunt hole (1)black guy (1)picked speed (1)face tongue (1)lifted hand (1)thumb forefinger (1)clit mouth (1)room minutes (1)stood doorway (1)pussy juice (1)heavy breathing (1)police officer (1)moved side (1)uma thurman (1)cock start (1)mouth sucked (1)shot load (1)move hips (1)love men (1)nipple mouth (1)suck bitch (1)start cum (1)began sucking (1)finger (1)betty (1)felt start (1)tits face (1)deep inside (1)cum inside (1)tasted good (1)dick started (1)sex women (1)arrive home (1)knees chest (1)licked sucked (1)head started (1)feel heat (1)pulled condom (1)edge bed (1)head back (1)spread legs (1)cock hand (1)coal black (1)pussy full (1)dildo felt (1)dick hand (1)inside kate (1)pushing legs (1)pulled car (1)fuck yeah (1)ass felt (1)cock looked (1)stood back (1)tongue mouth (1)robin (1)fucked slowly (1)small pert (1)cool air (1)husband affair (1)asshole licked (1)britney grabbed (1)pulled panties (1)close coming (1)black snake (1)decided walk (1)sat looked (1)sat floor (1)mike (1)slid tongue (1)hands found (1)high school (1)pushed dildo (1)hard tits (1)felt fingers (1)tongue arse (1)big prick (1)pulled pants (1)hands chest (1)good job (1)face carpet (1)back town (1)pushing back (1)dwayne (1)hard nipple (1)full cum (1)gave long (1)slapped ass (1)pussy hair (1)slowly letting (1)halloween party (1)nice meet (1)janet reno (1)fingers held (1)tongue (1)knees pushed (1)french whore (1)bhavita (1)fuck mmm (1)spread wider (1)panties friend (1)hotel room (1)back seat (1)started make (1)struck ass (1)ass (1)touched pussy (1)pussy soaking (1)sis (1)slut wife (1)high heels (1)long smooth (1)cum cock (1)nikki (1)white woman (1)dark skinned (1)robin back (1)customer relations (1)finger ass (1)hold back (1)black men (1)hand (1)tongue ear (1)late afternoon (1)black (1)britt (1)top knickers (1)alexie (1)asked mike (1)guy (1)pulled back (1)passionately kissed (1)hard (1)
stuck tongue

As It Happened

Estanged partners find extramarital lust.

Loving Wives 05/20/2005

Night in the Cemetary

We go for a walk at night and enjoy some macabre pleasure.

Erotic Couplings 02/23/2005

Dottie's Back Ch. 01

Dottie goes to the doctor.

Transsexuals & Crossdressers 11/14/2004

Alexandra Ch. 02

Alexie accepts and carries out a dare by her father.

Erotic Couplings 09/12/2004

Chemistry Class

From a boring lecture comes an exciting meeting.

Erotic Couplings 09/08/2004

Mandy's Online Master Ch. 10

Mandy is back!

BDSM 08/04/2004

Terri Gets Me Excited At Work

Masturbating at work leads to lesbian action.

Lesbian Sex 05/30/2004

Broken Heart Finds New Love

Brokenhearted girl finds love in her friend.

Erotic Couplings 04/19/2004

The Roommate

Prudish Asian coed is surprisingly kinky.

Lesbian Sex 04/18/2004

The East Indian Slut Ch. 02

Her hubby likes to see her getting nasty.

Loving Wives 04/01/2004

A Mature Indian Slut Ch. 02

Hubby watches.

Loving Wives 03/26/2004

The Adventures of Lance Steele Ch. 02

Further exploits of a Hard Boiled Dick.

Novels and Novellas 10/12/2003

Pen Pal Letters Ch. 02

Her first blowjob and her first girl.

Letters & Transcripts 10/09/2003

My 18th Birthday Ch. 02

Keri's first time with a guy, but still a virgin.

First Time 06/16/2003

Roomates Delight

Trisha walks in on Betty and things get hot.

Lesbian Sex 06/13/2003

Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 06

He finally gets shy timid Jennifer.

Mature 04/12/2003

Student in Question

Indian teacher helps her student.

Lesbian Sex 02/03/2003

Bhavita Ch. 03

Bhavita discovers her sister's love of Black men.

Interracial Love 01/01/2003

Clerk Love

She's so lovely.

Interracial Love 10/12/2002

A Friend Comes Home

Drive in the country leads to pleasure.

Erotic Couplings 09/10/2002

Birthday Surprise

First time anal sex for young lovers.

Anal 09/07/2002


What happens when you go too fast?

Gay Male 09/02/2002

Black God

Girl working in Africa is in love with young tribal man.

Interracial Love 09/02/2002

My Wife, My Love, My Passion

His wife fulfills his desires.

Loving Wives 08/01/2002


Swedish hottie on roadtrip shares room with Black stud.

Interracial Love 07/07/2002

I'm A Dirty Whore

18-year-old discovers the joys of sex.

First Time 07/02/2002

Blow Me Again, Mom

He's seduced by his beautiful mother.

Incest/Taboo 02/20/2002

Deflowered By Choice Ch. 1

The story of lost virginity with a stranger.

Romance 02/09/2002

My First Orgasm

female experiences her first orgasm

Erotic Couplings 12/12/2001

Dinner & Dessert

A pilot on a layover finds his dessert.

Gay Male 11/04/2001

Halloween Party

An unexpected three-way fantasy.

Loving Wives 10/15/2001

Jenn & Friend Have A Bang

Jenny and a friend have a few cocks.

Group Sex 08/13/2001

Young Woman Still Needs More

She wakes up ready for more.

BDSM 07/13/2001

Duana: The Girl That Keeps On Giving

She can teach a guy a lesson or two.

Fetish 06/05/2001

Jewel, Britney, & I

Guy has sexy fun with singers.

Celebrities & Fan Fiction 05/14/2001

The Mess

Alicia finally gets the chance to relive herself.

Celebrities & Fan Fiction 05/09/2001

Sis & Robin Ch. 2

He continues to pleasure the two sexy girls.

Incest/Taboo 04/15/2001

A Little Stock Room Romp

Virgin helps coworker "unload" in the stock room.

Erotic Couplings 01/13/2001
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