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After the Pensioners Coach Trip

 — Mature married woman mixes with village old boys again. by rockycoveboyin  Illustrated11/17/173.84NEW

Was It Worth It? Ch.02

 — Aria has an interesting experience online. by Rbk_47in  Toys & Masturbation11/16/175.00NEW

Kelly's Bedtime

 — After her first year of college, Kelly moves in with Daddy. by James_Steelein  Incest/Taboo11/16/174.47NEW

Milking the Mares

 — Mares in the tavern must be milked... by AmethystMarein  NonHuman11/15/174.67NEW

Torgan Wine Ch. 04

 — On their way toward Torga. by Isemayin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/14/174.83HOTNEW

Bound for Her Pleasure

 — Luna plays with her "pet" dragon... by AmethystMarein  BDSM11/14/174.67NEW

Boat Show

 — Andrea makes a boat charter trip hard for Captain Mario. by KCWinterin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur11/12/174.38NEW

One Last Night Before Hiatus

 — A hotel hookup before going on hiatus. by scssmithin  Erotic Couplings11/10/173.50

Your Side Slut Needs Your Cock

 — You're with her, listening to me. by theangeloftemptationin  Text With Audio11/09/173.90

Ms. Sandstrom's Assistant Pt. 01

 — Liz helps Mike release some tension before his interview. by pinkysurprisein  Erotic Couplings11/09/174.37

Torgan Wine Ch. 03

 — Isonei helps Draeseth and Andnaeuth find common ground. by Isemayin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/09/174.94HOT

Can You Make Me High?

 — Is this what you do when I'm not with you? by sinfulcaramelin  Toys & Masturbation11/07/174.43

Airport Security Guard

 — Ben's indiscretion leads to a cavity search and more. by MaximumDesirein  NonConsent/Reluctance11/07/173.51

Adventures in Nemesisland Ch. 15

 — Kim teases the Duchess and gives her oral. by SlaveNanoin  BDSM11/05/174.14

Dorm Room Love

 — The RA has a lucky encounter and makes the best of it. by firebird68in  Erotic Couplings11/04/174.38

Bad Cop, Worse Cop, Worst Cop

 — Officer LaFratta runs into trouble when he makes a drug bust. by Voboyin  Mature11/04/174.44

Spotted Firsts

 — An intelligent cheetah finds pleasure at a party... by AmethystMarein  NonHuman11/04/174.50

Torgan Wine

 — Draeseth returns. by Isemayin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/03/174.72HOT

Preacher's Wife Rides with Tommy Ch. 04

 — Tommy's first counseling session helps understand panties. by softspokenstephenin  Mature11/01/174.34

Bad Little School Girls Pt. 02

 — Hailey and Jen make their move. by MsTeacherin  Erotic Couplings11/01/174.83HOT

The Challenge Ch. 01

 — "Have you ever thought of me as more than just a pal?" by MemberXin  First Time11/01/174.23

Valentine's Games

 — Valentine's Day gets sexy...! by AmethystMarein  Romance10/31/173.57


 — Clair and her friends compete to make Frankie cum first. by MemberXin  Group Sex10/30/174.42

The Country Club Ch. 06

 — We host a gathering of the bikini and lingerie club. by Scorpius1945in  Erotic Couplings10/29/174.36

Photos of Jen Pt. 01

 — Johnny's not home, but his hot sister is. by MemberXin  First Time10/29/174.33

Babysitter's Education Ch. 03

 — Mia enjoys Sunday serving her Mistress and friends. by Tappy_McWidestancein  BDSM10/29/174.82HOT

Descent into Submission Ch. 03

 — Rick is chastised, and frustrated, for a whole day. by Cyanlotin  Erotic Couplings10/28/174.39

Abuse of Power Ch. 03 - Wednesday

 — You tease me all evening... by naughty42in  BDSM10/27/174.37

In Her Childhood Room

 — Ashton meets his girlfriend's parents, and spends the night. by EMMastersin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur10/26/173.60

Magical Charm & Demonic Fun

 — A devilishly fun creature seduces a young male hiker. by ElizzyVioletin  NonHuman10/24/174.38

Guys Next Door Ch. 02

 — Rick's wife goes a little further. by flyingfish33in  Loving Wives10/24/173.64

Punished: Kara

 — Kara gets punished. by Amouteruin  Anal10/23/173.80

I Think I Might Regret This Ch. 03

 — Renee, Jay, and Amber Plan the remodel. by O2in  Erotic Couplings10/18/174.55HOT

A Peek into Their Lives

 — They reconnect, but she has not been a good girl. by moresubthanslavein  BDSM10/17/174.62HOT

