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Talla's Fallen Temple Ch. 27

The Recruits Graduate; A Great Idea Comes Forth.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 06/19/2015

Squeaky Bed & Breakfast

A noisy bed is embarrassing.

Loving Wives 01/27/2015

Winter Trial

Relationship challenged during circus act death throes.

Gay Male 12/02/2014

Talla's Fallen Temple Ch. 22

Zhair'lo in Training; Talla finding a way.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 09/23/2014

Talla's Fallen Temple Ch. 21

Zhair'lo to the Barracks.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 08/06/2014

Apollo Country Club Ch. 07

Beau tests Chevalle before sending him to Archie as an asst.

BDSM 09/24/2013

Jungle Heat

A woman divided by her heart spends a night in the jungle.

Erotic Couplings 08/22/2013

Hen's Night

I was volunteered to be their chauffeur.

Group Sex 05/10/2013

Talla's Fallen Temple Ch. 11

V'shika may hold the key; Shen redeemed.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 03/08/2013

Submission Ch. 17

Curtis comes to test Alanna.

BDSM 06/26/2012

Total Woman Academy 10

Julie, a Junior Coaching Tune-up.

Novels and Novellas 06/20/2012

Total Woman Academy 09

Indira, a Senior candidate.

Novels and Novellas 06/19/2012

Total Woman Academy 06

QC of Evaluation Assessments.

Novels and Novellas 06/16/2012

Total Woman Academy 04

Destiny, a graduating Senior.

Novels and Novellas 06/13/2012

Island Discipline Ch. 23

Graduation Day. Does Kristy pass?

BDSM 06/04/2012

This Is a Test Ch. 02

Two best friends test each other a little bit more.

Erotic Couplings 08/26/2011

The Pledge Mistress Ch. 29

The rivalry between officers Heather and Tracy intensifies.

Novels and Novellas 04/15/2010

Testing 00457


Exhibitionist & Voyeur 03/04/2010

Tricks and Treats

He tests her sexual appetite before wedding.

NonConsent/Reluctance 06/30/2009

Auction Ch. 02

Your auction begins.

BDSM 12/17/2008

The confession

Her misdeeds are dragged out of her.

Loving Wives 11/30/2008

Workaholic's Release: Morning After

How tired can she possibly be?

Erotic Couplings 03/03/2008

The Honesty of Life

My trip to the Clinic.

Humor & Satire 11/13/2006

Memoirs of a Dreamer Ch. 02

Lessons & testing begin; changes are made.

BDSM 07/25/2003
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