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Of Kingdoms Doomed and Drowned

 — What secrets lie beneath the rolling ocean. by PaxNurglein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy10/21/174.07NEW

Queen of the Demons

 — That beautiful demon wasn't a dream last night. by theangeloftemptationin  Text With Audio10/20/174.47NEW

Irdu-Lili Pt. 05: Her Temple

 — Kilili meets Levant's mother. by LilithHeraldin  Erotic Horror10/19/175.00NEW

Irdu-Lili Pt. 04: False Hearts

 — Levant encounters another succubus, driven mad by the ages. by LilithHeraldin  Erotic Horror10/18/175.00NEW

RfH Ch. 01: That Thing in the Corner

 — Sexy roommate, but that THING in the corner only I can see. by kristaoconnorsin  Erotic Horror10/17/173.80NEW

In the Arms of the Succubus

 — For Halloween, man meets succubus, oh this can't be good. by milliedynamitein  Erotic Horror10/16/174.15NEW

Heather Pt. 01: Psycho Dreams

 — A young woman puzzles over a disturbing erotic dream. by Acushla13in  Erotic Horror10/14/173.44

Of Monsters and Emotions

 — Young woman questions her feelings from a monster attack. by Fleecewyin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy10/13/174.11

Succubi's Champion Ch. 05

 — New apartment, details and playtime. by AngelRaguelin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy10/11/174.70HOT

The Forest of Ecstasy Pt. 02

 — Will the crew of the USS Servitude escape Venus, or give in? by thegreat_pretenderin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy10/10/174.45


 — A college student summons a water spirit on Halloween. by NathanRavenwoodin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy10/10/174.53HOT

Demons Beware

 — Demons beware when a witch is on the prowl... by AmethystMarein  Fetish10/07/173.38

Darkness Rising: Halloween Ch. 02

 — A succubus continues to terrorize a small New England town. by thegreat_pretenderin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy10/06/174.38

Unnatural Thirst Ch. 01

 — College-aged Wiccan relaxes before the start of the semester. by guyprimein  Gay Male10/06/173.97

Perchance to Dream

 — She was lost and needed help. by no1specificin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy10/06/174.55HOT

The Fallen

 — A man, a dog, a forest, and a fallen. by AshWillowsin  Non-Erotic10/06/173.60

Horny Ghost

 — What will Joe do, when a horny ghost possesses his wife? by Leenysmanin  NonHuman10/02/174.61HOT

Hitchhiker's Guide to Halloween

 — The Black Widow Whore - To Death Do Us Part. by Sandman_Nightmaresin  Text With Audio10/02/174.58HOT


 — A Halloween Lawyer-to-Lot-Lizard Transformation. by Joe_Doe_Storiesin  NonConsent/Reluctance10/02/174.35

To Valhalla and Back Ch. 01

 — Choices have consequences. by Pallatonin  NonHuman09/29/174.44

Matter Undermined

 — A Power is unleashed. by biwritenowin  Mind Control09/25/173.97

Sam Spade 14: Case of the Don Who Wasn't Pt. 03

 — Sam finds who has been behind her troubles. by KaereniSisterin  Novels and Novellas09/22/174.57HOT

Sam Spade 14: Case of the Don Who Wasn't Pt. 02

 — Sam is set up to take the long fall. by KaereniSisterin  Novels and Novellas09/20/174.47

Tim's Grimoire Ch. 01

 — Tim, Sara and Tiff cast the first spell. by Tom_Haydenin  Incest/Taboo09/19/174.15

The Paladins Folly

 — A fantasy story about a paladin and her quest. by sinfulwritingsin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/18/174.14

The Priestess and the Brat Ch. 07

 — All is revealed in this final chapter of Book 1. by Audrey07in  Lesbian Sex09/17/174.48

Tights of a Teacher

 — Adam finds love in his teacher and her tights. by TightsDudein  Fetish09/16/174.52HOT

The Raven

 — (A snippet) Raven is a hunter. Smart, calculating, and ... by AshWillowsin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/16/174.00

When a Wolf Finds His Heart Pt. 02 of 03

 — Meeting the Pack. by sinagainChris12in  NonHuman09/15/174.56HOT

Wait... Pt. 01: What's That?!

