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supernatural drama

Stolen Birthright Ch. 47-51

Lab Rat.

NonHuman 07/07/2017

My Soul-Mate Ch. 01

A young man falls in love with a restless ghost.

NonHuman 07/07/2017

Loving the Alpha Ch. 03

Kat finally says the words.

NonHuman 05/02/2017

Caged Ch. 06

Intimacy leads to...

NonHuman 04/24/2017

Loving the Alpha Ch. 02

Kat and Jake finally come to an agreement.

NonHuman 04/21/2017

My Little Ventrue Pt. 02 Ch. 09

Some Kindred have a nice night, some not so much.

NonHuman 04/21/2017

Fluttering of Heart Beats

Start of a new empire.

NonHuman 03/29/2017

Caged Ch. 04

Freedom is close at hand.

NonHuman 03/26/2017

Vampires Don't Sparkle Ch. 08

Ben experiences his first full moon.

NonHuman 02/08/2017

The Ebony Alpha Ch. 27

Welcome Back Carlotta.

NonHuman 09/14/2016

Anna and the Vampire Ch. 02

Anna wakes up and does not know where she is.

NonHuman 09/08/2016

Thorn Ch. 19-22

The story continues.

NonHuman 04/09/2016

Pawn Among Wolves Ch. 17


NonHuman 03/06/2015

Bonne Blue Eyes

A benevolent telepath falls in love with his Aura mate.

Mind Control 02/06/2015

The Awakening Ch. 01-10

Nothing is what it seems. But now it starts to make sense.

NonHuman 01/23/2015

Taken by the Wolf Ch. 27

The last chapter.

NonConsent/Reluctance 07/27/2014

Heart of the Wolf Ch. 02

Kaine closed his eyes for a moment...

NonHuman 06/13/2014

Encounters with Evil Pt. 08a

Losing and Winning.

Gay Male 05/16/2014

Awake and Lost Ch. 03

Secrets are revealed, and secrets have consequences.

NonHuman 05/03/2014

Taken by the Wolf Ch. 15

Some hands, some oral, and some discoveries.

NonConsent/Reluctance 02/23/2014

A Full Moon Ch. 08

The guys get some alone time and Dylan gets spookier.

Gay Male 08/02/2013

My Dark Angel Ch. 07

Iōannēs comes to the club, and takes an interest in James.

Gay Male 05/13/2013

Bitten Ch. 05

Burning; Blood moon rises & Lina gives into it... But at what cost?

NonHuman 05/11/2013

Thorne Ch. 09

Decisions are made.

Interracial Love 04/06/2013

A Dream Come True Ch. 03

Their first date gets interrupted.

NonHuman 03/27/2013

New Kingdom: Return from Exile

Gabriel vows to regain his family's place in the world.

NonHuman 02/24/2013

A Cure for Moonlight Ch. 06

An alliance is formed, against Stella.

NonHuman 02/03/2013

Lunar Dance Ch. 10

Jozlyn, Nyyrikki, Matt and Kayla.

NonHuman 01/13/2013

Lunar Dance Ch. 09

Demir fights.

NonHuman 01/12/2013

Pawn Among Wolves Ch. 08

She is used in a fight between werewolves.

NonHuman 01/01/2013

Fulfillment 19

Jo's heat, troubles at Ross, and Wyeth, the ending.

NonHuman 11/03/2012

A Dark Night with a Dark Stranger Ch. 10

A last-minute guest.

NonHuman 10/28/2012

Fallen Ch. 15

Sam and Alex make the family complete.

Gay Male 03/29/2012

Finding Love Ch. 06

Things boil over.

NonHuman 08/04/2011

Finding Love Ch. 05

Calm before the storm.

NonHuman 06/21/2011

Finding Love Ch. 04

Focus on what matters most.

NonHuman 05/23/2011

Serving The Council Ch. 05

Revelations and a bite or two.

NonHuman 05/08/2011

Finding Love Ch. 03

The truth comes out.

NonHuman 04/18/2011

Into the Vampire's Lair Ch. 11

Finding solutions.

NonHuman 04/17/2011

James & Maria Ch. 03

Soulmates relationship tested before going steady.

NonHuman 02/26/2011

Into the Vampire's Lair Ch. 02

Fiona wants to get pregnant; Erika finds out about Vampires.