Heather Pt. 01: Psycho Dreams

 — A young woman puzzles over a disturbing erotic dream. by Acushla13in  Erotic Horror10/14/174.22

Let's Play

 — The last thing I was expecting when I arrived home was this. by iBiteHardVIIIin  Erotic Couplings10/11/173.69

Landlord and Friends Have Me

 — More of how I got rent free months for us by slutting about. by Annatartywifein  Erotic Couplings10/07/174.34

Waiting for You to Cum Home

 — Let me help you fuck the stress of the day away. by LushinLacein  Text With Audio10/07/174.49

Her Feet

 — Teased by GF's feet under the table during dinner. by Scrumblein  Fetish10/04/174.67HOT

The Anniversary Weekend

 — A weekend of teasing, and romance. by bedouin13in  Romance10/01/174.36

The Teasing Air Hostess Ch. 04

 — He serves Her more and they go to a fetish club together. by footslave85in  Fetish09/30/173.82

Party Girl

 — I sign up with the agency and have the time of my life. by DonnaMayerin  Group Sex09/30/174.34


 — An un-sexy turtleneck sweater inspires a night of sex. by zagrebzagrebin  Erotic Couplings09/28/173.60

HouseKeeping Ch. 14

 — The difference between intimacy and exhibitionism. by FLSr5rin  Romance09/27/174.61HOT

Our First Threesome

 — Two girl lesbian play includes my male roommate. by yelrahin  First Time09/26/174.31

Mean Mean Girls

 — They are rich. They are pretty. They are a total nightmare! by hobrigefin  Erotic Couplings09/25/172.65

Starfinder: The Jade Regent Pt. 02

 — The adventure discovers shocking truths about Amiko Woodwise. by DragonCoboltin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/25/174.89HOT

Football Fun

 — Girl teases guys while watching Texas A&M vs LSU game. by WickedWantonWomanin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur09/25/174.14

Shopping with Emma

 — A stepsister helps her brother on a sexy shopping trip. by Bloodmosaicin  Incest/Taboo09/25/174.27

Recovery Pt. 05

 — A new obstacle but bonds are strengthened. by GiovanniBruscatoin  Incest/Taboo09/22/174.73HOT

A Trip Down Memory Lane Ch. 01

 — Wife recalls getting some valuable experience in life. by That_Guy71in  Group Sex09/20/174.04

Doctor Love's Practice Ch. 07

 — Will a Guest get more than expected flirting with Dr Love? by Maddisynin  Erotic Couplings09/20/174.36

Just a Touch

 — Melissa and I go a bit far while studying for our HS exam. by Bloodmosaicin  Mature09/19/174.35


 — He decided to suprise her. by roar_58in  Erotic Couplings09/19/173.95

Undying Lust

 — A nice surprise for a husband, who has had a long trying day. by blackwolf88in  Erotic Couplings09/18/174.11

Dreamy Ch. 15-17

 — Aunt Julie give Marty an undress rehearsal before the dance. by DarcyLansdownein  Celebrities & Fan Fiction09/16/173.83

Taking Tess Pt. 01

 — Shy Tess loses her virginity at a competition. by Bloodmosaicin  First Time09/16/174.53HOT

Meeting Megan

 — A teacher enters into a forbidden relationship. by Bloodmosaicin  Mature09/15/174.58HOT

Schooling Molly

 — Guy rediscovers his lost youth with an eighteen year old... by RandyCrossin  Erotic Couplings09/15/174.54HOT

Teasing Another Neighbor

 — Clearing my head while teasing another. by stockingluvrin  Gay Male09/15/174.18

Guys Next Door Ch. 01

 — Your wife starts being a slut for three guys next door. by flyingfish33in  Loving Wives09/15/173.96

The Man across The Bar Pt. 02

 — Rich and Marie continue their erotic evening with Ethan. by RandalfTheGrayin  Group Sex09/14/174.08

Oh Those Day Games Ending

 — The end to a long day at the ballpark and at home. by LP1957in  Loving Wives09/13/172.85

Panties and His New Boss Pt. 01

 — Bill's new boss embarrasses him. by softspokenstephenin  Mature09/13/174.12

HouseKeeping Ch. 13

 — More things than the BBQ were really hot that afternoon. by FLSr5rin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur09/12/174.37

Car Teasing

 — She strokes and teases him as he's driving. by ellen_devlinin  Erotic Couplings09/09/174.61HOT

The Fantasy Game

 — Charlie has always wanted to know his Wife's fantasies... by Robert_Anthonyin  Fetish09/09/174.14

