‘vampire hunter’ stories

Keira Shadows, Vampire Hunter Ch. 05

Shadows, Dreams, and Secret Meetings.

Erotic Horror 11/17/2016

Keira Shadows, Vampire Hunter Ch. 04

Rogue Vampires, More Questions, and Machines. Oh My!

Erotic Horror 01/05/2016

Keira Shadows, Vampire Hunter Ch. 03

Keira gets in over her head.

Erotic Horror 12/17/2015

Keira Shadows, Vampire Hunter Ch. 02

Keira gets friendly with the higher ranks of the org.

Erotic Horror 12/08/2015

Keira Shadows, Vampire Hunter Ch. 01

Keira Shadows seduces her marks for the takedown.

Erotic Horror 11/25/2015

She Knows Ch. 01

Succubus in the city.

NonHuman 05/01/2015

Life's Blood

A vampire-hunter becomes the thing he loathes most.

NonHuman 10/30/2014

Branding of the Vampire Queen

The Vampire Queen loses to a crafty Vampire Hunter.

Mind Control 07/01/2012

Hunted Ch. 05

Samantha submits to Darrien at last.

NonHuman 09/06/2011

Hunted Ch. 04

Samantha finally confronts Darrien.

NonHuman 07/18/2011

Hunted Ch. 02

Samantha plots her revenge.

NonHuman 04/17/2011

Aurelia Compelled

Vampiress vixen hunts vampire w/the power to compel.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 04/15/2011

Blood or Love Ch. 06

The vampire gets what he wants.

NonHuman 08/15/2010

Blood or Love Ch. 05

The vampire and his new human friend.

NonHuman 07/26/2010

Blood or Love Ch. 04

The vampire takes to the friendly skies.

NonHuman 03/01/2010

Blood or Love Ch. 02

Thursday night continues in the vampire's house.

NonHuman 11/25/2009

Blood or Love Ch. 01

A vampire's family is desperate for help.

NonHuman 11/15/2009

Lonely Hunter

Through centuries a vampire hunter walks alone or does he?

NonHuman 08/03/2009

Vampire Hunter Dee Ch. 08

Dee takes a holiday.

NonHuman 12/29/2007


A "half-breed" vampire is born and sets out to kill vampires.

NonHuman 09/24/2007

Hunted Blood: Predator and Prey Ch. 01

He helps police track a serial killer.

NonHuman 08/13/2007

Hunted Blood III: A New Beginning Ch. 03

The confrontation between Nera and Michael.

NonHuman 08/01/2007

Hunted Blood III: A New Beginning Ch. 02

Vampire hunter Michael Stone.

NonHuman 11/19/2006

Hunted Blood III: A New Beginning Ch. 01

New saga with vampire hunter Michael Stone.

NonHuman 08/01/2006

Last Tango in Bucharest

The End of the van Helsings?

Erotic Horror 10/20/2005

The Turning

He got his wings so to say,

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 03/06/2003

Hunted Blood II: Dark Reign Ch. 4

The hunter becomes prey.

NonHuman 09/01/2002

Hunted Blood

Vampire hunter meets his match.

NonHuman 10/10/2001
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