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Bring Me to Life

Mikaela helps Alexis recover from a tragic loss.

Lesbian Sex 01/10/2018

Aquata Cove Ch. 84

Merrick does some soul searching in the ocean.

Gay Male 02/10/2017

Aquata Cove Ch. 83

Adam and Merrick struggle respectively in another day.

Gay Male 01/28/2017

The Magdalene Ch. 02

Gothic Erotic Novel - strong story - subliminal BDSM.

Novels and Novellas 12/10/2016

The Last Love of a Young Girl

Love tragic end. (Alternate ending)

Non-Erotic 04/29/2016

Notable Last Words

A tired man's last words teach another a valuable lesson.

Non-Erotic 08/28/2015

Letters from an Angel

A little girl gives her life for her dysfunctional family.

Non-Erotic 08/27/2015

The Next Rose

A woman seeking companionship meets a woman chasing a memory.

Lesbian Sex 02/17/2015

Aquata Cove Ch. 40

Adam endures whatever pain he takes for his love.

Gay Male 02/10/2015

Aquata Cove Ch. 39

A month rolls by, before we take a look at Adam's side.

Gay Male 02/07/2015

Tecumseh Valley

Caroline learns of life and love in Tecumseh Valley.

Romance 08/20/2014

Aquata Cove Ch. 21

When secrets are revealed, will Merrick live to move on?

Gay Male 07/17/2014

Aquata Cove Ch. 20

Adam tries to cope with the recent heartbreaking separation.

Gay Male 07/15/2014

One Million Words

A tragic love story.

Lesbian Sex 02/13/2013

The Wooing of a London Soubrette

In dark 1970s London, a prostitute falls for a punter.

Novels and Novellas 10/27/2012

Waters Edge, Feathers on the Wind

A tragic romance told in the second person style.

Non-Erotic 03/21/2012

Not Yours

He loses a daughter but gains something better.

Incest/Taboo 08/22/2011

Love in the Time of Curiosity Ch. 04

Heather battles with her head and her heart.

Lesbian Sex 08/03/2011

Love in the Time of Curiosity Ch. 03

Heather will always love Amanda but is the feeling mutual.

Lesbian Sex 07/22/2011

Visit of King and the Knights Ch. 02

Peasant's and Knight's Love and Tragic Ending.

Gay Male 07/03/2011

Death & Love Ch. 02

Caleb decides if he and Billie should go all the way.

Incest/Taboo 04/02/2011

Under the Tiger's Paw

A man falls for a reluctant dancer at a strip club.

Erotic Couplings 02/17/2011

Death & Love Ch. 01

Caleb's destined to die, sister Billie wants to be with him.

Incest/Taboo 03/26/2010


When love brings you to tears.

Romance 02/02/2010

Bitter Fruit

Hard choices forced by love in prewar Japan.

Gay Male 07/23/2009

No Way ___ Sue

lightheated if black, view of the subject

Loving Wives 09/24/2008

No Way Honey __ Anne

Sad little tale.

Loving Wives 09/23/2008


A tragic coupling of such potential.

Non-Erotic 09/07/2008

Lost Love

Sometimes, the right choice is the hardest one.

Romance 01/31/2006
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