‘thorne’ stories

TnT Ch. 08

The aftermath. It's all over now . . . isn't it?

Erotic Horror 07/04/2013

TnT Ch. 07

Talon and Thorne take revenge . . . and June.

Erotic Horror 07/03/2013

TnT Ch. 06

Talon and Thorne are finally brought in for questioning.

Erotic Horror 07/02/2013

TnT Ch. 05

The twins take another victim; Riaz finally gets to unwind.

Erotic Horror 07/01/2013

TnT Ch. 04

The detectives track down the twins and learn their past.

Erotic Horror 06/30/2013

TnT Ch. 03

Riaz and June catch a break in the case.

Erotic Horror 06/29/2013

TnT Ch. 02

The twins strike again, frustrating the detectives.

Erotic Horror 06/28/2013

TnT Ch. 01

Incestuous twins Talon and Thorne develop a dangerous kink.

Erotic Horror 06/27/2013

Thorne Ch. 02

Does Barb get what she wants?

Interracial Love 11/24/2012

The Crimson King Ch. 12

(FINAL) The future unfolds.

Romance 01/23/2005

The Crimson King Ch. 10

The Crimson King is revealed.

Romance 11/20/2004

The Crimson King Ch. 08

Sammi begs Thorne to make her a vampire.

Romance 11/13/2004

The Crimson King Ch. 07

The group assembles at Thorne's house.

Romance 11/12/2004

Teacher's Pet Ch. 06

The plot thickens.

Loving Wives 11/11/2004

The Crimson King Ch. 05

Sammi offers herself to Thorne.

Romance 11/11/2004

The Crimson King Ch. 04

Sammi tests Thorne's limits.

Romance 11/09/2004

The Crimson King Ch. 03

Thorne has a taste of Sammi.

Romance 11/08/2004

The Crimson King Ch. 01

Thorne Halsbury, vampire, meets Sammi Glass, reporter.

Romance 11/06/2004

Ash Covered Memories

No matter how far you run, your fears come with you.

Non-Erotic 03/15/2002
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