NonHuman 02/26/2011

To Love a Were Ch. 10

Towards a path of recovery.

NonHuman 02/11/2011

To Love a Were Ch. 01

The strange Vampire child.

NonHuman 12/11/2010

Wolf's Kiss Ch. 05

Shayna hesitates but Jake presses on.

NonHuman 11/27/2010

Crimson Moonlight Ch. 02

A confusing past, enjoyable present, and mysterious future.

NonHuman 09/02/2010

The Council Ch. 04

The struggle for Power.

NonHuman 08/26/2010

Soul to the Highest Bidder Ch. 01

New York, New York - Just another day for Lauren.

Novels and Novellas 08/12/2010

More Than Just a Fairy Tale Ch. 07

Further adventures of Luc and Meg.

NonHuman 08/12/2010

Nothing To Live For? Ch. 02

Lilly gets some answers.

NonHuman 08/12/2010

Count Down To Moonlight Ch. 04

Could he really let her go?

NonHuman 08/07/2010

More Than Just a Fairy Tale Ch. 06

Luc and Meg deepen their relationship.

NonHuman 08/04/2010

Bound to My Mate Ch. 05

Elizabeth learns about the pack.

NonHuman 07/23/2010

The Choosing Ch. 09

Love, jealousy, blood and betrayal...

Erotic Horror 07/14/2010

Love Bites Ch. 05

A fight and a truce.

NonHuman 07/05/2010

The Arrangement Ch. 04

Things go wrong.

NonHuman 06/13/2010

Ash Ch. 06

The outside world intrudes.

NonHuman 05/30/2010

Reach Out For The Sunrise Ch. 06

Rayne seeks catharsis & Xav is offered an intriguing chance.

Novels and Novellas 03/06/2010

Intertwined Fates 17: Desperate Measures

Miranda recalls her dealings with Markus.

NonHuman 03/03/2010

Noria's Dream Come True Ch. 01

She meets the vampire of her dreams.

NonHuman 02/19/2010

Haunted Prey Ch. 16

Brethren Series: Installment III.

NonHuman 01/23/2010

Crescent Moon Star Ch. 02

A Felioness finds her mates and more.

NonHuman 12/27/2009

Demetrius Ch. 31

Negotiating barriers and other obstacles.

Novels and Novellas 12/25/2009

Haunted Prey Ch. 10

Brethren Series: Installment III

NonHuman 12/12/2009

The Color of Blood - Book 01 Ch. 01

Kara is a college girl about to have her life changed.

NonHuman 12/10/2009

A Gypsy's Tale Ch. 07

Things heat up.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 11/09/2009

The Temptress Ch. 05

L'tirashin is summoned by her master.

NonHuman 10/23/2009

Whispers of the Moon Ch. 03

Skyler awakens.

NonHuman 10/14/2009

Demetrius Ch. 26

"Take a Walk on the Wild Side..."

Novels and Novellas 10/10/2009

All Horror's Eve

The prophecy can't be right. Can it?

Erotic Horror 10/01/2009

She Wolf Ch. 02

Nitkita meets Fareon and something unexpected happens.

NonHuman 09/30/2009

Silver Eyes Ch. 12

Paranormal romance b/w a vampire and a supernatural human.

NonHuman 09/27/2009

Wotan's Hounds Ch. 05

The hunt begins.

NonHuman 09/27/2009

A Creole Princess

The story of a Creole Princess Vampire.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 09/24/2009

Walking in Daylight Ch. 02

Daywalker Pen and Agent Ryan meet again.

Gay Male 09/11/2009

Ghostly Encounter Ch. 07

Lisa becomes a slave to a ghost and a mortal woman.

NonHuman 09/10/2009

Connor Thomas Ch. 04

Connor meets a vampire.

NonHuman 09/09/2009

Demetrius Ch. 17

A Bloodied Cresent Moon.

Novels and Novellas 08/07/2009

Nicoletta Ch. 02

Alessandro explains how and why she has come to be in his be.

NonHuman 07/10/2009

Shadows and Light Ch. 03

Ian must work to earn Isabelle's trust

NonHuman 10/05/2007

Gifting Night Ch. 07

Kat confronts Bridget in her lair in the story's conclusion.

NonHuman 11/30/2006
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