 — How did my clit turn into an 8-inch cock?! Any ideas, babe? by tarkustrooperin  Text With Audio09/14/174.40


 — What you see, isn’t what you get. by sex4every1in  Incest/Taboo09/13/174.42

The Trunk in the Attic Pt. 15

 — Caleb and Jan play matchmaker. by bourbononicein  Novels and Novellas09/13/174.61HOT


 — A fetish comeuppance tale. by zenkoan5150in  Fetish09/13/173.40

Tears For The Dragon Ch. 01

 — A mage with a past gets a job that's too good to be true. by Mr_Shoggothin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/11/174.89HOT

Now You See Me, Now You Don't Ch. 01

 — Zara is on her way to meet her online boyfriend of 1.5 years. by AmateurEroticain  NonHuman09/11/173.33

Succubi's Champion Ch. 04

 — Grace's second client. by AngelRaguelin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/10/174.58HOT

Christopher and the Three Condoms

 — Will these magic condoms solve Christopher's problems? by typical_boyin  Gay Male09/09/174.21

Sam Spade 13: Case of the Chinaman's Takeover

 — Sam has to stop a war between the mob and the Tongs. by KaereniSisterin  Novels and Novellas09/09/174.67HOT

When a Wolf Finds His Heart Pt. 01 of 03

 — Running away can lead to finding what you need. by sinagainChris12in  NonHuman09/09/174.72HOT

The Club of Death and Rebirth Ch. 01-02

 — Sam discovers a club filled with surprising revelations. by Cazmerein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/09/174.47

Four Words

 — Lipstick. Lust. Loss. Locked. (A friend's challenge) by AshWillowsin  Non-Erotic09/08/174.06

The Trunk in the Attic Pt. 12.1

 — Marie gets a visit from Abigail. by bourbononicein  Novels and Novellas09/01/174.65HOT

Sleeping Beast Ch. 10

 — Reservations, revelations, and relations. by SteffiOlsenin  NonHuman08/31/174.82HOT

Beautiful Young Alpha Ch. 05

 — Julie becomes a powerful Alpha the old fashioned way. by JonThomas_in  NonHuman08/31/174.74HOT

The Last Bookshop

 — Why is this book so much trouble? by TheTravellingManin  Mind Control08/28/174.29

Getting Sleepy

 — Enchantress challenges the god of sleep to a battle of wits. by PS_Alexandriain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/24/174.50

Pondering her Future

 — A mythical fantasy. by pheacockin  Lesbian Sex08/22/174.44

The Daily Grind

 — An Imp gets adjusted to her new job, with a few missteps. by Carol_Jin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/21/174.69HOT

Crossing Over

 — He may have crossed, but for her, he'll keep coming back. by RDLEKin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/21/174.33

The Secret World Ch. 06

 — Penny and Beau at Branford's mercy while a siege is underway. by Captain_Handsomein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/21/174.67

The Priestess and the Brat Ch. 05

 — Cassia receives the blessing of the Goddess. by Audrey07in  Lesbian Sex08/19/174.35

Her Fan for the Night

 — A rocker girl mind-bends a fanboy. by PulpWyattin  Mind Control08/17/174.23

The Priestess and the Brat Ch. 04

 — Part 4 - Athalia's Nocturnal Adventure. by Audrey07in  Lesbian Sex08/11/174.67HOT

Shameless [Nathan Lloyd]

 — Straight to bi, Nate learns about consent the hard way. by JasonClearwaterin  Gay Male08/11/174.56HOT

A Witch and Her Broomstick

 — A witch tries something new and someone wants in on it. by AtomicWeinerin  Fetish08/11/173.83

100 Years in Purgatory Ch. 03

 — JT's best client Sharon, stops whoring. by JonThomas_in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/07/174.50HOT

Beautiful Young Alpha Ch. 04

 — Julie's pack puts an end to a witch's curse. by JonThomas_in  NonHuman08/06/174.54HOT

The Embrace of Darkness

 — A lovely mortal meets the Lord of Darkness. by PapaPalpatinein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/05/174.11

Faith and Faithfulness

 — Supernatural justice for a wandering eyed husband. by B_Couricin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur08/04/173.33

Serenade Ch. 29

 — Homecoming. by JRothschildin  NonHuman08/04/174.72HOT

Supernatural: Forgetting

 — Dean helps another hunter recover after a tough case. by ellen_devlinin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction07/30/174.38

Succubi's Champion Ch. 03

 — Becoming her champion. by AngelRaguelin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/28/174.38

Unwilling Ch. 12

 — A clash of the Alphas and a lot of death. by metajinxin  Gay Male07/28/174.66HOT

The One True Queen

 — The great Emilia Clarke finally becomes all powerful. by Messyboy98in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction07/27/173.40

Julie's Ride Home

 — Is a mysterious country girl all she seems? by PaxNurglein  Non-Erotic07/27/174.36

Victoria Pt. 02: The Housewife Hex

 — Victoria and Rick find new ways to feed. by maestro84in  Erotic Horror07/27/174.75HOT

Succubi's Champion Ch. 02

 — Grace gets her first "appointment". by AngelRaguelin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/27/174.43