A Peek into a Twisted Mind Pt. 05

 — My own theater-of-the-mind, complete with sticky floor. by GeorgeTyerbyterin  Fetish09/08/174.33

Irresistible Katie Pt. 01-04

 — My angry stepdaughter and I finally learn to get along. by Bloodmosaicin  Incest/Taboo09/08/174.70HOT


 — You are so tense, so stressed out. And I want to help you... by AuralHoneyin  Text With Audio09/07/174.41

First Roommate

 — My roommate taught me. by yelrahin  First Time09/02/174.19

Recovery Pt. 04

 — Jealousy, thy name is Dottie. by GiovanniBruscatoin  Incest/Taboo08/31/174.76HOT

Finding the One Ch. 07

 — Building the relationship. by Kojak01in  Romance08/30/174.74HOT

Consequences of Teasing Pt. 04

 — Part 4 of teasing co-worker story. by Actualthoughtsin  BDSM08/30/174.69HOT

Slut: Queen of Cheating Pt. 02

 — Hot wife gets ready for a night of new cock. by NeilMc123in  Loving Wives08/29/173.49

Finding the One Ch. 06

 — Climbing out of the hole. by Kojak01in  Romance08/28/174.69HOT

Oh Those Day Games Pt. 03

 — Karen's perspective of the day. by LP1957in  Loving Wives08/25/172.92

Dazed and Sexually Confused Ch. 05

 — Aunt Tina teases Hicks while Bev entertains Jinx. by RoryOmorein  Novels and Novellas08/25/175.00

Old Ladies, Thongs, & Blizzards

 — A happy young couple take shelter with the wrong older woman. by TheTalkManin  Interracial Love08/24/174.36

Preacher's Wife Rides with Tommy Ch. 02

 — Dinner after the car ride. by softspokenstephenin  Mature08/23/174.50HOT

Online Encounter

 — Online fantasy of domination bought to life. by QueenofEroticain  BDSM08/23/174.23

Wind of Change Ch. 02

 — Alex goes through his rite, and gets to know the rules. by shuckninjain  Novels and Novellas08/21/174.49

Wife Teases Me

 — Wife controls and teases me with her pantyhose covered feet. by mugs101in  Fetish08/21/174.17

Shooting Matt Ch. 20

 — Kent and Randy make it back to Cleveland. by Turbidusin  Gay Male08/19/174.52HOT

Chemical Romance: A Day Out Ch. 02

 — The group finds and old friend, and Cat tries to hold it in. by MetaMorphosysin  Fetish08/19/174.00

Recovery Pt. 03

 — Peter and Dottie learn more about each other. by GiovanniBruscatoin  Incest/Taboo08/19/174.70HOT

Oh Those Day Games Pt. 02

 — After I dropped her off. by LP1957in  Loving Wives08/18/173.01

Taking a Chance with Ally

 — 18 year old, Ally, takes a big chance with daddy. by James_Steelein  Incest/Taboo08/17/174.58HOT

Slut: It's what I am! Pt. 01

 — Divorcee gets back in the saddle. by NeilMc123in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur08/16/174.46

Online Endeavor Ch. 01

 — A 19 year old college student meets an older woman online. by knowhergnein  Mature08/16/174.36

A Surprising Day

 — Jenny and Rachael go shopping and get vibrator fun. by Psishadowin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur08/15/174.26

Oh Those Day Games

 — A day at the ballpark. by LP1957in  Loving Wives08/12/172.99


 — You're tied down, blindfolded, and tortuously teased. by spicezeein  BDSM08/11/174.55HOT

Consequences of Teasing Pt. 03

 — 3rd Part. Turning a coworker into his submissive. by Actualthoughtsin  BDSM08/11/174.46

Dreamy Ch. 05-06

 — Aunt Julie's surprise/ The Stripper. by DarcyLansdownein  Celebrities & Fan Fiction08/11/173.75

The Party

 — Daddy teases and denies his submissive girl pet. by smilecatin  BDSM08/11/174.07

Recovery Pt. 02

 — Peter and Dottie grow closer. by GiovanniBruscatoin  Incest/Taboo08/10/174.70HOT

Descent into Submission Ch. 01

 — An ordinary guy explains how he became his wife's submissive. by Cyanlotin  Erotic Couplings08/09/174.59HOT

My Wife Took Teasing Too Far

 — Jessie turns office fantasies into a reality. by Wombraider12in  Loving Wives08/08/173.60

Ready to Play

 — After years of hesitation, Sophie is finally ready to play. by Robert_Anthonyin  Fetish08/08/174.41

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