Guardian of the Sacred Fire Ch. 02

 — A woman must stop the devil from returning. by jadestormbornin  Non-Erotic07/27/174.62HOT

Darkness Rising: Halloween Ch. 01

 — All is not as it seems in a small New England town. by thegreat_pretenderin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/25/174.46

Succubi's Champion

 — Woman meets a Succubus and becomes her agent. by AngelRaguelin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/24/174.24

Weight of Penumbra Ch. 04

 — Guess who's coming to dinner? by TalyisBagleyin  Interracial Love07/24/174.68HOT

Sam Spade 06: Case of the Murdered Mistress

 — One of her girls is trying to kill Sam. But who is it? by KaereniSisterin  Novels and Novellas07/24/174.72HOT

Red Leather, Blue Leather

 — Kelly finds a pair of red leather boots to wear. by KaereniSisterin  Mind Control07/23/174.35

Embrace of the Sea

 — Two lovers find something new in a forbidden sea cave. by DualLegionin  NonHuman07/15/174.37

Salvation Ch. 01

 — Nate struggles to accept his lust for men in Vince's absence. by JasonClearwaterin  Gay Male07/14/174.60HOT

The Beasts of Blackwood Forest

 — Everyone knows the beasts will kill you, or will they? by DualLegionin  Erotic Horror07/14/174.44

The Supernatural Lives Among Us

 — Somali lesbian student becomes a werewolf in Boston. by Samuelxin  NonHuman07/09/173.67

Beauty and the Beast Ch. 03

 — Joshua's training begins.... by Little_panda2412in  Gay Male07/08/174.37

Stolen Birthright Ch. 47-51

 — Lab Rat. by partwolfin  NonHuman07/07/174.83HOT

Slave Gambit Ch. 02

 — Therian and Sohrab rescue Sephora and Becca. Sort of. by erosiawriter7in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/07/174.40

My Soul-Mate Ch. 01

 — A young man falls in love with a restless ghost. by BlinkenLights93in  NonHuman07/07/174.52HOT


 — The birth of a Succubus is accounted. by KaereniSisterin  NonHuman07/06/174.44

Beauty and the Beast Ch. 02

 — Can an angel and a demon co-exist? by Little_panda2412in  Gay Male06/30/174.44

A Creature Named Kerry

 — She's cursed to be wanted, but never loved... or is she? by MyNaughtyCreedin  Erotic Horror06/27/174.62HOT

Beauty and the Beast

 — A young slave is sold to a beastly looking man. by Little_panda2412in  Gay Male06/26/174.20

The Moaning Ghost

 — I woke up to find a ghostly woman masturbating before me. by pinkysurprisein  Erotic Horror06/24/174.47

Mystères Élémentaires

 — Ce qui était, et ce qui ne doit plus jamais être… by Adrian Leverkuhnin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy06/20/174.82HOT

Questionable Heroes

 — A sexed up tale of superpowers, spies, morality and violence. by Porridgemcgeein  Novels and Novellas06/14/174.83HOT

Horror and Fucking in the Mansion Ch. 03

 — Gina introduces Dana to the pervert ghost. by Maria24in  NonHuman06/08/174.66HOT

Chained Heat

 — Serafina has wild passionate sex with her pet werewolf. by ErosinaScarlettin  NonHuman06/08/174.58HOT

The Door in the Oak Ch. 32

 — I am mistaken for Kit. by dangoughin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy06/08/174.25

The Spider Pt. 20

 — Become what you are. by ImmanuelMalin  Mind Control06/05/174.64HOT

Serenade Ch. 26-28

 — Confusion, Clarity, & Hope... by JRothschildin  NonHuman06/02/174.74HOT

The Witch in the Woods

 — Daryll finds the witch who loves to suck more than your soul. by RDLEKin  Erotic Horror06/01/174.16

Lux Ex Tenebris Ch. 05

 — Clara's separation from her loved ones. by Toxicity23in  NonHuman05/24/174.79HOT

The Ice Queen Ch. 02

 — The search for who or what she was. by ColdLovein  NonHuman05/24/174.42

Under the Full Moon Ch. 01

 — He longs for the woman inside the cafe during the full moon. by deepluvein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/23/173.70

The Enchanted Forest

 — A forest exerts its lecherous will upon father & daughter. by Jimyfoxxin  Incest/Taboo05/21/174.56HOT

Commutationem - The Exchange

 — Magic talisman changes a man and woman. by jackie_emin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers05/20/174.51HOT

Grandpa Wolfie and Me

 — Ylva's birthday prompts a special visit from Grandpa Wolfie. by copper_wolfin  Incest/Taboo05/19/174.36

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